Record Store Day Exclusive – Beach House – Become

Last year, Beach House released Once Twice Melody, a sprawling double album that showcased intimate yet epic instrumentation ranging from surf jangle to grand shoegaze. Now they are back with a five-song EP, Become from those same sessions.

Record Store Day will feature an exclusive release on crystal-clear vinyl on Saturday, April 22nd; subsequent general availability will take place on May 19th.

Record Store Day 2023

Record Store Day is an annual festival dedicated to independent music stores and their unique culture. On this particular day, record store staff, customers, and artists come together in appreciation with exclusive releases available only through participating record shops – vinyl and CD releases, as well as limited-edition merchandise like posters, T-shirts, and body paint, are just some of the freedoms available to them – along with performances and meet-and-greets with musicians; plus over 170 special releases including reissues of classic catalog titles as well as new recordings by established artists! This year marks their inaugural celebration with over 170 special releases available only through participating record shops (vinyl and CD releases included!). This festival offers performances by artists as well as meet-and-greets; performers as well as meet-and-greets with musicians; performances by musicians; plus in-store performances by established musicians as part of this year’s festival festivities!

Record Store Day 2023 has something special in store for music fans of all kinds! There will be exclusive releases by Beach House and Garbage as well as unreleased songs by Sparks and Hal Blaine’s 1967 album Psychedelic Percussion on transparent splatter vinyl for you to discover.

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires’ Record Store Day Black Friday collaboration features a live album recorded at Columbia Studio A in Nashville prior to releasing their critically acclaimed second album Take It Like A Man, while their other exclusive release on RSD: an Austin’s Levitation Festival live performance will also be made available as a limited-edition clear vinyl pressing.

One of the most anticipated releases for Record Store Day this year is Beach House’s Become EP, featuring remixed and reimagined versions of previously released tracks. The five-track EP serves as an introduction to their sound; their full-length release of Become will follow later this year.

At Record Store Day 2017, one of the highlights will be a reissue of Pixies’ Demos – featuring nine tracks that didn’t make it onto their debut album, Come On Pilgrim – on 180-gram vinyl remastered and pressed for maximum audiophile experience.

Other highlights from Record Store Day 2019’s lineup are Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s live recording from their performance at Austin-based Levitation Festival and an alternative version of Wilco’s Grammy-winning Yankee Hotel Foxtrot that will be limited edition and transparent colored – both must-haves for fans of Wilco and their eclectic sound!


Last year, Beach House made headlines with their massive release of Once Twice Melody (OTM), an 18-track double LP split across four chapters with animated lyrical animations for each song. Now they are offering up Become, a five-song EP featuring tracks from OTM sessions available exclusively today on crystal clear vinyl as a Record Store Day exclusive and digital release on 28 April (followed by physical release on 19 May) — see photo below from Instagram of Beach House sharing their photo from OTM release!

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Once Twice Melody

Beach House delivered their massive double album Once Twice Melody last year in order to showcase their artistic excellence epically, and it certainly did just that – drawing you in with its intimate yet epic sounds, shimmering textures, swelling dimensions, feathery acoustic guitars, rosy vocoders, watery analog synths and chord changes that seemed like fireworks from above.

Once Twice Melody features 18 songs arranged into four chapters and reached for the stars – becoming Beach House’s most successful release ever. Not only was this album crucial in cementing their position as festival headliners, but it was also their most confident and accomplished record ever released.

Even so, the record falls prey to some of the same flaws as many major releases: It often feels as if the band were trying too hard to impress listeners. The first chapter starts with soothing chimes and downy acoustic guitars depicting pastoral bliss before later tracks, such as “Pink Funeral” and “Superstar,” turn more macabre with heavy drum beats and reverbed vocals for an unsettling experience.

But these complaints are minor: Beach House sounds spectacular on record, and Legrand’s dreamworld-themed lyrics remain captivating; these include boys and girls in mirrors, day, night; stars, diamonds; swans, horizons, flowers, clouds, and solace – among many other subjects.

Now, to commemorate their first anniversary of Once Twice Melody, they’ve unveiled an EP entitled Become, which will feature five previously unheard tracks from Once Twice Melody sessions – it will be available in-person at Record Store Day this Saturday as well as digitally from May 19 – check out a picture of it below from their IG post!