What’s on Your Phone Game

At home or outside, when we see kids glued to a smartphone screen, it can be alarming as it could mean they miss out on other vital aspects of life.

There are a multitude of great Android games that don’t cost anything or at least support advertisements; this includes shooter, platform, Endless Runner and arcade titles.

What’s on your phone?

This free printable game is the ideal addition to a birthday party for teens or tweens. Pass out game cards along with pens or pencils and ask guests to mark off items on their phone using markers; there will be points allocated per item, and the person with the highest point total wins! Not only is this activity great fun, but it also provides excellent photo opportunities! This printable comes in three unique designs, so click any thumbnail image for a larger version and right-click to save it as a PDF document!

What’s in your pocket?

This modern adaptation of the traditional “what’s on your phone” party game makes an excellent ice-breaker at your co-ed wedding shower or bridal shower. Guests will socialize and break the ice without resorting to dancing or activities that could violate church guidelines etiquette; additionally, it makes an ideal activity when guests can’t leave their seats during reception activities! Download the PDF file instantly; print onto colored or Kraft card stock, depending on the theme, for optimal results!

This printable comes in both Christmas-themed and striped backgrounds; click on any thumbnail image to open up a larger version and save that picture by right-clicking it. Now distribute these What’s In Your Pocket Game Cards along with pens or pencils to guests for them to mark items they have in their pockets and calculate points; the person with the highest total wins the game! This also makes an engaging gift exchange game at holiday parties!

What’s in your purse?

This engaging bridal shower game is an exciting way to break the ice and engage your guests, getting them laughing and sharing stories. Setup and play are simple, with just a few supplies needed – adding prizes further increases fun and motivation to win!

To play, give each guest a copy of the What’s in Your Purse game card along with a pen or pencil and mark them off one by one as they locate items listed on it in their purses – these cards list both familiar and less frequent items that women might carry around in their bags. At the end of the game, all participants total up their points, and the person with the most issues wins a prize!

This printable What’s in Your Purse game comes in two colors and was designed for printing on 5×7″ white card stock for optimal results. However, you can print it on ordinary paper if unable to access a print shop or save some money by doing it at home if desired. Click on any design you like to view its larger image before right-clicking and saving it as an image file.

What’s in your wallet?

A wallet is a personal container used to carry money, cards, and financial documents for safekeeping. Also known as a purse or billfold, wallets are popularly used by many to store credit cards used for making purchases – familiar sights among wallet contents include cash, ID documents and essential papers like ID. Sometimes, people carry around multiple credit cards depending on their lifestyle and spending habits.

Capital One credit card company uses a catchy marketing slogan like “What’s in Your Wallet?” to entice new customers. They use it across their advertising campaigns – from social media ads and Google AdWords campaigns all the way up to TV commercials with celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Garner, and Samuel L Jackson!

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Capital One’s “What’s in Your Wallet?” slogan targets Capital One credit card customers; however, it may also be used to promote other products and services. It serves to emphasize the necessity of having access to various financial resources in order to be prepared for any financial situation that arises.

Christmas-themed What’s In Your Wallet is another popular contemporary game that can be played during any festive celebration. Featuring a chevron background with adorable stockings, there are three printable designs to choose from and simply click on any thumbnail image to expand its size before right-clicking to save on your computer.