Larlyn Property Management Reviews

Whether you are a property investor or a landlord, Larlyn Property Management is a great company to work with. They offer both residential and commercial property management, along with developer consulting services. Their greatest strength is their people.


Located at Beachwood Rd, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Larlyn Property Management is a property management company. They specialize in residential and commercial property management. They have an office in London, Ontario as well. They have been in business for more than two decades. They offer national resources, local care, and expertise in property management.

Learn Property Management provides residential property management, commercial property management, condo management services, and developer consulting services. They are committed to providing superior customer service and to making people’s lives better. Their services are designed to help property investors make their investment decisions and keep their properties maintained. The company’s greatest strength is its people.

Learn Property Management acts on the directions of the Board, and owners must inform the company of any complaints. There is no business ethics or integrity, and Larlyn Management will tell any lie they need to to get your business.

Failure to provide competent services

Despite being a Certified member of ACMO 2000, Larlyn Property Management acted unprofessionally and violated the ACMO 2000 Certification program’s Code of Ethics and Principles. It failed to provide competent services and failed to respond to the Board of Directors requests for information. This violation resulted in a Notice of Reprimand and suspension of Larlyn’s ACMO 2000 certified status.

In addition to failing to provide competent services, Larlyn failed to timely remit funds to the condo bank account. It also failed to contribute to the corporation’s reserve fund. It failed to document invoices and ignored unacceptable behavior from employees.

The ACMO 2000 Certification committee found Larlyn’s actions to be insufficient and recommended that Larlyn undergo a full certification audit before July 1, 2022. Karlyn has agreed to this audit, and will voluntarily submit to the process.

Suspended from ACMO 2000 Certification

Earlier this month, Larlyn Property Management has suspended from ACMO 2000 Certification for violating the ACMO Code of Corporate Ethics. As a result of this incident, Larlyn will have to undergo a full certification audit before July 1, 2022. This is an important step in the process of regulating the condominium management industry in Ontario.

Larlyn was also found to have violated the ACMO 2000 Certification program principles. They failed to properly remit condo bank accounts, failed to perform competent services, and failed to adhere to the Code of Ethics. The ACMO 2000 Certification committee found these violations to be unacceptable. It has now issued a Notice of Reprimand to Larlyn Property Management.

Karlyn has been a member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario since 1975. It provides property management services to condominium boards of directors. It is part of the national condominium industry and represents all facets of the condominium community.