How to Promote Your Instagram Campaigns

Instagram campaigns can help your company meet its marketing objectives, whether building brand recognition or increasing sales. However, for these initiatives to have maximum effect, they should be promoted across all your channels to achieve maximum reach. Guide to buy instagram followers.

Clothing company Aerie promotes its Instagram campaign on its website to expand exposure and track the performance of posts made via this medium.

Know Your Audience

Instagram is one of many smartphone applications young people use to share photos, follow influencers, learn about new trends, and connect with friends. They use it for sharing filtered images, following influencers, discovering trends, and bonding.

Users can choose between viewing photos and videos from their main feed and a separate feed for their favorite accounts, with Instagram’s algorithm sorting posts to meet users’ preferences best.

Users can mute accounts or set time limits on their feed, mute accounts, or limit posts from particular accounts. While understanding the platform’s algorithm is essential, targeting engagement through tactics such as getting followers to tag friends – expanding a post’s reach while encouraging further interaction – can be equally effective.

Build a Landing Page

Instagram only allows one clickable link in its bio, so creating a landing page can be an excellent way to drive traffic from social media to your website and other pages. Smartwool uses one such landing page to promote store locators links, blog content updates, and new product offerings.

The landing page features a straightforward design that makes lead generation successful but could benefit from stronger call-to-action and less text.

SeedProd’s user-friendly page builder makes creating beautiful landing pages for Instagram campaigns simpler than ever by enabling you to add content blocks simply by dragging from the left menu into your page preview area. With SeedProd, this process becomes effortless, allowing for the effortless creation of beautiful landing pages!

Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag for your campaign is an effective way of gathering user-generated content and driving more visitors back to your website.

Selecting an original and engaging hashtag is integral to the success of any campaign. Choose one that represents what you hope your campaign stands for and evokes an emotional response in people.

Be mindful when using ambiguous hashtags, as readers may misunderstand and misread these. For example, using #NowThatchersDead could be misread as a reference to Margaret Thatcher’s death.

Consider your audience and the content they will most likely share.

Ask Questions

Utilizing Instagram Stories’ Questions sticker in Story posts encourages followers to engage with your content and interact with you directly, which has proven particularly popular among influencers who often post responses on their Stories as responses to their queries.

Instagram Stories provide an easy and effective way to gather feedback on a product or service and build customer loyalty while collecting real-time data about what matters to your target audience.

An example could be for a local coffee shop to solicit feedback from their audience and determine their favorite summer beverage to stock up on those products as requested and demonstrate that the business is listening and engaged.

Run a Takeover

Make an impactful statement about your company or product by having one of your community members, customers, or ambassadors take over Instagram! It can build brand recognition among new followers and offer them a different viewpoint of its offerings and capabilities.

Ensure you and the guest advertise the takeover on various social media accounts; this will draw more attention to the event while increasing key metrics, like engagement.

As you take over an account, closely monitor comments and interact with followers as often as possible. Consider using Planable as it makes the process smoother for both parties allowing content approval beforehand for an effortless experience.

Run a Contest

Instagram contests are an engaging way to engage your followers and grow your following while offering prizes like products, gift cards, free services, shoutouts, and VIP experiences.

Tag-a-Friend contests encourage participants to share your content with their networks, increasing participation and entries while introducing your brand and products/services to new customers.

Like-to Win contests are another popular type of Instagram giveaway campaign. Users need only an individual post to enter, and a random winner is selected randomly.

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