Kyodan Leggings Review

Space Dye Leggings feature cozy inner and outer brushed fabric for your active lifestyle and stretch-blend material to sculpt and lift while providing comfortable coverage without digging in or creating that unattractive muffin top effect.

Kyodan activewear is an incredible source of motivation to live healthier. Their products can be found in an accessible price range.

Space Dye

For yoga enthusiasts who adore celebrity brands like Beyond Yoga (Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid are fans of Beyond Yoga), these high-waisted ombre space dye leggings from Beyond Yoga may be just what they’ve been searching for. Although priced at $96, these thick, soft leggings will take you seamlessly from studio to street wear wearability!

These grey leggings feature an ombre green fade from hem to knee height and a BY logo printed on their waistband in gray. Although fully opaque, they may pill over time due to being made from soft fabric. With single-layer triangle gusset and flat fell seams, these leggings provide excellent coverage.

These leggings fit true to size and come in sizes XXS to XXL for convenience. As they stretch slightly, please refer to the sizing chart to ensure you receive one that suits you appropriately.

Be Well

Kyodan leggings from yoga-specific brand Fabletics will quickly become your favorite! Boasting cozy inner and outer double-brushed fabric that sculpts, lifts, and provides high-performance comfort, this pair from their sister line Kyodan offers comfy inner/outer double-brushed fabric that offers superior high-performance comfort while being eco-friendly and sustainable/organic materials crafted in their production process. They scored highly in our squat test, while their thick material helped provide superior sweat-wicking ability compared to other options; unfortunately, these leggings do not feature gussets, ensuring potential tearing occurs around their crotch area.

These leggings are thick and comfortable–scoring well in both thickness and opacity–making them the ideal pair for lounging around or sleeping, while their thick material helps keep you warm during runs or workouts. Furthermore, the wide waistband stays put even during active exercises like running or static lunges (Note that the waistband sits higher on your hip/waist area than most pairs we tested).


Kyodan is an affordable fitness wear brand we appreciate for its reasonable prices and high-quality leggings, including one chafe-resistant fabric rated UPF 50+ that’s also chafe resistant. In testing, these leggings were great for low-impact workouts like yoga or light training but weren’t as sweat-wicking for HIIT/running; additionally, their waistband wasn’t as supportive during high-rep activities.

These full-length leggings are great for gym use or outdoor hikes in cooler temperatures. However, our tester found they didn’t offer enough breathability during hotter exercise sessions. Their higher waistband means they don’t dig in at the upper hip/waist area or cause muffin tops; additionally, they’ve proven durable, with one editor reporting minimal pilling after repeated washes; plus, these full-length leggings come equipped with or without pockets that fit a phone comfortably.