The Best Quality of Life Countries 2021

The quality of life in various countries is rated according to several factors. In 2021, Finland ranked top, followed by Denmark and Norway. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden rounded out the top seven. Syria, on the other hand, finished last. Despite these findings, these countries offer a relatively high quality of life and are eco-friendly.

Norway is the best country to live in

Norway ranks highly in terms of quality of life. The country offers free healthcare and higher education. It also has a low level of racism. However, despite its low level of racism, ex-pats may find it challenging to fit into the local culture. Moreover, many ex-pats report that locals are unfriendly and find it hard to make friends.

Denmark is the safest city in the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark, has been named the safest city in the world in a new study. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Copenhagen scored an impressive 82.4 out of 100 on its overall safety index. This made Copenhagen leap from joint eighth place in 2019 to the top spot. The city also had good scores in personal security and environmental security.

Iceland is a green-forward country.

Iceland’s winters are brutal, limiting outdoor activities and causing an increase in antidepressant use. The cold climate also hampers farming and recreational activities. But despite this, Iceland is home to 2.4 million visitors annually, with plenty of space, geothermal heat, and volcanic soil. As a result, its government has taken action to rebalance the market, introducing several reforms.

Finland is the happiest country in the world.

In the latest World Happiness Report, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world. The ranking considers people’s assessments of happiness, as well as economic and social data. The study assigns happiness scores of zero to ten based on average data from the previous three years. While Scandinavia and Northern Europe dominated the top five spots, countries like the United States and Israel also made the top 10.

Canada is an excellent place to live.

Canada has a high standard of living and is an attractive place for immigrants. The country offers free health care for permanent residents, free public secondary education, and a high degree of public safety. There is also high quality of life, with a low crime rate and air pollution. In addition, Canada has an open immigration policy, which means that immigrants can come to the country and live anywhere they want.

Sweden is an excellent place to live.

Sweden is known for its high quality of life and healthcare. This Scandinavian country also boasts free education and a robust welfare system. The country’s social model prioritizes equality and freedom. It also has excellent working conditions, including a mandatory five weeks vacation, and encourages entrepreneurs. The country has a low violent crime rate and ranks highly for overall health.

Switzerland is an excellent place to live.

If you’re looking for a better place to live, you might want to consider Switzerland. This country has a relaxed political climate and is neutral in global affairs. It also has a low Gini coefficient, which measures income inequality. The country’s figure is 0.299, which is much lower than the average for European countries. This is one of the reasons why the country is so attractive to expatriates.

New Zealand is an excellent place to live.

In 2023, New Zealand is expected to have a healthy growth rate, and the economy is expected to remain stable. The country is home to a diverse range of small towns and beautiful landscapes, and it has a healthy work-life balance. Its subsidized healthcare system also makes it an appealing option. In addition, unlike many other countries, New Zealand has a small population and a wide range of housing options.