Best Warframes 2023

Warframe, an action simulation game, features 52 playable exoskeletons that vary in strength, utility, and versatility – each designed for specific roles within its meta. Here is a tier list highlighting their effectiveness within it.

Rhino is an adept frame capable of getting any job done. His noise arrows stun enemies while distracting them. Ivara can use noise arrows or her “Disruption” skill to do the same and put enemies to sleep.

A-Tier Warframes

This tier contains Warframes that are ideal choices for most situations in the game while not being as powerful as S-tier frames. They still excel at most missions while being beginner-friendly as well. In particular, this tier may benefit players struggling to defeat some of the stricter enemies within the game.

Nova is one of the strongest Warframes in this tier, adept at dealing extensive blast damage while stunning enemies with her abilities. She can use wormholes to escape danger or use her “Neutron Burst” ability to deliver shockwave damage that knocks back enemies – she is also great in close combat situations.

Baruuk is another immensely powerful Warframe in this tier, as one of the Tenno who can absorb energy quickly and uses various abilities to crush his opponents easily. He can move slowly to avoid damage before unleashing an aggressive assault when ready to fight back!

Mirage is an ideal character to take advantage of stealth and infiltration missions in the game, creating illusions to disorient enemies while setting traps to catch them off-guard.

B-Tier Warframes

Warframes in the B-tier are highly versatile and powerful, capable of performing in most content. Ivara, for instance, stands out as an archer who offers impressive ranged damage through four types of tactical arrows; she can also stealth enemies away or create an invisibility bubble around herself and her teammates. Caliban offers another highly versatile B-tier frame that summons allies to draw aggro while simultaneously healing overhead shields for himself and his supporters.

Ash is an adept ninja who attacks enemies with shuriken while using smoke bombs to escape overwhelming situations. Garuda is a solid defensive Warframe who manipulates enemy blood with her ‘Bloodletting’ ability and uses glass constructs to distract or block off certain areas.

These frames may not be as versatile as those in the S-tier, but they still make solid choices for various content types. Mag Prime excels at taking down Corpus enemies using her magnetic powers, while Lavos can cast Railjack powers without using energy – examples being Mag Prime for taking down Corpus enemies with her magnetic forces, and Lavos, who has railjack powers without using energy.

C-Tier Warframes

C-tier frames perform above average and can fill multiple roles, attacking, healing, and crowd control being just some examples. They make great additions to any player looking for more firepower or versatility.

Mesa is a potent attacker with an arsenal of skills designed to simultaneously damage and stun her enemies. Additionally, she’s pretty tanky thanks to her “Shatter Shield” ability that protects her from death; however, she lacks some versatility compared to other frames in this tier list.

Baruuk is an elite support frame with various abilities that allow him to excel in close combat. His ‘Elude’ ability allows him to dodge projectiles and shots, while his ‘Worm Hole’ will enable him to travel away from enemies. Furthermore, he can summon two anti-matter drones that seek out opponents and explode upon contact, dealing blast damage while knocking them backward.

Limbo is a complex defensive Warframe that may not win you many allies among squadmates. This Warframe pulls enemies between planes of existence, rendering them invulnerable for a short duration, demoralizing opponents, and keeping them at bay from your team. But due to its reduced flexibility compared to Rhino Prime and Revenant defenders, this Warframe should only be played with teammates who understand its risks and complexity.

D-Tier Warframes

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter that puts players into the role of ancient warriors newly awakened from centuries of cryosleep. Offering hundreds of wireframes with unique playstyles and abilities that can help defeat militarized clones who have colonized Earth, Warframe provides players with a compelling, enjoyable third-person shooting experience that offers something for every skill level and playstyle.

D-Tier frames excel in today’s meta, offering powerful abilities for many situations. While not as versatile as S-Tier models, they still can help players complete most content efficiently in-game.

Some of the frames on our D-tier list excel at defending themselves or managing crowds, while others specialize more in offensive capabilities. Baruuk can use his ‘Elude’ ability to avoid projectiles, while Octavia uses music to give herself buffs and control crowds. Rhino Prime stands out with tough armor plating capabilities, which increase damage output.

While these frames provide good defensive or crowd control abilities, they don’t deal as much damage as S-Tier frames. Gyre, for instance, can sell hefty shield damage but doesn’t have an active way of charging her shields – making her less reliable than other frames – though she does offer electric damage via Coil Horizon and crowd control with Cathode Grace; similarly, Ivara can deal a lot of damage while providing utility and long-term invisibility capabilities with her bow.

E-Tier Warframes

E-tier Warframes are versatile yet powerful vehicles, perfect for many situations and newcomers to the game alike. Additionally, they help familiarize newcomers with its overall style of play.

As a ranged fighter, Ivara stands out as an incredible combination of versatility and speed with her four types of tactical arrows that can be switched at will. She can also cloak herself and her teammates for maximum protection during many missions. Wukong stands out among A-tier Warframes by specializing in crowd control through possessing enemies to gain the upper hand on many tasks.

If you want something extraordinary, why not choose Chroma as your metallic character? She is a highly customizable Warframe that can be used offensively and defensively, making her one of the most valuable characters in the game. Her elemental abilities make her one of the most robust metal-based frames out there and explain why she even manages to beat out some of the better S-tier Warframes!

Protea is another fantastic warrior who excels at taking down armored enemies quickly. Her teleportation abilities enable her to cross the map soon in mission areas requiring stealth; plus, she’s an invaluable support frame with powerful hex-based skills to assist her team.

F-Tier Warframes

Warframe is an incredible, free-to-play multiplayer shooter with endless variety. The visuals are breathtaking, and the gameplay smooth and fun, but newcomers may become overwhelmed with its vast selection of frames and how they fit into its meta.

Warfare is choosing the perfect frames to meet your play style and objectives. When picking frames, it is crucial to refer back to our Tier List since each frame offers its own strengths and weaknesses. However, higher ranks on our Tier List indicate its more favorable capabilities.

F-Tier Warframes of 2023 represent an assortment of ranged and melee frames capable of excelling at specific roles and scenarios. Gara, for instance, excels as a defensive Warframe that uses glass constructs to force enemies to damage themselves by confusing them into doing damage themselves. She has decent crowd control abilities and can create an invisibility cloak to shield herself and her allies from attacks.

Zephyr is a highly flexible caster capable of everything from long-range damage to speed boosting. However, she can be somewhat slow, especially considering modern Warframes favor damage over OK CC. On the other hand, Grendel can be cumbersome and awkward to use; his absorb minigame can be tiresome at best, while his abilities fail to provide much support when used correctly on missions.