Momo Shows Off Her Natural Curls in a Lime Green Momo Dress

TWICE’s Momo recently displayed her stunning visuals in an eye-catching lime green dress, creating quite a buzz on social media. Her provocative look caused quite the sensation.

Momo’s muumuu or moo-moo dress is a fantastic example of how a simple crop top can look elegant and fashionable. Paired with a pleated skirt and soft natural make-up, it creates a stunning ensemble perfect for any special event or casual outing.

Black and white tops

Momo dresses are comfortable, lightweight dresses without belts that come in short or long lengths and are commonly known by various names such as muumuu or moo. Women of all ages wear momo dresses; it is an effective way to show off natural curves while remaining cool during hot temperatures. You’ll find one perfect momo dress to meet any formal or casual need here – online stores or local stores may sell these at reduced rates; plus, buying them during sales saves money!

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are highly versatile pieces of clothing, ideal for creating casual, business casual, and office looks alike. Pleats add flair and character to any wardrobe; whether solid-colored pleated skirts or fun African prints add flair and personality. Pleated skirts also elevate any outfit; try pairing one with an equally-colored blouse and classic sneakers to elevate its style even further!

Pleats are vertical creases in the fabric that add body and movement to garments. Pleats can be created either by folding the fabric over and ironing or sewing it, and there are various styles of pleats; sunray pleats use thin pleats that gradually widen out, creating a flared effect, while box pleats feature narrow pleats in an orderly pattern; accordion pleats and knife pleats are other popular varieties.

Pleated skirts are an excellent choice for pear-shaped women as they accentuate the hip area while drawing attention away from the bottom half of your body. Plus, they pair nicely with tight-fitting tops and jackets. For an on-trend fall look, pair a short pleated skirt with a blazer and heels, or opt for an adorable date night look by pairing an oversized turtleneck sweater and over-the-knee boots instead!

Black leather boots

Momo is one of the most beloved members of the K-pop girl group TWICE and draws millions of fans with her talent and aesthetic. Her fashion sense combines elegance and simplicity; her favorite footwear is black leather boots worn with dresses or skirts, pairing well with long shirts or sweaters, short dark hairstyles, cotton tops of various designs, as well as light materials with floral patterns for an elegant aesthetic. She loves wearing simple dresses made of soft materials but featuring floral patterns, which look elegant as well.

One of Momo’s go-to pairs of boots comes from luxury label Vince and features a clean silhouette without straps or laces, a bold 3.5-inch heel, and is constructed of high-quality leather that will last. Personal stylist Erica Ball says these shoes can easily transition between frillier mid-dresses and raw-hem jeans for wearability.

Momo prefers Nisolo boots because of their sleek style and lack of straps or embellishments that could potentially limit her fashion options. Furthermore, these comfortable walking boots provide snug support and fit snugly into her footwear collection.

If you want to replicate Momo’s look, pair a black leather skirt with a white T-shirt or tank and accessorize with either a belt or jacket for maximum impact.

Black beret

Momo of TWICE is well known for her stylish sense. She often wears cotton tops with phrases or the group’s logo printed onto them and pairs them with black berets or dark denim skirts and jeans to compliment them. Momo has short, dark hair, which she styles with bangs. These clothing choices make Momo perfect for active environments like Collection With This Eye-Catching Metallic Mini Dress parks.

She recently made headlines when she donned a black beret with a black Emilia Wickstead dress to attend a reception at Westminster Abbey, channeling Jackie Kennedy-inspired style while likely being inspired by Meghan Markle, who wore an identical white Stephen Jones hat at an event earlier this month. Both women complete their looks with black lipstick; black lipstick is an increasingly popular choice among female celebrities as it doesn’t fade quickly or stain easily, unlike its counterparts, such as red.