The Best Everlane Jeans

Everlane jeans are some of the softest, stretchiest jeans on the market, hugging every curve. They are made of the same material as other designer jeans but are designed to feel more “cloth-like” than structured. The fit is comfortable and flattering, with a high rise and button fly. The back pockets are smaller and placed higher on the booty than regular jeans, making them super positive.

Curvy Way-High Jean

The Curvy Way-High Jean is a women’s jean designed for hourglass shapes. This pair of sculpting jeans features a contour waistband that fits perfectly around your curves. They’re made of premium organic cotton with a touch of stretch.

This jean features the highest rise of any jean from Everlane. It accentuates your actual waist and gives legs that last forever. It’s premium organic cotton fabric has a vintage feel and molds to your body.

’90s Slouch Jean

The ’90s Slouch Jean by Everline is a great way to wear organic cotton denim while keeping it stylish and comfortable. This slouchy style is made of non-stretch organic cotton denim with a straight leg and a relaxed fit. It is also eco-friendly and is made from recycled cotton and a sustainable wood pulp blend.

The ’90s Slouch Jean by Ever Lane is the perfect pair of jeans for a fun summertime trip. It features an uncanny high rise and a raised back hook seam that lifts and tightens the fit at the rear. It also features Happy Pockets that are higher and closer together than usual for a more flattering fit.

Baggy Jean

The Everlane Baggy Jean is an eco-conscious option for your everyday wardrobe. Made of organic cotton and TENCEL(tm) Lyocell, this denim is made with minimal water and chemical usage. The cotton used to make the jeans is upcycled, and the TENCEL fiber is made from sustainably sourced and FSC-certified wood pulp.

The baggy look has been around for several decades. In the 1980s, the first baggie jeans were worn by hip-hop artists to facilitate breakdancing. In the 1990s, they became even baggier and set themselves apart from the skin-tight acid wash drainpipe jeans worn by metalheads. They continue to be worn today by the rave and gangsta rap subcultures. In the 2020s, the baggy look is back. The fashion trend has come back, whether it’s because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Original Cheeky Jean

The Everlane Original Cheeky Jean is made from the same material as the classic ’90s Cheeky Jean. It is 100% cotton with a hint of stretch. The ’90s version features a looser fit and button fly, while the original has a zipper fly.

The ’90s-inspired style is cut for an hourglass figure. The raised back hook seam lifts and tightens the rear fit. These jeans also feature Happy Pockets, which are set higher than usual and closer together for a more comfortable fit.

Rigid Way-High Jean

The Everlane Rigid Way-High Jean is a denim pair with a vintage-inspired look and feel. Made of premium organic cotton, this style accentuates your actual waist while giving you legs for days. In addition, it holds you in and molds your body over time.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the Rigid Way-High Jean has a medium weight that is rigid-ish and has just a touch of stretch. They sit just above the belly button, and the fit is tight and flattering. While the fit is not overly stretchy, the jeans won’t shrink or stretch. This may make them less comfortable, but they will last long without fading or warping.

High Front Skinny Jean

The high-rise Way-High Skinny Jean is a super-soft blend of organic cotton and ECOVERO. It has a stretchy legging-like feel and a bold denim look. ECOVERO is a new fabric that adds stretch to denim while giving it a super-soft feel. It is the perfect denim alternative for activewear.

This denim pair is both comfortable and eco-friendly and made of 60% Organic Cotton and 40% TENCEL(tm) Lyocell. Organic cotton requires less water and fewer chemicals in production, and TENCEL(tm) Lyocell fiber is 100% bio-based and derived from upcycled cotton and sustainably sourced wood pulp.