King Price Insurance

King Price Insurance stands out from its competition by offering car insurance premiums that decrease each month based on the value of your car. This approach has won them multiple awards for short-term insurance policies.

Credit Shortfall Cover – Assists if your car is stolen or damaged and provides call-back service for easier phone wait times.

Provides short-term insurance

King Price Insurance is a privately owned company specializing in short-term insurance solutions for South African residents. Their unique offering features monthly premiums that decrease as assets appreciate, helping customers save money over time. King Price has won multiple awards for customer service and business excellence, in addition to offering services such as debt recovery and legal advice.

King Price Insurance has made waves since its 2012 debut, being recognized with several accolades, including the Global Brands Insurance award in 2018. At its inception, it introduced world-first innovation – monthly premiums that decrease with car depreciation – making it the first short-term insurer with this feature. King Price quickly expanded and now stands as the country’s premier short-term insurer, winning various awards such as this year’s Global Brands Insurance award as recognition of their groundbreaking offerings.

Galloway likes to joke that they are an insurance tech company. Their data-driven approach to underwriting and rating has given them an edge over insurers using legacy systems; furthermore, they have designed their technology infrastructure specifically to enable quick scaling up.

This case illustrates the significance of adhering to requests made by an insurer. Although Musa was frustrated by this process, refusing to comply was a severe breach of his contractual obligations and must have been treated as such by him.

Insures cars

King Price Insurance stands out in South African short-term insurance by offering car policies with monthly-decreasing premiums, an innovative concept in short-term car insurance. Their outstanding customer service has won them multiple awards, including international recognition. Customers also have access to self-inspect their vehicles, saving time and money!

The innovative business model has made them one of the most successful newcomers to the short-term market, prompting partnerships and acquisitions such as recently purchasing Stangen’s life insurance brand. Furthermore, operations have expanded into Namibia and Europe.

King Price provides low premiums while providing comprehensive cover for customers’ vehicles and their contents, protecting against fire, theft, and hijacking, as well as covering costs associated with towing and recovery, personal effects coverage as well as credit shortfall plans that cover any gaps between what your car is worth and what is owed to financial institutions.

King Price stands out from its insurance rivals by offering a unique call-back service that allows customers to arrange for a representative to call back at any time that suits them, making it easier for busy individuals to receive assistance without waiting on hold for extended periods. This feature is unique to King Price and helps it stand out amongst competitors.

Ensures buildings

King Price provides building insurance policies that protect from fire damage and other forms of property destruction. They also cover loss of personal items not permanently attached to the building, such as jewelry or clothing, theft, and any intentional acts that might occur against their insureds. King Price policies are available both to homeowners and tenants.

King Prices offer monthly premiums that continue to decline, making the company one of the most affordable insurance offerings on the market. Their innovative approach has garnered them numerous awards, such as Best Short-Term Insurer and Overall Newcomer at the 2013 South African Service Awards.

King Price Home Contents Insurance is a top-rated product that protects against the loss and destruction of personal items in your home, such as fires, floods and explosions, and malicious acts or animal-related incidents. Furthermore, this policy covers geysers, solar water heating systems, and boilers – providing peace of mind against losing or stealing them!

This company also offers business insurance and various covers for your enterprise. Their expert team is specially trained to create custom solutions tailored to each business need and meet those of every budget – helping find you cover that best suits it and at competitive rates.

King Price takes great care in creating a positive work culture for its employees, believing that when staff enjoy what they are doing, they will become more productive. This philosophy is expressed through four family values at King Price: Customer Is King, Fun With A Touch Of Madness, Stronger Together, and Suit Up Superhero.

Insures life

Ten years ago, King Price introduced an innovative new short-term insurance product into South Africa’s short-term insurance market – one with premiums that decline each month, a feature still unrivaled within its industry. This unorthodox strategy earned many awards and established them as an unapologetic South African brand while garnering international renown.

King Price prides itself on providing affordable coverage and exceptional customer service, including innovative services such as the callback option, which enables customers to request that a representative contact them conveniently instead of waiting on hold, saving time and effort in their daily routines.

King Price provides competitive car and home insurance policies and various additional products, such as roadside assistance, medical aid assistance, and funeral cover. In addition, they are expanding their life insurance business by acquiring Stangen Life business and expanding operations within Namibia and Europe.

Innovative practices at easySure have propelled its rapid expansion from a small start-up to an established insurer, convincing Stelios Haji-Ioannou – founder of easyJet airline – to license the easySure brand for use throughout Europe – opening up access to this lucrative insurance market.