World of Warcraft Fishing Pools

Pool fishing provides significantly more fish than open-water fishing. Furthermore, fishing pools may lead to additional rewards – crates and scrollcases in particular as well as achievements requiring specific pool fishing methods.

Sporefish School (Zangarian Sporefish) – in Nagrand and Netherstorm. Mudfish School (Figluster’s Mudfish) is also located in Nagrand. Highland Mixed School offers Furious Crawdad as a companion pet named Mr. Pinchy; Steam Pump Flotsam offers Curious and Heavy Supply Crates as part of its services.


There are various crates available when fishing sporefish schools: Highland Mixed School yields Furious Crawdad and Mr. Pinchy as companion pets, found in Terokkar Forest and Blackwind Lake; Bluefish School offers Icefin Bluefish, which can be found in both Nagrand and Netherstorm; Mudfish School provides Figluster’s Mudfish which are found both Nagrand and Netherstorm; Steam Pump Flotsam Debris provides Curious Crate or Inscribed Scrollcase with one to two Motes of Water; Steam Pump Flotsam offers Heavy Supply Crate Debris).

Scroll case

Fishing pools are locations where players can catch specific species of fish, crates, and other items. Most are found in Terokkar Forest, Nagrand, and Netherstorm, but some also exist in Shadowmoon Valley, Hellfire Peninsula, and Zangarmarsh. There are five pool types: Sporefish School mainly yields Zangarian Sporefish; Highland Mixed Schools produce Mr. Pinchy as well; Brackish Mixed Schools contain Golden Darter and Spotted Feltail; while Steam Pump Flotsam contains Curious Crate, Mote of Water and Inscribed Scrollcase).

These are all rare drops.