The Clovis Botanical Garden

Clovis Botanical Garden fosters water conservation throughout California’s Central Valley landscape with stunning gardens, educational displays, and programs. Situated adjacent to Dry Creek Park on city parkland near Clovis city limits, this non-profit facility features one acre of attractive water-wise plants and trees suitable to the area’s climate.

Botanical gardens are institutions dedicated to the care, conservation, display, education, and display of living plant collections for scientific research, conservation, display, education, or display purposes. Such gardens may include libraries, herbaria, laboratories, and living groups of living plants.

The Garden

Are you searching for an oasis to relax in and appreciate the greenery of California’s Central Valley? Consider visiting Scenic Clovis Botanical Garden – an independent non-profit 3-acre garden featuring drought-resistant plants. There is also an information center and tours, with its primary mission being water conservation in California’s Central Valley through gardens, exhibits, and programs that educate and inspire. This hidden gem lies adjacent to Dry Creek Park at Clovis Avenue near Alluvial Avenues – something no other garden in Clovis does!

The Garden is an all-volunteer-run nonprofit organization established in 1993. Its first one-acre demonstration garden showcases beautiful landscape designs made with plants well adapted to its climate and that require minimal irrigation.

Attracting visitors, this park features three garden styles for inspiration: Southwestern Garden, Mediterranean Garden, and Native Plant Garden. There is also a home demonstration garden, low allergy garden, and millennium garden, showing people how to create attractive yet soft water usage landscaping in their homes.

All plantings in the garden are labeled with their botanical and scientific names, along with identifying information regarding their location within the park. In this way, visitors can see how plants flourish while understanding the conditions for their growth.

Clovis Botanical Garden hosts many educational events throughout the year, such as workshops by master gardeners and plant and tree experts, that equip visitors with the knowledge necessary for successfully maintaining their landscapes at home or learning more about different flowers and cacti found within it.

Clovis Botanical Garden is open to the public from Wednesday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm, admission is free, and children and pets on leashes are welcome to visit! Guided tours for groups of four to ten people are also available; it is advised to call or email ahead to secure one at least two weeks early.

The garden features a gift shop that sells plants and seeds from its garden and items for your home and kitchen, gardening tools, and gardening classes for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

The Visitor Center

These non-profit gardens demonstrate how attractive landscapes can be created using native plants with minimal irrigation needs; they are located adjacent to Dry Creek Park in Seattle and are projected to expand to eight acres in size.

This garden showcases a diverse landscape featuring trees, shrubs, and flowering plants worldwide. Additionally, it highlights how different plants can be utilized for environmental, educational, and recreational purposes, as well as drought-resistant planting options, and includes a drought-resistant display and visitor center offering educational opportunities.

Clovis, California’s largest city in the Central Valley, offers much to residents and visitors. Just an hour’s drive away are three national parks: Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon – where hikers, backpackers, campers, and nature lovers can explore stunning mountains, waterfalls, and giant sequoia trees. Furthermore, excellent golf courses exist here, along with two casinos offering gaming, top entertainers, and delicious cuisine; Table Mountain Casino & Resort and Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino offer more.

Other popular events and attractions in the area include an annual rodeo in June as a fixture on the Pro Rodeo Circuit nationwide. This rodeo draws numerous visitors from all across the United States and stands alone as one of the few offering an Xtreme Bull Riding event on Thursday nights during summer months.

Clovis offers plenty to do for locals and visitors, from fantastic shopping and restaurants to family fun in parks. In spring and summer months, Clovis becomes home to the Scenic Clovis Botanical Garden, an idyllic green oasis allowing residents and guests alike to stroll among its dozens of varieties of trees, flowers, shrubs, cacti, etc.

This park has activities designed specifically for children and families, making it an excellent place to enjoy the refreshing spring weather outside. Admission is free daily. Additionally, picnic tables and playground equipment are available. This public facility also provides wheelchair access and stroller accessibility.


Clovis Botanical Garden provides an invaluable local resource for those seeking to create beautiful region-appropriate landscapes in their gardens. Exhibits at this garden, such as its Southwestern, Mediterranean, and Native Plant Gardens, showcase plants suitable for our climate and demonstration gardens, including low allergy home garden and millennium garden that inspire.

The Garden offers special events throughout the year that focus on various gardening topics, from classes taught by master gardeners to workshops on changing your landscape from high water use to low; there’s something here for everyone at all stages. It also hosts several family-oriented events so children can get acquainted with nature.

Every month, the Garden hosts an all-ages Science Saturday event exploring an engaging Central Valley gardening topic. For example, in January, children will explore soil ecosystems while digging in a worm bin – making this an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to composting and insect inclusion in gardening!

Pumpkinville will return to the Garden this autumn, presented by OG&E, and will amaze visitors with an extravagant display of chrysanthemums. This annual festival provides fun activities, entertainment, and delicious seasonal food.

This summer and fall, during the Power of Trees series at the Garden and outside, curators/experts are exploring various perspectives of trees to help visitors better appreciate and understand them from multiple viewpoints while learning how to become advocates for tree conservation on both local and global scales.

The garden is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free for all ages, as it is a non-profit supported by donations and grants. To ensure its continued growth, the staff is raising funds for a Visitor Center; once completed, this facility will enable it to expand education and outreach programs further.


The Clovis Botanical Garden is an all-volunteer garden dedicated to plants that thrive with limited water use in the Mediterranean climate of Clovis Valley. Comprised of smaller themed gardens that each have their specific purpose – California native plant garden, Cactus and Succulent Garden, Mediterranean Garden, South African/Chile garden, and demonstration areas devoted to water efficiency – The park hosts regular events dedicated to this goal.

The garden is open Wednesday through Sunday for free to the public and wheelchair accessible, featuring tea gardens, rose gardens, and conservatories with koi ponds – not to mention over 130 varieties of begonias, over 100 species of palm trees, flowers and shrubs ranging from roses and palm trees to other types. There is even an impressive collection of orchids and one of Fresno County’s only places where visitors can see many varieties of bromeliads!

Additionally, various educational programs are offered onsite and online by the Garden. Classes for adults and children cover topics ranging from learning how to draw botanical illustrations to gardening with assistance from guides. They also host horticulture hikes where participants can gain more information on specific plants by walking through the Gardens with an expert.

Garden events occur throughout the year, including its famous Spring Into Your Garden festival held each March. This festival includes plant sales, guest speakers, and exhibitors to provide information and ideas for water-wise gardening techniques in your yard.

Clovis Botanical Garden will soon unveil an exquisite Visitors Center that will rival any public garden in any city and serve as a source of pride for residents of Clovis. It will feature an assembly room for board members and interactive displays designed to educate the public about what can be found within its borders.

Clovis Botanical Garden employees typically earn an average annual salary of $62,100; however, their pay depends on factors like job role, department, location, individual skillset, and educational background.