A Creepy Alternate Reality Game Goes Viral on TikTok

Welcome Home is an unforgettable theatrical experience featuring mesmerizing set designs and expert puppeteers that brings audiences into the depths of cosmic horror like nothing they have experienced before. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s works, its power of unfathomable dread will leave audiences transfixed.

Before being abruptly pulled from broadcast in 1974, this show had become immensely popular, and its fate remains unclear as no footage exists of it today.


TikTok’s latest trend involves an abandoned children’s puppet show. While at first, it may appear innocuous, once you dig deeper, you uncover its dark secret. This alternate reality game (ARG) contains clues and images with hidden meanings – such as text messages with mysterious meanings or unsettling photos – as well as references to popular games or movies such as Lazy Town and The Muppets.

Even without actual footage from the show, Home has gained an online following thanks to its unique style and characters. Additionally, this site hosts images and GIFs which appear restored from a 1969’s TV show as well as character bios and music videos featuring its lead character Wally as well as others like Sally Starlet, Frank Barnaby Poppy Howdy, with all having unique personalities and quirks; Home is particularly memorable due to its communication through onomatopoeias such as movement of doors chimney and windows.

Welcome Home was an iconic puppet show that ran for five years until being abruptly pulled in 1974 without footage to watch or discuss. Since its cancellation, its fandom has worked tirelessly to uncover any information it can about its history – discovering scripts, development sketches, and old storybooks; but are they uncovering any secrets which should remain unexplored?

Wally, the main protagonist in the Welcome Home puppet show, lives in his house, commonly called “Home.” Wally stands out from other characters due to his moving eyes and his ability to communicate using onomatopoeias with other characters. There are nine characters with their own stories – YouTube user Night Mind has provided an extensive breakdown of Easter eggs found throughout the Welcome Home website – some are even quite disturbing!

This groundbreaking production marked a breakthrough for puppetry and animatronics of its time, paving the way for future advancements. Additionally, it featured numerous technological innovations like teleprompters and motion-controlled cameras with free movement capabilities – leading it even to receive an award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1977!!


An alternate reality game on TikTok has quickly gone viral as it unravels a dark secret within a 1970s puppet show called Welcome Home by Jim Henson’s Playfellow Workshop. However, it was abruptly pulled from broadcast in 1974 without any footage to support its existence. A dedicated fandom continues investigating this mysterious show’s existence and discovers all it can about its mystery.

This website includes archived images, GIFs, and audio clips from the show’s 1969 television broadcast as well as character bio pages for each puppet character residing in the neighborhood: Frank, Julie, Sally Barnaby, Wally Poppy Howdy Eddie and more – complete with colorful, cartoonish imagery showing their daily activities and lives.

Even though the characters in the show are friendly, the ARG website contains some disturbing material. It explores heavy topics like death and isolation, which may not be suitable for younger viewers; furthermore, it includes startling sounds and visuals designed to scare audiences away.

Interact with the site to uncover hidden content, including letters and voice messages hidden throughout its navigation and artwork. Clown Illustrations has embedded many clues into their artwork and on this ARG’s navigation for easier discovery by hearing-impaired players. Additionally, it’s accessible for players searching for these clues on the ARG site itself.

The show centers around the residents of a fictional town called Home and their daily activities. Puppets feature brightly-colored and often bizarre anthropomorphic characters; Julie has candy corn horns with her long blonde locks; Sally tends to be pessimistic and easily scares Julie off, while Wally stands out amongst all others as being one of only three characters who have their own home located at the heart of the neighborhood. He’s also an accomplished painter whose colorful artwork can be found online.


An alternate reality game called Welcome Home from the 1970s has gone viral on TikTok, depicting its story. Welcome Home was an incredible show that showcased Jim Henson’s astonishing talent while setting a precedent for future advancements in puppetry and animatronics; unfortunately, it was pulled from television abruptly in 1974 without explanation and has never resurfaced since.

While the website appears innocent initially, its colorful illustrations conceal an elaborate tale. Users can discover hidden letters in images and texts and voicemail messages from obscure characters like Gen, who has left his Welcome Home au and appears to be causing trouble.

Welcome Home presents its residents as anthropomorphic characters with distinct skills. Wally is an artist without a nose; Barnaby has an immense sense of humor that delights his friends; Julia always stands ready to play and meet new people.

Frank, Julie, Sally, and Poppy Partridge are some of the neighborhood’s more down-to-earth inhabitants. Frank is competent and honest but may come off as harsh at times, yet he always has good intentions for his friends. Sally loves coming up with creative tales for her companions to read out loud, while Poppy serves as a responsible and down-to-earth citizen in her community.

Each character in Welcome Home has a unique role. While maintaining the neighborhood may be their primary responsibility, others have more sinister missions. Of note are Night Owls; these masked men are responsible for many murders that have taken place within Welcome Home, killing any individual that gets in their way, while other residents tend to be more peaceful; willingly offering support if someone needs it; regardless of violence taking place within Welcome Home itself.


There’s an unnerving trend sweeping the internet: people are becoming uncomfortable by an old children’s show called Welcome Home from 1974, which had its four-year run before suddenly ending with no footage known to exist since. An alternate reality game called Clown Illustrations has since caused fans to revisit Welcome Home as it reappears within its ranks.

Playfellow Workshop produced Welcome Home as their sole production. Reportedly airing for its initial episode on October 11, 1969, on an unknown channel until 1974, this show focused on town residents as it weaved animated commercial breaks and illustrated storybook segments throughout. Set in a cartoonish city named Home with features like a bodega and post office and colorful characters inhabiting it, its debut aired on October 11th, 1969, with viewers tuning in each week until 1974.

Welcome Home residents include Sally, who resembles a star with human bodies. She is highly imaginative and enjoys sharing stories with her friends. Additionally, Sally directs plays that she writes herself. However, some residents may find Sally too optimistic or carefree.

Dina is one of Wally’s bodyguards, and she brings an air of sophistication that never gets in her way at work; nonetheless, she always looks out for ways to have fun and laugh with her coworkers and friends.