Fair Harbor Clothing Reviews

Fair Harbor Clothing provides eco-friendly swimwear and beachwear. The company takes its name from the beach town where its founders grew up and is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Jake and Caroline Danehy have been recognized for their outstanding work, including them on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Additionally, their innovative manufacturing process has produced impressive growth numbers that continue to soar.


Fair Harbor is a company that creates sustainable beachwear and clothing. Founded by three beach natives who wanted to establish a business with a social purpose – helping keep beaches clean by diverting plastic from waterways – Fair Harbor recycles up to 22 recycled plastic bottles into each pair of men’s and women’s swim trunks sold.

These comfortable trunks are crafted from an exceptional, stretchy fabric for swimming and lounging on the beach. Available in various colors and styles – art deco patterns to cloud-like blue hues – these high-quality trunks boast superior fits and different inseam length options.

Fair Harbor products may be pricey, but their craftsmanship makes them well worth your while if you’re searching for stylish yet comfortable beachwear that stands up to water exposure. Their branding and marketing materials evoke memories of lazy summertime spent lounging by the shore or at local beaches.


Fair Harbor is an ethical beachwear brand for individuals leading active outdoor lifestyles. Their products utilize recycled materials to keep our oceans free from plastic pollution, with customers having up to 60 days after purchase to return products without hassle or stress.

Branded Eco is known for both its eco-conscious designs and sustainable practices. Founded by Jake and Caroline Danehy – who both grew up on the beach – who are committed to environmental preservation. These two are well known for their efforts in reducing plastic waste through hosting beach cleanups and encouraging others to join.

Boardshorts from this brand are ideal for anyone who prefers swimming in water without worrying about getting their clothes wet. Comfortable to wear both on and off the water, their design ensures no chafing while their breathable fabric prevents overheating during hotter days.


Fair Harbor strives to make its apparel and swimwear environmentally friendly by using recycled materials in its products and using upcycled coconuts in upcycled fabrics to reduce waste and contribute towards a greener fashion industry.

They offer an impressive selection of swimwear and clothing tailored towards outdoor coastal lifestyles, offering comfortable yet fashionable trunks and shorts for ocean activities like surfing. Their swim trunks and shorts make an excellent way to protect the environment while having fun at the beach!

The website for this brand is user-friendly and features a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes for both men and women. They also maintain a retail presence in New York City, where customers can experience their products first-hand by trying them on.


Fair Harbor offers an assortment of colors and patterns to meet any taste, with inseam lengths from 5 inches to 10 inches to ensure you find something satisfying. Their high-performance Nautilus short is designed for optimal comfort in and out of the water, featuring soft BreezeKnit interior liners to prevent chafing. With ten stylish color patterns, you’re sure to find something fitting! To complete the look, pair your Nautilus shorts with Fair Harbor SeaBreeze hoodies or Henleys from Fair Harbor for ultimate style!

Fair Harbor Swimwear stands out as one of the few brands that provide ethically sourced swimwear tailored explicitly for men. Utilizing recycled materials for their suits and emphasizing protecting the environment. Their clothing is designed at their HQ in New York before being produced locally by workers in factories around New York.

The company’s products are named for the beach town where its founders grew up, while their styles draw inspiration from beach culture. Furthermore, they strive to reduce plastic pollution in oceans and waterways by recycling bottles into the fabric for their clothing and informing consumers how many bottles went into making each suit by noting it on their website or product tags.