Asphalt Paving Contractors Near Me

Reputable asphalt contractors possess both the knowledge and equipment to install your new driveway or parking lot with precision. Consult friends and neighbors, or search online reviews of contractors nearby for recommendations. The best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Mesa.

Complete a few quick questions to be matched with highly rated local service professionals. Compare estimates and select the one that suits you best!


When selecting a contractor to do paving work, they must possess experience working with asphalt. A professional who has worked with this material understands its response to various weather conditions and can deliver high-quality finished products. A reputable company will also guarantee the job is done right the first time around and to the customer’s complete satisfaction; this helps prevent subpar artistry while saving customers money in the long run.

When hiring a paving contractor, be sure to inquire about their past projects and if there are references available. Furthermore, obtain a detailed estimate before making your selection. Sign a contract prior to any work beginning – any contractor refusing this could be trying to scam you! If they refuse this document entirely, it could be seen as a red flag and could indicate they intend to scam you!

Your asphalt paving contractors near me must be highly rated, experienced, licensed, and insured contractors with expertise in site work and drainage – otherwise, their paving job could suffer from cracking and crumbling issues. In addition, they should know all of the procedures for placing and compacting asphalt to avoid saving money by loosely laying it prior to rolling it up.


Asphalt paving contractors specialize in the creation and repair of roadways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. In addition, they may repair damaged sections on existing paved surfaces. With experience working on various sites with different agencies, they ensure compliance with local and federal requirements for environment, safety, and ADA compliance.

A quality paving contractor must be licensed and insured; this is essential because paving work requires heavy machinery that could cause serious harm if handled by qualified personnel. You can check if a company is licensed by their state or county, as well as seek out BBB Accredited Businesses for added peace of mind.

An asphalt paving company provides residential homeowners and commercial businesses with a range of services, from driveway installation and repairs, asphalt maintenance, concrete pavement design, and material selection assistance for projects, as well as providing estimates before beginning work. They can advise their customers about the advantages offered by asphalt over other materials used for projects.

Paving companies offering larger commercial projects may choose between hot mix or cold mix asphalt production methods. Both varieties produce similar results; the hot mix is heated to higher temperatures, while the cold mix asphalt doesn’t need heating and is ideal for light traffic areas.


A reliable asphalt paving company should carry adequate insurance to cover their business, including general liability policy, workers’ compensation coverage, and commercial auto policies. While the costs associated with these policies may be high, they’re essential components of running a successful operation.

Uninsured or unlicensed contractors should be avoided. Unauthorized paving contractors tend to cut corners and perform subpar work that could cost more money in the long run.

Ask about the equipment a paving contractor utilizes before signing any contract. High-quality, well-maintained equipment is critical to producing quality pavement products; old, outdated, or poorly maintained machinery could lower its quality significantly and need replacement sooner than anticipated.

Builders’ risk and product liability insurance should both be included among a paving contractor’s policies to provide extra protection against damage to materials, tools, equipment, or supplies prior to their full completion, as well as additional labor costs and recovery of materials. Product liability can cover legal expenses and settlements associated with any customer claims that your work was defective – this type of coverage usually comes standard as part of general liability or as an add-on with most company coverages for tools and equipment coverages.


Professional paving contractors understand the significance of providing customers with an outstanding experience when hiring them, which is why they will ensure a comprehensive estimate and schedule are given prior to starting any projects. This helps prevent surprises during construction while making homeowners aware of all costs involved with the investment they are making in paving services. It is also wise to select a company that provides warranties and guarantees on the work performed.

Reputable contractors use proper construction techniques and high-grade materials to ensure the longevity of new asphalt surfaces. In addition, they take into account factors like climate, anticipated appearance, and weight-bearing requirements before beginning construction work on any area paved for pedestrian use or weight-bearing requirements. Paving contractors offer valuable guidance when it comes to choosing an option that is tailored to individual needs and budget constraints.

If you are still determining what to look for when selecting an asphalt paving contractor, get recommendations from friends or family who have had their driveways or parking lots resurfaced. Online services like Thumbtack offer customers access to service providers whom other customers have reviewed before becoming available for hire.

Realtors and real estate agents typically maintain a list of reliable paving companies in their address book to refer clients who are ready to sell their homes. Also, check with local homeowners’ associations if they can recommend licensed driveway paving contractors.

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