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Once they have excelled at rigorous coursework and exams for some time and excelled in extracurriculars, your student might feel ready to apply to New York University. To stand out amongst other applicants, their applications must demonstrate an interest in culture beyond themselves and the world.

That could involve learning a foreign language, celebrating cultural traditions from another nation, or working alongside professors whose research affects a more comprehensive society.


NYU is one of the top universities worldwide. It provides an impressive variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs across its 20 schools and colleges, from its liberal arts foundation to professional programs with global perspectives. Each school and college provides an exceptional education that fosters international understanding.

NYU students come from every state and 133 countries, bringing unique perspectives to the scholarship and teaching here. NYU faculty members are among the most highly cited scholars in their respective fields, and students have access to cutting-edge research opportunities and study-abroad experiences.

NYU is an exciting hub of discovery, innovation, and collaboration – whether you are new to NYU or alumni – whether in research, innovation, or partnership. NYU’s many centers, institutes, and laboratories are pioneering new fields of knowledge, from biomedical engineering to astrophysics to artificial intelligence. NYU also leads in sustainability and social impact initiatives, and its students, alumni, and faculty are at the forefront of efforts to address our world’s most pressing problems.

If you’re considering studying at NYU, there are some steps you can take to prepare. Starting by researching the university through various sources such as websites and speaking with current and former students as well as visiting campus, begin evaluating each program of interest; pay particular attention to course offerings, internship opportunities and career prospects of its professors, and extracurricular activities available within each.

University provides various resources and support services to help its students thrive academically, such as tutoring, academic counseling and workshops, the Writing Center, Math Assistance Center, and more. Students also enjoy outside support through NYU Career Center and Center for Academic and Personal Excellence.

NYU students and alumni are active members of their communities, playing critical roles in public service and policy, business, nonprofit work, government service, and the arts. NYU is committed to diversity and inclusion and has long been at the forefront of civil rights issues in New York City and beyond.


New York University (NYU) is an elite academic institution with unparalleled career possibilities. Boasting New York City and Shanghai campuses, NYU provides real-world professional experiences and cultural engagement in two of the world’s most exciting cities. Established in 1831, NYU stands as one of the oldest private universities in America and an innovator of higher education.

Becoming accepted to NYU requires years of hard work in rigorous coursework, high test scores, and extracurricular pursuits. For your child to stand out among other NYU applicants, they should aim to surpass minimum class requirements by enrolling in honors classes such as honors AP/IB or dual enrollment that will show their expertise in areas related to their intended major. For instance, if studying health professions is their preferred major, then four years of science courses that offer strength will help establish this academic area as an asset.

Students applying to NYU must understand what it means to be an active citizen and member of their community, which includes participating in service-learning, community-based learning, and other activities designed to help them grow as individuals. Your child can find his/her ideal fit among several student clubs and organizations dedicated to social justice or the environment.

NYU offers a diverse environment where your child can form meaningful connections with fellow students, faculty, staff members, and alumni. NYU provides residential life programs designed to foster these connections and give students opportunities to learn, share and discover interests with one another. In addition, services and offices exist at NYU to assist with finding off-campus housing in New York. Resources available through Albert include counseling and support services, housing applications, off-campus housing databases, and more. Students can access these services using NYU’s student information system. Students can access Albert using their NetID and password, similar to what is required to log into NYU Home and manage academic and work accounts. Non-NYU affiliates who wish to utilize Albert must first receive sponsorship from a full-time faculty or staff member before their request can be reviewed individually.

Residential Life

When you arrive at NYU, you become part of an intimate community. We work tirelessly to ensure all our students feel safe, supported, and safe at home and on campus.

At Residence Halls of Manhattan and Brooklyn, we aim to foster learning environments centered on student experience through various programs and services. Home to over 11,500 undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year.

Each residential building provides unique experiences. Based on your interests, you may find your place among one of our themed communities or apply to join your hall council, building leadership skills while advocating for your peers. Furthermore, take advantage of educational offerings like healthy living and nutrition workshops!

If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact your student affairs dean’s office for guidance and direction on where and how you should start. For those with disabilities that interfere with navigating their spaces, the NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility can also help identify suitable accommodations.

All NYU students who reside on campus must adhere to its residential life policies. Failure to abide by these may result in disciplinary actions or even denied housing access.

Learn about NYU’s residential life policies on our website. At the same time, students can use NYU Home to manage personal information, access student-specific resources, and stay abreast of campus news and events.

As well as our traditional rooms, we also provide apartment-style accommodations. These include triple and double studios, premium singles, accessible apartments for students with disabilities, and 24/7 public safety services in Tower 5. Each floor also boasts laundry rooms, lounges with flat-screen TVs, and serenity spaces to support studying or socialization.

Student Life

At New York University, students enjoy an enriching educational experience when they arrive on campus. NYU fosters an atmosphere of exploration by encouraging its students to step beyond classroom walls and experience one of the world’s vibrant cities first-hand.

Not only do students engage in their academic studies, but they also participate in events and activities designed to broaden their interests while building long-term connections. From lectures and panels on campus to discounted tickets to cultural venues in NYC – students have plenty of ways to expand their horizons!

Your student can take the initiative in their extracurricular pursuits to stand out as an impressive NYU applicant by seeking mentors and studying traditional tea ceremonies, such as those practiced by Japan. Demonstrating an ambitious spirit through extracurricular endeavors will set them apart as outstanding applicants.

Its student body is integral to university life, representing nearly every state and 133 countries. Students engage with and challenge one another through class activities boards, intramural sports leagues and teams, musical/choral performances, service initiatives, and volunteer efforts such as tutoring high school students, painting public schools or building homes – as well as increasing HIV/AIDS awareness through voluntary measures such as tutoring.

As a student enrolled at New York University, you are eligible to participate in all athletic programs on campus – from varsity and club sports to intramural options – there’s sure to be something fun waiting for you at NYU.

To gain more insight into student life at NYU, the Homebase Portal for admitted students can provide virtual sessions designed to give you more insight into academics at your NYU school of admission, campus resources, and student life – not to mention answering any of your questions about your future classmates!