The Best Healthy Food Near Aligarh

If you are looking for a healthy food option near Aligarh, you have come to the right place. So many options serve delicious and healthy food. These include Flamoak Cafe, Al Baik Express, Master Cafe and Barbeque, and Sher E Punjab Restaurant.

Al Baik Express

If you’re in the neighborhood looking for some fast food options, consider Al Baik Express. It’s not related to the Middle Eastern chain Al Baik, but you’ll love their chicken, which is much cheaper than KFC. They’re best known for their Crispy Chicken Zinger burgers, which come with various dips and chili garlic sauce. The best part is that the food is very fresh and very cheap.

Another great place to try in Aligarh is Ganpat’s Aloo Tikki, fried in desi ghee. It’s a popular local spot for fast food. You can also try their other dishes, such as broasted chicken.

Flamoak Cafe

If you’re looking for a healthy lunch or dinner option near Aligarh, then Flamoak Cafe is the place to go. This cafe offers popular foods and excellent coffee in a relaxed and intimate environment. The prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent.

For those looking for non-vegetarian options near Aligarh, there are many restaurants to choose from. Aligarh is a nawab city in Uttar Pradesh and is home to the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University. It is also known for its food and is well connected by rail to the national capital, Delhi. Aligarh has numerous eateries that serve healthy foods in upscale settings.

Master cafe and Barbeque

If you’re looking for a healthy food outlet in Aligarh, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does this restaurant serve excellent chicken and tasty tea, but it also has a relaxed ambiance. The atmosphere is so inviting that more people keep coming back for more.

Sher E Punjab Restaurant

Sher-E-Punjab is the perfect option for those who want to eat fast and healthy food near Aligarh. There are many locations in the city, and you can find a fantastic selection of foods at affordable prices. You can choose from chicken rolls, shawarma, and various other items. The restaurant has a friendly staff that can help you decide which item to order.

Sher-E-Punjab serves Punjabi and South Indian cuisine. The restaurant is popular with Aligarh residents and has a solid following. Its specialty is its tasty, well-prepared shawarma. The location is famous for students, but the menu is also affordable for those on a budget.

Milk Bar Studio

Located near Aligarh city, Milk Bar Studio offers healthy food and live music in the evening. The service at this restaurant is prompt, and the decor is lovely. People can visit the Milk Bar Studio all year round. Its friendly atmosphere and fine decor sure make them feel welcomed and comfortable. So whether you’re visiting Aligarh for business or pleasure, this restaurant has what you’re looking for.