How to Select the Best Vinyl Siding Contractor

When searching for a vinyl siding contractor, look for one with outstanding customer service and guidance. Make sure they offer detailed estimates as well as installation advice.

Home exterior and vinyl siding manufacturers that stand out offer attractive, cost-effective, and long-term durable products – many even provide extended warranties or hail damage insurance policies to ensure peace of mind for their customers.

Ply Gem

Ply Gem is one of the premier manufacturers of vinyl siding in America. They offer an array of exterior products and services designed to enhance the appearance of any home, such as vinyl cladding, window and door systems, metal accessories, stone veneer, etc. Additionally, they have 50 manufacturing plants nationwide and offer various vinyl siding styles with limited lifetime warranties.

Vinyl siding manufactured by this company requires less energy to produce, weighs less per square meter, and uses less fuel to transport than many other options available on the market. As such, its environmental-conscious homeowners will likely appreciate its reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, its R4 insulation system adds even greater energy efficiency for lower utility bills in your home.

Vinyl offers several advantages over other surfaces, including no painting requirements and resistance against denting, scratching, and denting. This makes vinyl an excellent solution for homeowners wanting to avoid costly painting services and water resistance for areas prone to flooding or torrential rainfall.

When selecting a vinyl siding manufacturer, it is crucial to take note of its material composition and manufacturing process. The type of plastic used affects quality, rigidity, and durability – low-grade products use repurposed and recycled plastics, while higher-grade materials use only ground-up recycled vinyl to produce new products.

Ply Gem’s vinyl siding products are tailored for virtually every environment, from hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall to Charleston Beaded(tm), Board and Batten vinyl siding, and Western Extreme, which features advanced polymers that protect against damaging infrared light, dry air, and rapid temperature changes.


Kaycan is an award-winning siding brand offering vinyl, aluminum, and engineered wood products to the consumer market. Their products are built to withstand extreme heat or cold weather, water damage, and impact damage for optimal home protection.

This vinyl siding company’s siding is highly versatile, offering a range of color choices ranging from neutral to vibrant hues with textures and designs that complement any style. Furthermore, their eco-friendly solution makes this siding a good option for protecting properties against environmental elements.

Kaycan vinyl siding stands out from other forms by closely mimicking the look of natural planks. Crafted into narrow vertical strips, its aesthetic creates a house with beautiful detailing. Not only that, but its moisture resistance also means easy cleanup – and with years worth of wear-resistant durability ahead, Kaycan’s vinyl will outlive other forms of siding!

As with the best vinyl siding manufacturers, Kaycan’s products come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers replacement, restoration, and repair in case of material or craftsmanship defects and damage caused by severe weather events such as hail storms.

Kaycan vinyl siding comes in many popular colors, such as Linen, Sandalwood, Sage Green, White Flagstone Terraverde Terraverde Ivory. Furthermore, Kaycan offers half-round pieces perfect for trim and accent pieces, allowing homeowners to add unique designs without spending significantly.

Selecting the appropriate vinyl siding can make all the difference for your home. A sagging or damaged exterior can diminish visitor perception of your home and lead to structural problems, but investing in a high-quality product that will withstand weather elements and remain beautiful for many years can completely transform its appearance.


Vinyl siding offers an economical solution to home exterior materials. Thanks to its sturdy construction and ability to withstand extreme weather, vinyl siding makes it an excellent option for homeowners seeking to update their home’s appearance without spending a fortune. Furthermore, this material doesn’t need painting regularly and resists moisture-induced damage while being easy to keep clean and maintain – all features that make vinyl an appealing choice!

Mastic vinyl siding stands out as one of the best vinyl options on the market with its variety of colors and profiles, backed by a lifetime warranty and designed to match trims and accents in homes.

Color can be essential in increasing home value and curb appeal. Selecting an exterior hue that complements other aspects of the house, such as windows, doors, and landscaping, can add depth and character. Gray remains the go-to siding color choice, while darker hues add depth and dimension.

When choosing a vinyl siding manufacturer, consider both its coloring process and guarantee against fading. Pigments directly affect how well a paint holds up against UV rays; additionally, look for products that use titanium dioxide in their formulation, as this chemical has been shown to prevent UV degradation of products like vinyl siding.

Mastic’s Quest and Mill Creek vinyl siding lines come in an extensive selection of colors. Their cedar Quest vinyl siding has a Kynar 500 protection system to safeguard it against cracking, impact, and thermal distortion and provide rich colors resistant to nicks and scratches.

Mastic’s Board + Batten Designer Series siding style is one of the most authentic-looking options available to homes today, with precisely placed insulation and original rustic charm, adding energy efficiency and resale value to a property. Additionally, its durable material stands up well against harsh weather conditions while being resistant to rusting and scratches, making this vinyl siding option an excellent way to give any home an authentic, classic rustic appearance.


CertainTeed vinyl siding is an ideal way to update their home with vibrant new colors and styles without breaking the bank. Their range of maintenance-free products comes in looks such as clapboard, shakes, board, and batten and provides stately color choices to complete the look of any home.

Certainteed offers products with PermaCOLOR technology designed to produce fade-resistant and long-term color backed with a limited lifetime warranty and the assurance they’ll stand the test of time. Furthermore, Certainteed uses CircleGreen certification to prove its commitment to sustainability and environmental claims.

Home Depot and Lowe’s carry products by this manufacturer, such as their Richmond line with various profiles and colors, such as heritage hues like Brick and Umber, and their famous Shake and Shingle siding style featuring beaded edges for architectural interest.

CertainTeed stands out among its rivals with its competitive prices and timeless appearance, as well as its wide array of design tools such as its Swatchbook and ColorCoach online programs that allow homeowners to see what their product will look like on their home, as well as upload an exterior photo and test different hues.

CertainTeed’s Monogram collection boasts a more traditional aesthetic than its competitors and comes in various color blends. Furthermore, their Cedar Impressions line reproduces authentic cedar shingles or shakes and can easily be cleaned using soap and water – two additional great options by CertainTeed!

CertainTeed offers contractor support programs to assist contractors in earning credentials, using product visualization software, and listing themselves on its website. These programs help contractors grow their businesses while offering high-quality services to clients. Adding CertainTeed vinyl siding can simplify renovations and remodels while increasing home values – but ensure that any installation work is carried out professionally; otherwise, it could result in decreased property values and additional issues arising down the line.