Zebra Insurance Reviews

If you’re looking for an insurance comparison tool, The Zebra is one option. Not only does it compare quotes from various companies, but it also offers discounts for full-time employees. It’s also free to use and doesn’t require your telephone number. Its main advantage over other comparison tools is its ease of use.

The Zebra is a comparison tool.

The Zebra is an insurance comparison tool offering free insurance policy quotes. While it works in partnership with various insurance companies, The Zebra does not collect or sell your personal information. This means you won’t be bombarded with unwanted calls and spam. You will be able to get up to 10 quotes in your area.

The Zebra can provide multiple quotes in just ten minutes. You simply enter the details in the quote form and wait about 15 seconds for your results. Then, you can choose which buckets you want to cover. Afterward, you can edit the coverage details and adjust the deductible if necessary. It’s also possible to add additional services and coverage if needed.

It offers discounts for full-time employment.

Zebra Insurance offers discounts for full-time employees who work for a business or organization. These discounts can be applied to your car insurance. By completing your profile, you can unlock these discounts. The company claims that its strict no-spam policy protects customer information. The company offers five different discounts; all accounted for on the initial questionnaire. These include discounts for full-time employment, military service, and pay-in-full.

Zebra Insurance agents are available via telephone to answer your questions about auto insurance. They will also discuss the discounts available to you, including vanishing deductibles. If you’d like, your agent will go into further detail about the different types of insurance and compare multiple quotes for you.

It provides quotes from many companies.

Zebra Insurance Reviews is a consumer-facing website that allows you to compare quotes from numerous companies. Its questionnaire asks a few questions about your driving history and other information. It calculates your Insurability Score, a number that can determine whether you are eligible for a specific policy. The whole process should take less than two minutes. You are directed to a licensed insurance agent who will assist you with purchasing your policy. As an independent company, Zebra Insurance Reviews does not offer discounts.

Using Zebra Insurance Reviews is free and will help you get several quotes from different insurance companies. You can choose your coverage buckets, deductible, and more. The Zebra system will load your results within 15 seconds. Afterward, you can contact a licensed agent if you need help.

It doesn’t ask for your phone number.

Zebra Insurance is an online company that does not ask for your phone number. The company’s website states that it does not send spam and does not collect your phone number. Instead, they only ask for some standard information like your name and address. The company says that this is done to protect your privacy. They also offer several discounts that can be accounted for on the initial questionnaire. These include discounts for full-time employment, military service, and autopay.

You can change the parameters of your auto insurance with Zebra. You can add or remove roadside assistance coverage and change the amount of your collision and comprehensive deductibles. However, this online company does not give you much freedom when changing your preferences. In addition, you are forced to choose between one of five pre-assembled car insurance packages. You can see typical discounts, but you will not see the ones tied to specific insurance companies.

It doesn’t have a mobile app.

Zebra Insurance Reviews has been in business since 2012 and has worked with over 200 insurance companies. It started providing car insurance but has since expanded into home, renters, and RV insurance. And it has plans to expand its coverage to other insurance types. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Although the Zebra is a decent place to start looking for car insurance, there are a few issues with the site. Quotes won’t always populate automatically, and some providers may require more information than what’s entered on The Zebra. However, it does have an insurance estimator, which uses your zip code, car model year, and birthday to calculate how much car insurance will cost each month.