Daddy’s Home (DVD/Blu-Ray) Review

St. Vincent delves deep into the expansive range of sounds popularized by black artists during the 1970s on her latest release Daddy’s Home. From her playful parody of Bowie’s Young Americans on “Pay Your Way in Pain” to her sitar riffs on groovy “Down,” the results are both surprising and often captivating.


The soundtrack of this film includes an eclectic mixture of funk, jazz, and rock music – such as a cover of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Jumpneedle.” Additionally, St. Vincent composed, and Jack Antonoff produced one song written and made specifically for this movie. Ferrell stars as a mild-mannered radio executive attempting to be an ideal stepdad to his wife’s two children while running into problems when their freewheeling and carefree biological father reappears unexpectedly in their lives.

Antonoff co-produced this album, departing from Clark’s more angular sound on previous releases. At its best moments – such as “Pay Your Way in Pain,” with its vibrant retro groove – Clark transcends her guitar skill with sitar, lap steel detours, and gospel choir backing; she still explores morally complex topics without as explicitly confessional lyrics as in previous works.

As is often the case with great pop albums, Daddy’s Home is an immersive and moving listen that never settles for easy answers. Its sound draws upon all genres ranging from rolling funk basslines and soul choirs to Clark’s childhood memories in downtown New York – yet it remains independent from any particular period or aesthetic. Recurrent themes in Daddy’s Home include cultural institutions collapsing under corporate pressure as well as staying true to oneself in this increasingly corporate environment.

Like its director, Daddy’s Home embraces family life’s messy and complex nature with open arms. Not shying away from challenging or uncomfortable moments yet still filling viewers with laughter and tenderness, its story centers around an imperfect family but ultimately explores the love and loyalty that bind us all. Perfect for all ages and walks of life alike with relatable characters, relatable storylines, and universal themes such as alternative music and indie films alike; now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download formats!


Many individuals must leave their families for extended periods due to work or other obligations. When they return home, their emotions can become overwhelmed with joy at seeing loved ones again – this message is conveyed through Daddy’s Home lyrics.

Will Ferrell plays Brad, a gentle stepfather who dotes on Linda Cardellini’s two young children, Dylan and Megan? He volunteers at their school and scouting activities and is generally seen as a loving and protective parent figure. Still, when Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) calls to claim custody of them all, Brad quickly finds himself challenged for his position as their caretaker.

Daddy’s Home is an unredeemed comedy with few redeeming qualities, yet it still provides several laugh-out-loud moments. Ferrell and Wahlberg make a convincing team, and Thomas Haden Church and Scarlett Estevez give supporting solid performances.

The movie may not appeal to families with younger kids due to its crude humor and inappropriate jokes; however, its characters are compelling and well-rounded enough to discuss blended families and body image issues in particular. Families could explore whether these portrayals could influence either boys’ or girls’ body perception.


Daddy’s Home is a likable comedy with some laugh-out-loud moments and familiar formulas, yet it lacks the wit and flair of Ferrell and Wahlberg’s best work. At best, it deserves two viewings at most; Paramount offers an exceptional DVD/Blu-ray combo pack that provides first-rate picture and sound.

Will Ferrell plays Brad Whitaker, a soft jazz radio executive who takes excellent care to treat Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro like his own children after recently marrying Sara (Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro), like they were his own? However, his well-meaning efforts are interrupted when their freewheeling real father, Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg), arrives – offering an obstacle that must be overcome to regain the love and trust of Brad’s family.

Although the film may feature some excessive antics, its heart lies with family values. At its core is examining how to be an effective stepfather and how men and women differ within blended families. Although suitable for children of any age, parents should discuss inappropriate humor beforehand.

As well as two DVDs, this package also contains a nine-part documentary entitled “The Making of Daddy’s Home.” This featurette provides insights from cast and crew members and deleted scenes and outtakes – providing an exciting peek behind the curtain at this film’s production process.

Daddy’s Home was shot across Massachusetts in Great Barrington, Westford, Lawrence, Framingham, Natick, and Concord. Its production contributed significantly to local economies while creating union jobs and stimulating the state economy by adding over $19 million of economic activity. In the documentary on iTunes, you can explore all these impacts as well as examine the benefits of productions like this that provide additional economic activity, such as supporting arts programs vital in Massachusetts while simultaneously celebrating contributions of local businesses and community organizations that were vital in its making – a perfect way to commemorate the success of such movie productions that celebrate the success of film projects like this movie which can also celebrate success; be sure not miss this great way of celebrating the success of movie! Available only on iTunes, you can purchase this documentary and its release will celebrate success!


Daddy Home is an exhilarating comedy movie, perfect for anyone who enjoys laughing out loud. This fantastic cast makes the film worth seeing on the big screen! This story follows a stepfather trying to win back his family from an abusive ex-husband; Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell share great chemistry as stars of this flick, providing some hilarious one-liners throughout.

This film begins slowly but picks up steam later on. Will Ferrell (Brad Whitaker) has recently married Sarah (Linda Cardellini), raising Dylan and Megan? Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg), hoping to wrest control of Sarah from Brad, returns to their lives, hoping to take back custody. Consequently, the two fathers fight tooth and nail to win back custody over Sarah – leading to an all-out war between Brad and Dusty over who should get control.

Sean Anders, director of Daddy’s Home, has created an award-winning family comedy that is both humorous and heartwarming. His cast – consisting of Thomas Haden Church, Bobby Cannavale, and John Lithgow, among others – have done fantastic jobs as supporting actors, making this movie an absolute must-see! It is sure to entertain viewers of all ages.

Though Daddy’s Home may contain flaws, it remains an enjoyable movie. Boasting an impressive cast and an exciting narrative will satisfy audiences of all types. Additionally, some of its funniest lines in comedy history can be found here, while several unexpected twists will keep viewers guessing until the very last frame.

Daddy’s Home is an emotionless slog that fails to capture genuine feelings. A tired comedy that pits square and rebels against each other. Both actors who star here have proven their mettle as capable, charismatic, and talented performers, but even they appear tired of this low-grade farce.

Though flawed, Daddy’s Home remains an enjoyable and entertaining film that will have audiences laughing throughout its duration. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s dynamic is irresistibly funny, with many hilarious scenes throughout?