Sims Freeplay House Ideas

Build the home of your Sims’ dreams using these easy-to-read floor plans! There is something here for every taste – from more miniature 20×15 lot blueprints up to 50×50 mansion builds.

Reading rooms are an effective way to show your townies just how civilized you are with an impressive collection of books and remarkable ways to read them. A typical reading room typically includes a bookcase, comfortable seating arrangements, and sophisticated decor.

Sun Room

Sunrooms bring the outdoors in with large windows and seating areas that provide natural lighting. While Sims may not spend too much time here, they create an additional aesthetic feature and a great place for social gatherings.

If your Sim would like a luxurious start to their day, they can use a powder room. This unique space for women allows them to get ready and look glamorous before embarking on their daily adventures. Bathe and take care of business in the bathroom before moving onto this particular area where they can beautify themselves using mirrors and decor items.

This two-story home features one bedroom and bathroom per floor, plus a studio that could serve as an office or guest room. The kitchen, dining area, and living space all sit within an open-concept main living area for easy access to everything necessary in life. Ideal for small Sim families!


A foyer can add an impressive element to any house without costing too much to build one. Use an interior side room of the front door as the basis for creating one and fill it with decorative items ranging from family portraits and impressive sculptures, catch-alls, or catch-all bins to create one!

This house idea includes a beautiful foyer in the front of the home that leads to the basement. This helps keep things organized in your home as Sims can access it from any room in the house and add extra storage space! Plus, this easy house layout can be followed by anyone.

Living Room

This Sims 4 house layout is ideal for families, featuring plenty of living space and bedrooms as well as an incredible view from its top floor. Downloading it from the Sims 4 website, this Sims Freeplay house plan can easily fit into any neighborhood with minimal effort!

This reading room is ideal for the civilized sim who appreciates books and classy decor. Bookcases are lined with books, while there is also a comfortable chair and fireplace for added ambiance – this makes this the ultimate place for relaxation and unwinding!

Your Sims can host an unforgettable party in this contemporary home! The floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of natural light, its open concept makes entertaining easy, and its modern kitchen will surely impress any guests who visit – making this house ideal for family life with children!

Dining Room

This dark dining room is an ideal setting for any Sim who appreciates a delicious meal, featuring tables and chairs to accommodate several Sims, a large window and fireplace – as well as everything being haunted – windows, doors, and furniture alike! Furthermore, there are even graves strewn about in the backyard, alongside several creepy chains to provide extra spookiness!

This home provides plenty of space for a growing family, featuring bedrooms and bathrooms on each floor and a studio that could serve as either a playroom or office space. All for just $73,881.

If your Sim has aspirations for luxury living, this penthouse may be ideal. Boasting four bedrooms and bathrooms on each level, as well as a lush backyard and swimming pool – this house will surely impress friends and family!


The residence is your Sim’s home base in The Sims FreePlay and serves as their center for eating, sleeping, playing, gardening, learning, and practicing their hobbies. Sims may clear lots and build custom houses on them or purchase theme homes with Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, or Social Points to call their own.

Your Sim can show their well-read skills to other townies with this elegant reading room featuring bookshelves and classy decor. Perfect for sipping cocktails while reading The New Yorker or any other magazine! Impress their friends with this sophisticated set-up for only $63,000 without needing a credit card! No CC is required.


If you want to create a bedroom in your Sims freeplay house, Build Mode (by clicking the icon in the top right or pressing B on your keyboard in Live Mode) allows you to do just that. Here, you can add flooring, walls, and doors before moving on to furnishings – an effective way to personalize your Sims Freeplay home ideas!

If your Sims tend to be vain, provide them with a vanity in their room so they can look their best when leaving their bed each day. These vanity options can either be purchased from stores or created yourself using the Crafting Table; additionally, you’ll require mirrors, stool/chair seating options, and decorative pieces for best results.

If your Sims like being pampered, give them a powder room as part of their house. This separate space from the bathroom serves as an area where they can get ready in the morning – you could decorate this space with sinks, mirrors, and other decor items to make it an inviting space.

Build your dream house on Sims 4 without breaking the bank with free construction blueprint software! These programs make creating detailed blueprints a breeze without incurring professional service costs – an invaluable resource for anyone attempting to design a home for themselves or their family.