Free Printable Christmas What’s in Your Phone Game

This free printable What’s in Your Phone game is an updated take on the classic What’s in Your Purse baby shower game and makes an excellent party game for kids, tweens, and teen birthday parties. Print and distribute this game among guests along with a pen or pencil so they can tick off items to calculate their points totals.

What’s in your phone?

This modernized version of the ‘What’s in Your Purse?’ baby shower game can make for an engaging party game suitable for kids, tween, and teen birthday celebrations, as well as co-ed baby showers. Print off Christmas-themed game cards in appropriate numbers, distribute them to guests along with a pen or pencil, and ask them to mark off items they find on their phones from a list provided. When completed, the player with the highest total will win! Click any thumbnail image below of the Christmas What’s in Your Phone Game design to open a larger version for download or print!

What’s in your pocket?

If your children enjoy collecting rocks, beetles, or leaves, this is an engaging book for them. It features nine legendary naturalists and scientists who started as children collecting things in nature before growing into key figures in science today. Additionally, there’s also an author’s note with tips for responsible collection as well as an activity on the Growing with Science blog that they may enjoy!

This free printable What’s In Your Phone Game is ideal for children’s, tween, and teen Christmas parties as well as co-ed baby showers. Click on any game design thumbnail you would like to print for a larger image to open up, and right-click and save that file to your device.

Distribute game cards among your guests along with pens or pencils, and ask them to mark off items on the cards from their lists. When all boxes have been marked, calculate points and determine who has amassed the most points.

What’s in your purse?

What’s in Your Purse is an engaging party game, perfect for bridal showers and other celebrations that feature purses. Everyone will have fun discussing and laughing over what lies inside each bag – no prizes are needed here if tips are for winners!

The setup of this game is quick and easy, making it perfect for all ages and genders. Each guest receives their game card listing everyday items found in women’s handbags that carry points. At the end of the playback, whoever accumulated the most points wins!

To play, ask each guest to search their purse for items on the list and mark them off as they find them, adding up all their marks at once and declaring a winner. Give players an allotted amount of time or call it when it appears as though most have completed looking through their bags.

This free printable game comes in three designs with a Christmas theme, so pick the one you prefer by clicking to open a larger image and right-clicking to save. By doing this, you’ll use less ink and reduce environmental waste; alternatively, you could print on regular paper if cost savings are a priority. It makes an excellent option for both tween/teen parties as well as adult events or wedding receptions – ensure enough copies for guests to participate simultaneously!

What’s in your car?

An entertaining party game for kids, tweens, and teens that will get everyone talking! This free printable version of What’s In Your Phone Game features a festive red-striped background. Click on the image to open a more significant size before right-clicking and saving it to your home printer. Distribute these games along with a pen to guests, who then mark off items they have in their car on the game card – add up points allocated per item marked and award points according to its value to see who wins the game with the highest score winning.