Reputation Management for Paving and Asphalt Companies

Constructing an asphalt surface involves mixing aggregates such as sand and gravel with bitumen, in addition to various chemical admixtures, for durability and water resistance. Pavement construction may also necessitate other chemical components. The best guide to finding Hometown Asphalt Paving of Kansas City.

Request references from past clients of your paving contractors. An experienced company should gladly supply the contact information of homeowners who can vouch for the quality and satisfaction guarantee of their work.


Asphalt paving contractors should possess years of experience and an established track record. Furthermore, they should know all facets of asphalt maintenance, such as construction, repair, and seal coating; an established contractor will be able to answer your queries about timelines, costs, and expectations accurately.

Ideal paving contractors possess extensive experience working on both commercial and residential jobs, providing them with a greater insight into your particular requirements and helping ensure the project gets finished correctly the first time around.

Be sure to inquire about the experience of their crews; this will give you an idea of the type of work they have completed as well as any particular specialties or skills they possess.

Reputable asphalt paving companies should be able to provide you with references from past clients as proof that their work was completed on time and within budget. If they refuse, that should be taken as an indicator. Speak with these references about whether they were satisfied with the services rendered; ask about delivery timeliness as well as any financial matters that might have come up during completion.

Not only should you check references, but you should also verify if the paving company has insurance to protect both themselves and you if damage occurs during their work or one of their workers becomes injured on-site. Search for contractors with both general liability and workers’ compensation policies in place.


Start-up requirements for paving companies include licensing and insurance requirements that comply with local, state, and federal law; otherwise, fines or lawsuits could result. Merchant accounts enable businesses to accept debit and credit card payments and must be registered with appropriate government agencies prior to acquiring one (registration includes receiving either an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Furthermore, public roads often require permits such as street opening, sidewalk construction, or curb cut permits for any work conducted therein.

Your team is critical to the success of your asphalt paving company. Hiring qualified employees with relevant skills and experience to meet customer service expectations is paramount. To do so, job ads on local websites and social media platforms, as well as partnerships with vocational education programs or trade schools, can help identify prospective new hires.

Thimble provides general liability policies designed to shield businesses from third-party claims related to asphalt paving services, for instance, if someone sustains chemical burns from your work paving asphalt and files suit against it for medical bills and lost wages. Their short-term policies are easy to manage online, and they also offer various coverage options and competitive premiums.


Paving and asphalt companies must take several risks in order to complete their work successfully, from risks relating to the durability of projects completed to injuries inflicted upon their employees during job site work, as well as financial costs of customer lawsuits brought against you by dissatisfied clients.

General liability insurance protects you from unexpected events you can’t predict or avoid beforehand, like when an innocent bystander gets burned by hot asphalt blown in a random direction or when one of your clients sues because they think something negative was said about them while within earshot of you.

Your paving and asphalt business may need commercial property coverage to safeguard office spaces, equipment, and inventory. Many companies opt for a business owner’s policy that includes both general liability insurance as well as commercial property coverage.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for nearly every paving and asphalt contractor company. It covers medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and funeral costs associated with employees injured at work, as well as death benefits to family members of deceased workers who died while on the job.


Asphalt and paving work quality can be measured through online reviews, making this an essential aspect of selecting contractors for any given job. Most potential clients will research a company’s online footprint prior to hiring them for any given job, as the lack of reviews can often be as detrimental as negative ones; therefore, it’s essential for paving companies to adopt proactive reputation management practices in order to avoid unfavorable reviews in future projects.

The best paving and asphalt companies will boast an abundance of positive online reviews, making it easier for potential customers to make an informed decision. According to research, 12 positive reviews can negate one negative review. Therefore, contractors should use Reputation Builder or another similar platform to proactively collect customer testimonials on the spot to collect positive customer reviews.

No matter whether it’s for commercial or residential driveways, an asphalt paver should be able to provide references and evidence of completed projects. An experienced contractor should feel comfortable giving contact details of previous clients as well as showing pictures of completed jobs on their website; otherwise, it’s probably best to move on and find another option.

Houston is an ever-evolving city, so choosing a contractor who prioritizes high-quality artistry and will work closely with you every step of the way to complete your project is essential to its development and survival. When choosing a paving service provider in Houston, choose someone who prioritizes high-quality artistry over cutting corners on time or over budget.

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