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Justin Kroma is an American social media influencer best known as one-half of LankyBox with Adam McArthur. Together, they create entertaining gaming films for the online game Roblox and run two other channels: LankyBox Plays and LankyBox World.

They specialize in creating humorous pranks, challenges, reaction videos, and vlogs for younger audiences – they have a lively dynamic that keeps younger viewers coming back for more!

Justin Kroma

Justin Kroma is an American YouTube personality who has become immensely popular through his pranks, challenges, reactions, parody videos, and travel vlogs. An energetic young man with boundless creativity and a keen sense of humor, his unique videos always leave audiences laughing out loud while providing new ideas – his YouTube channel is one of the highest-earning channels online today.

Justin and Adam McArthur have been producing content together as LankyBox since 2016. Their popular genres include pop culture parodies and Roblox gaming videos. With such lighthearted videos drawing in audiences, young viewers are enticed to watch these engaging personalities create content together.

The duo has also expanded to animated stories and other YouTube ventures, producing short comedic segments and an animated movie about their middle school experiences that has amassed over 26 million views – along with other YouTube ventures that continue to gain in popularity.

Both partners share great chemistry, making references and gaming parodies in their videos frequently. Furthermore, both accounts – Lankybox and Justinkroma – have attracted considerable followings on Instagram.

LankyBox World and LankyBox Plays feature Roblox animations and vlogs, respectively, becoming very popular on TikTok as well.

Their videos use simple props like food and chip bags as hair pieces and construction paper as backgrounds, in combination with multiple shots and editing software, to make hilarious puns that blend comedy with music.

This duo has amassed an enormous following for their entertaining YouTube videos, amassing over 13 million subscribers and garnering them an additional presence on other platforms such as Instagram, where they post daily life updates and humorous moments – boasting one joint account with over one million followers, while their ones each boast over 90 thousand.

Adam McArthur

Adam McArthur is an American YouTuber best known for his online handle “Adam McArthur.” His channel is famed for its comedic videos, such as reaction videos, challenges, and skits; gaming and music video parodies; and his humorous UFC watching and playing ping-pong activities.

Adam runs two additional channels besides YouTube: LankyBox World and Lankybox Plays. Together with Justin Kroma, Adam’s videos often use food or chip bags as props while making humorous puns; their animated stories often reflect events in their past lives, like attending an R movie without a pass and kissing their middle school crush.

This duo’s YouTube channel boasts millions of followers, while their pranks and challenges have earned them the Diamond Creator Award from YouTube. Additionally, they’re actively present on other social media platforms – particularly Instagram accounts with large followings; besides, they maintain a joint account on TikTok where they post images from daily life while engaging with fans directly.

Adam McArthur makes between $7-10 per 1,000 monetized views on YouTube as an online influencer and through the subscription service YouTube Red. Successful YouTubers may partner with brands to increase earnings further.

Adam is a passionate father who’s always seeking new ways to keep his audience entertained. Along with his wife, they’re avid ping-pong players and avid UFC watchers – plus, they love spending time with their two dogs, Fox and Boxee!

Adam and Justin Kroma run the LankyBox brand together, producing exciting gaming films about Roblox. Additionally, they’ve developed an animated series using Fox and Boxie characters to tell various tales. Their videos are youth- and family-friendly, hence their popularity among their target demographic.

LankyBox YouTube Channel

Lankybox is a YouTube channel created by two friends, Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur. Their videos are funny and engaging, showcasing both Justin’s vibrant personality as well as pop culture references that they incorporate in their content. These two have amassed a large following of viewers due to their incredible creative flair and energetic approach, which have led them to become internet superstars with an ever-growing online following.

This duo is best known for its music video parodies and production of animated and gaming content, often referred to as the Zero Budget Boys by fans. Cocomelon, their 3D animation streaming series, is also top-rated, and their engaging personalities and creative content have amassed millions of followers across their channels.

Bonkers Toys has also collaborated to produce their inaugural retail toy line featuring signature characters Boxy and Foxy from their high-energy videos, making them ideal candidates for such a venture.

As well as gaming and prank videos, LankyBox Plays serves as their primary gaming channel on YouTube; LankyBox World features animated content. They also maintain one of the top five Roblox channels in the US!

This channel boasts 27.5 million subscribers and over 36 billion views of its videos. The two are famous for their daily life vlogs, which often include food or chip bags used as hair and construction paper being used as a backdrop.

YouTube star Logan Paul’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $16 Million, having amassed much of it through advertisements on his channel as well as sponsorship from Amazon and merchandise sales, endorsements, and appearances.

LankyBox World

Lankybox is a YouTube gaming duo known for producing animated character-centric content, drawing in millions of subscribers with high-energy videos that span music videos, video games, internet trends, and pop culture topics. Their creators, Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur have amassed an audience of over 25 million people; additionally, their channel offers merchandise, including toys and collectibles that fans can purchase to enhance the viewing experience.

Channel creators incur many expenses to produce and promote their content, including production costs, employee salaries, travel expenses, and living costs. Furthermore, equipment purchases and subscription fees must also be covered; any taxes due may also affect net worth, but many payments can be offset with promotional discounts.

Roblox video game parodies aside, the duo has also created various YouTube series such as “Guess The Price,” in which they test products and try to guess their prices – gaining quite an audience among young people who appreciate its humor.

Bonkers Toys has joined forces with Boxy Foxy & Rocky’s animated characters to produce their first retail toy line. These figures capture all the fun and excitement found within their channel’s content while remaining affordable.

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