Best Value Vacuums

Here’s our take. After testing 14 top-performing wet/dry shop vacs for suction power, portability, and ease of use, here is our verdict:

The Mooso XL-618 was our best value pick and is worth considering if you require an essential vacuum that excels with crumbs and hardwood floors. However, its hose nozzle may clog with larger debris.


Cordless vacuums offer the freedom of mobility you need without being tied down by needing to stay within range of an electrical outlet. Furthermore, cordless models reduce the risk of tripping over power cords or pulling on delicate furniture that could damage them.

Cordless models tend to be lighter and easier to maneuver around corners or under furniture than corded models and take up less storage space. Some cordless designs even convert into handheld or high-reach vacs that reach hard-to-reach places, such as behind furniture.

Most cordless vacuums use rechargeable batteries to power their motor and suction, enabling them to last much longer between charges than their corded counterparts. When selecting a model, your cleaning needs and home size/occupants must be taken into consideration; look out for features such as bright cleaning headlights that help detect hidden dirt, as well as an efficient dust canister to reduce cleaning sessions and swappable batteries which allow for uninterrupted use while waiting for their current one to recharge.

Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum performed admirably in our tests. With its adjustable telescopic tube that fits any furniture height and its powerful suction capability, it could pick up all pet hair, biscuit crumbs, and dust efficiently in just one sweep. Furthermore, its digital display informed us of the battery life remaining, while two boost modes offered additional boost power when necessary.

However, its loud operation and short battery runtime suit it best for quick clean-up rather than whole house deep cleaning. Alternatively, Samsung Jet offers similar performance but at an attractively lower price point, though lighter than its rivals and with a smaller bin capacity. It has upgraded cleaning headlights and a charging station doubling as an integrated dirtbag!


Professional restoration specialists and homeowners looking for flexibility with their cleaning will find a wet/dry vacuum an invaluable all-in-one tool. As both a vacuum and pump, these multitaskers can capture dust and water debris, with upright models resembling classic vacuums or compact cart versions. Both corded and cordless options are available.

Drain unblockers can help homeowners complete household tasks like unclogging sinks, cleaning carpet and upholstery stains, painting woodwork projects with a paintbrush, or adding the finishing touches to furniture making. They’re also invaluable during flood or burst pipe emergencies, allowing quick and efficient cleanup efforts.

Wet and dry vacuums can also come in handy in the garden for blowing away leaves, emptying fish tanks or small ponds, dispensing cleaning solutions easily, and sanitizing outdoor furniture and garden equipment quickly and easily. Some models even feature spray functions to distribute cleaner, simplifying sanitization! These versatile machines can even help clean up after car washes and drain any remaining water left from an empty hot tub!

When purchasing a wet and dry vacuum, two key factors are its tank capacity and horsepower (HP). The tank capacity measures how much waste and liquid your vacuum can hold, while its horsepower indicates its suctioning capability.

When comparing wet and dry vacuums, consider their tank sizes; larger tanks will make them heavier to carry when complete. In general, choosing one with a smaller tank makes moving around rooms without stopping for refills easier, while some models also feature on-body attachment storage, like the Vacmaster VBV1210, which simplifies keeping all accessories organized. You might also consider opting for one equipped with a hose wrap feature to tuck away when not in use.

Dust Collection

This unit is a lightweight, portable dust collection vacuum built to be economical, efficient, and practical. These units feature an adaptor hose to connect easily to many tools for automatic power delivery when plugging the hose in, high-efficiency filters and collection bags for excellent filtration, and interior baffles to reduce noise levels and run quietly – they make perfect value vacs for anyone seeking light-weight yet portable solutions that fit easily in trucks or vans for transport and storage – an economical and practical alternative to expensive industrial vacuum cleaners!


Industrial portable vacuums are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry or transport from job site to job site. Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry or transport and helps cut labor costs and vac-truck calls down, saving money in multiple ways. Plus, these industrial vacs can operate in higher ambient temperatures than others for greater flexibility at work sites – plus, these durable machines can stand up against harsh use without being broken. Get in touch with us now for a quote.

BVV vacuum chambers should not be used with stabilization resin (Cactus Juice, Gator Venom, or Minwax), alcohol, acetone, or acrylic-based monomers or polymers.