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Icon homes reviews are available for anyone looking for a home to buy in the New York City area. Icon homes is a real estate company that has been in business for over two decades and is a trusted name among those looking for a new home. The company’s focus is to provide homes that meet the needs of those moving to New York. As a result, there is a large selection of Icon homes for sale in the area.

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If you’re considering a new home in Austin, Texas, you might want to consider one of the Icon homes built with 3D printing. The company is developing new housing technology that could lead to a revolution in the way homes are built.

In 2017, Icon raised $207 million in funding to help fuel its growth. It was also able to complete the first-ever permitted three-dimensional home in Austin. These houses will be available for sale this summer. They’re made with a proprietary cementitious material called Lavacrete. And the homes are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The company has a track record of building homes with integrity. They’ve also built a reputation for providing superior customer service. Now, the company is preparing to roll out a subdivision in East Austin. This will be the largest of its kind.

In addition to introducing the world’s first three-dimensional home, Icon has made it a point to solve several of the building industry’s most common issues. These include sustainability, speed, and affordability.


Icon Homes is building the world’s largest community of 3D-printed homes in Georgetown’s Wolf Ranch neighborhood. The neighborhood, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, is located north of Austin, Texas. This development will feature 100 units, which will be printed on-site using Icon’s Vulcan robotic printer systems.

Each home will feature contemporary Texas ranch-style aesthetics and elevated architectural features. It will also be energy-efficient and durable, incorporating sustainable and energy-saving features. There will be eight-floor plans, including solar panel-lined homes, smart thermostats, and Ring doorbells. Customers will also have access to the neighborhood’s amenities.

The icon is working to develop homes at scale, using advanced materials that allow for more excellent production at affordable prices. In addition, the company produces virtually zero waste during construction. A full wall system will give each home more design freedom than traditional homes. These homes will also feature solar panels, gray water systems, and energy-efficient appliances.