Auto and General Review

Auto and general is an insurance provider committed to customer service. Offering 5-star coverage when you need them most, their comprehensive policy includes roadside assistance and shortfall cover for added peace of mind.

They offer car, home, life, and travel insurance from well-known brands, underwriting budget direct claims for cars and home & contents insurance policies, and white-label solutions from these products.

It offers car insurance.

Auto and General is an insurance provider specializing in plans designed specifically for drivers with less-than-ideal credit histories, providing competitive rates and flexible payment plans to drivers on limited incomes. Auto and General also offers comprehensive car coverage and third-party fire and theft coverage as part of its offerings.

This company offers four car insurance products tailored to meet the unique needs of different car buyers, such as comprehensive car insurance, third-party fire and theft cover, or basic third-party liability policies. They also have an app on iOS and Android devices that allows policyholders to access services like paying premiums and filing claims quickly and conveniently.

Auto and General offers more than car insurance; they also provide other forms of personal and business coverage, such as personal accident/sickness policies, pet insurance, home/contents coverage, and travel. Furthermore, Auto and General offer unique additional benefits like cashback plus that reward customers for driving safely.

Even with its positive customer service reputation, State Farm Auto Insurance received far more complaints from state regulators in three years than other auto insurers of similar size. Many customers criticized its claim process for incompetence and lack of transparency, leaving many waiting hours before receiving updates.

It offers home insurance.

Auto and General is an insurance provider offering car, home & contents, life, income protection & travel coverage. As part of the British Budget Insurance Group since 2000, they provide more innovative solutions to safeguard a brighter future for their clients.

This company offers four products designed to meet the different needs of car insurance buyers, such as comprehensive car insurance, third-party fire and theft cover, and theft-only coverage. Furthermore, BetterCar allows policyholders to insure their vehicle at retail, trade, or market value; however, this option only applies to vehicles under eight years old.

Additionally, this company provides emergency roadside assistance, shortfall cover, and a mobile app to pay premiums and file claims quickly. In addition to that, a safe driver discount based on data gathered from the app may also apply.

Auto and General is known for its quick responses from its customer service team, making them one of the most reliable car insurers. Their commitment to safeguarding customers’ personal information by not selling it to third parties also ensures timely claims payments.

It offers life insurance.

Auto and General Insurance Company offers various car and life insurance products. One of their most sought-after offerings is comprehensive car insurance; this policy protects drivers against third-party damages, fire, theft, hijacking incidents, towing, and storage expenses incurred from an accident. Furthermore, this coverage can even provide cash-back bonuses for safe driving!

Auto and General offers comprehensive car insurance with 24/7 emergency road assistance service that you can utilize for roadside assistance, towing assistance, locksmithing services, and lockout assistance. Furthermore, their policy offers optional coverages such as vehicle accessories, courtesy car rental, or even higher excess amounts that may help lower premiums.

Auto and General provides its customers with a dedicated claims specialist when filing claims, who will explain the process and answer any queries you have about filing claims. They also offer many other customer benefits, including an app that lets customers track claim statuses.

Budget Direct has operated since 2000 to “provide customers with smarter solutions to secure a better future.” They pride themselves on customer satisfaction, selling insurance products under their Budget Direct brand.

It offers travel insurance.

Auto and General is an insurance provider with big ambitions and plenty of experience, dedicated to giving people more innovative solutions for a brighter future. Their mission is to offer car, home and contents, life, income protection, and travel coverage – offering legal aid, roadside assistance, telephone tax advice, as well as unparalleled customer service – making the Auto and general app the go-to tool for accessing policy details, viewing documents and making payments with ease.