Jack and Jill National App Review

Jack, an accomplished advertising executive, and his family. However, each Thanksgiving, he dreads the arrival of Jill, his needy yet passive-aggressive twin sister, who transforms their quiet lives into chaos.

They soon began performing shows together, experimenting with textures and emotions to determine what stirred emotion in others. It quickly became their passion.

Member Directory

Member directories provide chapter officers with an easy way to contact other members in their organization quickly and efficiently, while members can stay up-to-date with upcoming activities via the event calendar feature of this app.

The Jack and Jill of America National App provides members with instantaneous access to current Jack and Jill of America information. Features such as push notifications, event calendars, member directories, and secure sharing capabilities make the app invaluable.

Membership to the Inland Empire Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. requires sponsorship by an existing member and completion of an application form. Each new member must also attend one national convention, one regional conference, or a regional area workday/cluster every four years; membership status can only be considered active if all chapter, regional, and national dues, assessments, and fees have been paid on time.

Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated is an African-American organization of mothers established in 1938 to foster future leaders by strengthening children ages 2-19 through chapter programming, community service projects, legislative advocacy campaigns, philanthropy donations, and philanthropic giving. A National Teen Board was formed in 2013 to give teens a national voice within this organization rather than having seven independently operating regions.

Kornisha McGill Brown was elected National President at the 45th National Convention held in Orlando, Florida; before being selected for this position, she served as Southeastern Region Vice President, Regional Secretary, and as an individual Member-at-Large for Jack and Jill of America Inc.

Event Calendar

Antigo/Langlade County community calendar allows you to easily view local events, gatherings, meetings, leagues, sporting events, support groups, and classes happening today or months ahead. If you wish to submit an event, please use our submission form.

Jack and Jill worked tirelessly to pay off their debt with earnings from camming, starting a dog walking business, house sitting, resale shopping, and furniture refinishing to make ends meet. By 2015, they had become debt-free and set their goals towards marriage and starting a family – at which time they started exploring different textures, feelings, and thoughts that triggered sexual attraction, becoming fascinated with how sexuality defined their unique connection.

Push Notifications

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Jack and Jill are using tech in their quest for optimal health to meet their fitness goals, from tracker apps that measure how far they’ve walked or calories burned to wearable devices that monitor heart rates while providing encouragement or music while running or swimming.

Jack and Jill use technology to improve their mental and emotional well-being; Jack practices meditation, while Jill finds yoga therapeutic. Furthermore, the pair hope to save some money with their healthy lifestyle changes by visiting IKEA Kreativ in virtual reality to see what their rooms would look like with different furniture sets.

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Contact Information

The Jack and Jill National App was developed to give members instantaneous access to chapter information. Using this platform, you can quickly navigate to your chapter Member Directory, Event Calendar, and Push Notifications and connect directly with board members or other members.

Jack and Jill met through cam shows and quickly fell in love. Together, they formed an incredible team and felt empowered by one another. Together, they earned money to pay off Jill’s student loans, take trips, renovate their house, or purchase new cars.

Over time, they learned their sexuality – what textures, feelings, and thoughts stimulated arousal. Rather than switching partners or swapping cameras with friends on camera, they invited friends on camera not for swapping partners but to show their world and explain what defined pleasure for them – from ostrich feathers and blindfolds to leather handcuffs and everything in between. They experienced it all!

Montgomery County Maryland Chapter is part of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.’s Eastern Region and is dedicated to developing future leaders by supporting children through leadership development, community service, philanthropy, and civic duty. Membership is open to mothers with children ages 2-19 who need support. Prospective members must first be sponsored by an existing chapter member who will provide an application and explain its process before returning it for review by our chapter board for consideration of membership.