Sunday Schools Near Me NYC

Sunday school is an integral component of many Christian denominations and is especially enjoyed by children and teens participating in Youth Ministry programs. According to the Sunday Sabbatarianism doctrine, it makes sense for people of various ages and faiths to attend Sunday school services on a weekly basis.

1. P.S. 188 in Coney Island

Coney Island residents were alarmed to discover that their school was being used as an overflow center for migrants seeking asylum, angering many parents whose children would no longer attend their institution during this time. Furthermore, residents also complained they weren’t informed when city leaders decided to use it as such an impromptu shelter.

City schools have been used by migrants escaping Central America as shelter, according to a recent report, while students may remain there without access to family or attorneys for months without knowing why or when they will be released. Parents and lawmakers have voiced criticism about how the city has responded; many feel better communication must take place regarding its plans with the public.

Coney Island school is now the fourth location to act as an overflow migrant shelter, joining P.S. 172 in Sunset Park, P.S. 188 in Coney Island, and the former P721R Richard H Hungerford building on Staten Island. Some parents have expressed displeasure with using school facilities as shelters without first consulting them.

Last year, this school received an A rating from the Department of Education based on student achievement, teacher quality, and other criteria. Situated in District 21’s Coney Island neighborhood in Brooklyn and featuring highly qualified educators that work collaboratively to create an environment conducive to all students’ success, such as offering programs such as Mark Morris Dance Center’s Studio In School program or Mighty Milers race events; its teachers strive together for student success at school.

Its enrollment is composed of 97% minorities; yet despite this diversity, the school manages to achieve high academic scores with 18% math proficiency and 19% reading/language arts proficiency – its student-teacher ratio being 10:1. Niche awarded them with a Silver Medal based on statistical evidence as well as input from parents and educators; additionally they were placed within the top 10% for arts, athletics, and community engagement by Niche.

2. P.S. 188 in Brooklyn

Community members have expressed outrage over the city’s decision to house hundreds of immigrants in a Brooklyn school gym, prompting outrage among some residents. A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams noted that while they work towards finding longer-term shelter solutions for asylum seekers, temporary respite sites like PS 188 might need to serve temporarily as “respite sites.” PS 188 in Coney Island saw at least 100 sleepovers on Friday night alone.

One Brooklyn Council member representing Coney Island school reportedly found it unacceptable that community members weren’t informed prior to the announcement of this plan and is also frustrated that additional staff haven’t been hired to monitor migrants within schools; according to city policy, schools will only serve as short-term respite, and once migrants have found permanent shelter they will move out immediately.

Michael E Berdy Public School in Brooklyn is a large public school located within New York City Geographic District #21, enrolling 258 students between grades PreK-4th grade. According to state test scores, 17% are proficient or above in both mathematics and reading.

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3. P.S. 188 in Queens

As New York struggles to provide asylum seekers with longer-term shelter and housing solutions, many schools have been used as temporary overflow sites – one being P.S. 188 in Coney Island, which currently houses 75 asylum seekers. According to sources speaking with CBS2, this arrangement should continue until more permanent accommodations can be identified for these families.

This school is located in New York City Geographic District #26 School District, boasting a student-teacher ratio of 16:1. Additionally, its diversity score stands at 0.49, which is lower than the state average of 0.72.

Niche ranks this school highly, with 89% of students attaining math proficiency and 92% attaining reading/language arts proficiency; it also earned its spot within the top 10% of public schools in New York for overall test scores. Please get in touch with your local Century 21 agent for further details about school-related matters. *School map boundaries may have changed for the current school year, and Niche rankings take into account statistics as well as opinions from millions of users, so take care when using this data when making homebuying decisions. This information provided here should only be relied upon when making homebuying decisions – should not be relied upon when making such decisions.

4. P.S. 188 in Manhattan

This Out-Performer may only receive a 3/10 score on GreatSchools, but once you look deeper, you’ll realize it deserves 8/10! Test scores increased 10.6% year over year, making them one of the top-performing schools in NYC, and their diversity score makes this school ideal for families who want their child(ren) to experience rich cultural immersion while growing up!

Although P.S. 188’s student population may be small, its teachers are all highly qualified professionals dedicated to the education of their pupils. P.S. 188 offers a dual language program that gives children the chance to become bilingual (English/Spanish). They also offer extracurricular activities like flag football and tennis classes!

American architect Frank Snyder constructed P.S. 188, which became widely adopted as an example of progressive innovation among educators across the nation. Its H-shaped plan creates central courtyards, bringing sunlight and fresh air into neighborhoods that may lack such amenities.

Now, this public school serves a diverse group of students from the Lower East Side and Manhattanville communities. Their teachers possess a great passion for education, and their students thrive in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, curiosity, and collaboration.

This school has an overwhelmingly positive trend, which should continue to raise its scores over time! Both third and fourth graders have consistently exceeded expectations for two years running; their fourth-grade teachers achieved impressive results by increasing scores by 30 points over just one year!

Finding affordable homes near this school in Manhattan may be challenging, but this area still boasts an average median home price that’s almost $1,000 lower than New York City’s average. Plus, there are so many families with young children looking for homes nearby!