Mergon and NEXT Forsikring

King Price Insurance launched with much fanfare in 2012, stunning South African insurers who believed they wouldn’t survive for long. Ten years on, and they are now an impressive force within the insurance sector with plans for expansion into Europe and Namibia as well as their life and funeral division.

Gideon Galloway has established a business whose core value is people-first, from their unconventional interview process to family values.

Mergon Group

Mergon is an award-winning design and manufacturing company known for producing iconic components in some of the world’s best-known, cutting-edge products, such as automobiles, medical devices, and industrial products. Their plastic components can be found everywhere, from automobiles and medical devices to automobiles themselves – not to mention BMW, Rivian, and Xerox! Headquartered in Ireland but operating globally through the Czech Republic and the United States offices, respectively.

Mergon also recently opened a green field plant in Mexico to produce parts for electric vehicles in Coahuila State. This new facility will create 150 jobs over time – an essential step toward realizing its expansion plans across North America.

Mergon’s founders place outstanding stock in their faith and use this as the cornerstone for all business decisions. They rely on God for guidance and support, believing He has blessed them because of their faithfulness. Additionally, they created a company culture centered on doing what’s right – something evident by how the company treats employees and customers; for instance, by having an unusual interview process in which staff votes applicants in and granting its management team unlimited leave.

NEXT Forsikring

NEXT Forsikring, established in 2013, is an independent Danish insurer offering individual insurance services and self-serve instant price calculation to private customers, group arrangements to SMEs and affinity markets, and general operation throughout Denmark.

Eugene Wessels, Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for King Price South Africa & Namibia and NEXT Forsikring Denmark (DF) shared how their team used Denodo’s data platform to transform business strategy, increase system resilience, customer expansion, and market adaptability with Denodo’s data platform. For an entire case study, click here.

Protector Forsikring ASA provides casualty insurance in Norway. The Company provides traditional policies for individuals, small businesses, and public sector entities through direct sales channels (direct selling, brokers, or affinity partners). In addition, Protector Forsikring also sells standard products under its Easy brand.


King Price Insurance has rapidly emerged as an established force in South Africa’s insurance market. Their irreverent slogan, #UnapologeticallySouthAfrican, has won them several awards and made them household names. Gideon Galloway founded King Price with minimal capital but was instrumental in creating an environment that values service while keeping life light-hearted. Now offering car, building, home, and more insurance and soon expanding internationally using easy(r). Their headquarters can be found in Waterkloof Glen Pretoria.

King Price Group acquired a stake in Danish insurer NEXT Forsikring and will use their accessible (r) brand to launch and expand across Europe.

King Price Life

Ten years ago, when maverick short-term insurer King Price opened its doors, South Africa’s conservative insurance industry thought it wouldn’t last three months. Yet under CEO Gideon Galloway’s direction, King Price has gone from being an unknown startup on a shoestring to an R5.7 billion player with an annual turnover exceeding R2-billion. King Price’s unique promise of premiums that decrease as cars depreciate has captured consumers’ imagination and earned numerous awards for the company over time.

Recently, King Price announced their intention to launch their life business over the coming quarters under Stangen and King Price Livin’. They aim to make life simpler and more accessible for ordinary South Africans.

King Price stands out from its competition through its commitment to creating order in an increasingly chaotic world. This approach has won numerous awards and earned its beloved status among customers and communities it serves. Recently, this commitment led them to donate R800 Million or more to charitable organizations and NGOs.

Philanthropy can also be seen through how their clients’ money is put to good use, for instance, through partnerships with non-life clients who donate decreases (the amount by which their comprehensive car insurance premium decreases monthly) directly to those in need.