What YouTube Editor Do YouTubers Use?

Many YouTubers rely on advanced video editing programs such as VEED, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie for video editing purposes. These expensive and complex programs often have steep learning curves and require subscription fees. Find the best youtube thumbnail downloader.

YouTubers must select a video editor that meets their budget and long-term goals. While free editors might suffice initially, finding one with room for growth should be prioritized.


iMovie is a fantastic video editing program available free on most Apple devices and preinstalled. Although its capabilities may appear basic at first glance, when appropriately used, iMovie can produce stunning results that many YouTubers rely upon as their first stop when editing videos. This free service makes an ideal first step for anyone new to video editing and a perfect first stop for many YouTubers looking to start editing video content.

Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry standard for professional YouTubers, is another popular option for editing high-resolution videos. This powerful, feature-packed program boasts a sleek timeline with 8K editing capabilities and seamless integration into Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of products – making it the ideal solution for YouTubers seeking an all-around professional editing solution that supports high-resolution video.

Adobe Premiere Rush provides a user-friendly alternative to Premiere Pro. Designed specifically for mobile, this mobile-oriented software boasts a more straightforward user interface while offering all the tools required for YouTube video creation.

Cyberlink PowerDirector is an excellent option for YouTubers searching for mid-tier software solutions. This program features an easy-to-use set of video editing tools and access to royalty-free music and stock footage through the Creative Cloud, saving time, money, and effort while creating videos. Plus, it boasts super fast rendering speeds, so editing and uploading them is faster than ever!

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to software for more experienced YouTube editors, used by most top creators and TV production teams. This versatile program can produce four and 8-K videos while offering excellent compatibility with professional-grade cameras.

This program boasts many useful features, such as object tracking and speed warp re-timing, plus being accessible on both Mac and Windows systems – making it an excellent solution for vloggers looking to produce professional-looking videos without shelling out expensive editing systems.

Premiere Pro requires significant processing power and disk space to run at optimal performance, especially for edits rendered at 4K resolution.

iMovie is an intuitive video editing platform ideal for beginners, yet it does not compare favorably with more sophisticated programs such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Still, its user-friendly design enables it to do many of the same things, such as creating YouTube thumbnails and adding subtitles that more expensive programs do – creating YouTube thumbnails or subtitling footage are two core capabilities within iMovie that rival those found elsewhere.

Using a tripod or monopod is strongly advised to avoid shaking since shaky footage is one of the leading reasons viewers click the back button. Furthermore, consider investing in an image stabilization lens or camera, as this could also help mitigate viewer discomfort.

Final Cut Pro

YouTubers often need to edit multiple videos in a short period, requiring fast, reliable software capable of handling large files quickly. Luckily, many different video editing software options meet these requirements; popular choices include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

iMovie is a basic video editor preinstalled on Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones that provides users with an easy way to start creating videos without breaking the bank. While lacking many more advanced features than other video editors, iMovie is ideal for new YouTubers who wish to produce professional-quality content without spending too much money.

Many YouTubers who begin using iMovie progress to more advanced programs as they develop the skills to produce higher-quality videos. One such popular choice is Adobe Premiere Pro, whose range of features makes it suitable for YouTubers looking to take their video production skills further. These include intuitive timeline editing tools, customizable presets, and built-in effects allowing beginners to produce stunning visuals quickly and effortlessly.

DaVinci Resolve is an ideal video editor for more advanced YouTubers who produce high-quality content, offering color grading and correction, multi-camera support, unique effect transitions, and particular transitions for special effects transitions. Furthermore, this program supports 4K resolutions. Although more expensive than some of its counterparts on this list, its price covers updates and support services over its lifetime of ownership.


Top YouTubers typically rely on professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to edit videos, offering advanced features in an intuitive, clean user interface ideal for video editing. Unfortunately, not everyone is a filmmaker; even top YouTubers often edit their videos using less costly programs; therefore, we have included budget-friendly options in our buying guide.

Cyberlink PowerDirector offers an easy-to-use interface and advanced editing tools, making it the ideal YouTube video editor for beginners. With visual effects, an extensive royalty-free music library, video overlays, and support for various file formats – including 4K – PowerDirector can give your videos their unique look and also speeds up the editing process thanks to Storyboard Mode that organizes clips in an organized timeline before beginning editing.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is another mid-market option, providing a full suite of editing tools within an intuitive user interface that makes learning simple for newcomers. It features high-quality image stabilization to smooth out shaky footage w, while its selection of creative effects and LUTs provide your videos with unique looks.

Filmora is an efficient and economical editing program with easy-to-use techniques at an attractive price, featuring object tracking and voice-to-text tools to produce professional-looking videos. Plus, Filmora provides various file formats, time-lapse tools, timer-off, etc., and image stabilizers!

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