Marble Property Management Reviews

Marble property management reviews are a great way to determine if the company you are considering hiring suits your needs. These reviews cover everything from maintenance to rent collection. They will also discuss the company’s privacy practices and compliance with local laws.

Charges for placing tenants

Marble is a multi-faceted property management solution that helps homeowners and investors manage their rental properties. From finding a tenant to managing the maintenance, Marble’s software and human experts are on hand to help. In addition, the company uses a proprietary artificial intelligence system that combs national databases to match your specific needs best.

To get started, owners create a profile for each unit, including videos, pictures, and descriptive text. Once you’re onboard, you can begin vetting tenants by providing a survey. This allows them to document any issues they may have upon arrival.

Aside from the survey above, Marble also offers an automated scheduling system that sends a unique temporary door code to visitors when they’re near the unit. In addition, the company’s mobile app lets tenants submit maintenance requests, which are vetted and dispatched by Marble’s on-site staff. They even track the rent you’re receiving and the expenses you incur.

24/7 maintenance

Marble is a property management firm that offers several innovative features, including the ability to schedule maintenance and access a listing at any time of the day or night. For a $50 per unit fee, you can hire Marble to take care of all your property management needs, including rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance coordination, and rental advertising.

Marble isn’t just about the fancy name, though. They’ve created a suite of applications and a robust online platform that makes it easy for owners and tenants to communicate with one another. These tools allow you to create a database of contact information, share photos and documents, and schedule appointments with service professionals. The platform also includes a work order system, which enables you to create, assign, and track work orders.

Digital rent collection

Marble Property Management offers a digital rent collection platform that manages over 400 properties. Its features include online rent payment, maintenance request submission, tenant screening, and financial reports. The system also covers risk management, advertising, and leases. Currently, Marble offers a free onboarding process. But, as of September 2022, each rental unit will cost $50 per month to use its service.

Marble offers an automated scheduling system, which allows prospective tenants to sign up for tours, and then fill out a short survey. They are sent a temporary door code when they arrive at the property. They then walk through a six-step verification process. After this, the system is automatically set to charge late fees. RentRedi is a rent collection platform that works with landlords to accept partial and block payments.

Compliance with local laws

There’s a lot to consider for homeowners looking to lease a property. First, you’ll want to ensure that you comply with local laws and ordinances. Fortunately, there are services available to assist you in that regard. Choosing the right company can ensure that your rental is a success.

A good property management firm will offer you many valuable services beyond your standard lease, maintenance, and billing. These include concierge services, maintenance alerts, and emergency repairs. In addition, you’ll also receive regular newsletters detailing local events and news. This is a special feature if you live in an urban area where you can’t rely on a dedicated staff to attend to your needs. Using such a service can also help prevent tenants from getting stranded in the middle of the night.

Privacy Practices

Marble property management is a company that specializes in automated rental property management. This company is fundamentally changing the Seattle rental market. The company has developed a platform that allows landlords to receive rent and tenant tenants to submit maintenance requests.

Marble property management uses a multi-layer security system to vet prospective tenants. Before anyone sees the unit, the company’s staff conducts a six-step verification process. First, they can inspect the unit, determine if it is safe, and then determine if the team is ready for a tenant.

If prospective tenant is interested in leasing a unit at a Marble property, they fill out an application form. After being approved, they are able to tour the property. During the tour, the customer service team can answer any questions. Afterward, they are prompted to complete a survey.