Choice Home Warranty Prices

Choice Home Warranty is one of the industry’s premier home warranty providers, with an easy online quote system and competitive rates and coverage options. Their workmanship guarantees are also very generous.

Customers may contact the Choice customer service line any time, any day of the year; however, certain restrictions do apply, such as an annual limit of $3,000 on certain appliances or systems as well as rules for add-on coverage such as roof leaks.

Basic Plan

The Choice Home Warranty Basic Plan is ideal for those who do not wish to spend extra on protecting significant appliances like a refrigerator and washer/dryer. While this plan may not cover every system or device, essential items such as cooktops, plumbing, garage door openers, ductwork, heating/cooling systems as well as pool or spa coverage as well as central vacuum system, sump pump pumping as well as septic system maintenance can still be covered with an add-on plan from Choice.

Choice Home Warranty also offers a $3,000 coverage cap for covered appliances and systems, similar to other home warranty companies; however, unlike its rivals, it doesn’t charge service call fees; instead, it sets an industry average trade service fee of $85.

This company provides outstanding customer service and fast claim turnaround. Their service professionals are available 24-7 to answer questions regarding home warranties, handle all kinds of home repairs professionally and have in-depth knowledge of company policies. Furthermore, the website is user-friendly so that you can sign up online quickly.

Choice Home Warranty is an established home warranty provider offering competitively priced plans and add-ons, striving to give its customers maximum value for their dollar. Unlike some of its rivals, Choice does not require home inspections before purchasing its plan, saving new homeowners time and money and having a detailed privacy policy explaining how it handles personal data.

Total Plan

Choice Home Warranty’s Total Plan is its most expensive offering, yet it covers more items than its Basic Plan. In particular, this plan covers everything covered under the Basic plus refrigerator, washer/dryer set, central vacuum system, well pump, septic system coverage, and limited roof leak coverage. Customers may add appliances and procedures for an additional fee, such as extra refrigerators or septic tank pumping services.

Basic and Total Home Warranties have restrictions that limit both individual and aggregate claims, with Choice Home Warranty offering only up to $500 of coverage per contract term for electrical, plumbing, and ductwork repairs, plus a $1500 maximum for specific heating/cooling systems as well as whirlpool tubs.

Choice Home Warranty differs from other home warranty providers by not permitting you to select your own contractors; instead, it uses its network of 25,000 affiliated contractors. While this means you may not find the contractor for your needs precisely, Choice Home Warranty guarantees a response within four hours after your request and service technicians’ work for 90 days after completion.

Choice Home Warranty has been in business since 2008 and enjoys a strong standing among homeowners. They boast a high customer satisfaction rating at an affordable price for their services; however, they remain subject to class-action lawsuits for bad faith claims denials as well as mixed reviews on third-party review websites; therefore, it would be wise to read their fine print carefully before making your purchase decision from this provider. Furthermore, most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover normal wear and tear, which makes investing in home warranties a worthwhile investment for many people.


Choice Home Warranty (CHW) offers reliable home warranties that offer 24/7 claims support, a work guarantee, and low service fees compared to other providers. They even provide unique add-on coverage options like well pumps and septic systems! However, CHW is currently being sued in a class-action lawsuit for unfair claims denials and low reviews on third-party review sites.

CHW offers comprehensive protection plans that cover essential appliances and systems, such as heating, electrical, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher systems. Their primary program provides coverage without needing a home inspection to qualify, saving time and money when moving into new homebuyers’ lives. In addition, CHW will reimburse customers when issues arise through repairs by professionals. At the same time, comprehensive add-ons cover extra items like pool/spa equipment, second refrigerators, and air conditioning maintenance contracts.

CHW provides homeowners with multiple advantages by not requiring contract terms – this makes canceling their policy at any time more accessible and includes service providers that buyers can choose from to help select their home repair professionals. They offer flexible monthly plans with low deductibles and up to $3,000 liability coverage per contract item.

Choice Home Warranty offers competitive home warranty prices at an attractive service call fee of $60. Yet, their website’s pricing isn’t entirely transparent, forcing prospective customers to contact them to receive a quote. Furthermore, their deductibles are hidden; they require customers to submit a detailed form to get a quote.


Choice Home Warranty offers multiple discounts and promotions on its plans and provides free quotes to potential customers. They give discounts to seniors, military members, and employees and coupons to help save money when purchasing. Simply copy and paste one into your clipboard! To redeem one of their coupons online: Click on a code you find here to copy & paste into your clipboard!

Many homeowners purchase home warranties during home-buying; however, you can sign up anytime. The cost of coverage varies based on your house price; basic plans cover heating, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances, while total programs offer fuller protection that includes air conditioning units, refrigerators, and clothes washers/driers.

If you are not completely satisfied with your policy, you may cancel it within 30 days from its commencement. Your refund will be calculated minus an administrative fee of $50 plus any service fees paid; additionally, they’ll cover reasonable costs associated with filing claims.

Choice Home Warranty offers affordable rates and flexible add-on options, covering additional appliances and systems. Customers can tailor their coverage according to their unique needs; plus, there’s always someone there if a claim needs assistance! Plus, they have 24/7 call centers available if assistance with filing is necessary!

Choice Home Warranty has an outstanding customer service reputation. Their online quote tool is user-friendly, and their staff knows all coverage available, yet it’s essential to read all terms and conditions before deciding.

Customer Service

Choice Home Warranty offers homeowners comprehensive services and an active online presence. They have two plans that provide differing coverage options and add-ons; please call customer support for pricing inquiries. Additionally, real estate professionals and veterans receive discounts.

This company is well-known for its 24/7 call center and a team of representatives who can assist with any problem. This feature can be precious to busy homeowners who require fast resolution to their issues quickly.

Choice Home Warranty offers 24-hour call centers and money-back guarantees for appliance repair or replacement, making this an invaluable service to new homeowners unfamiliar with the costs of certain repairs. Plus, Choice doesn’t require home inspections before accepting protection plans to save homeowners time and money upfront.

Though Choice Home Warranty enjoys a solid reputation, there are some drawbacks. Notably, this company does not cover appliances or systems with known or unknown preexisting conditions, nor will its liability exceed $3,000 per contract item for access, diagnosis, repair, or replacement of systems and appliances covered.

Choice Home Warranty may be an ideal option for home buyers seeking reliable coverage for costly repairs; however, consumers should keep in mind that other providers offer more comprehensive plans with favorable terms and rates.