Enter a Fantasy World of Unicorns and Rainbows With a Combo Bounce House

Enter a magical world of unicorns and rainbows with this mesmerizing combo bounce house designed for princess parties. Complete with an entrance ramp and mesh windows for optimal safety and supervision, this inflatable will transport guests into a magical realm!

Children will love jumping and playing in the spacious bouncing area, racing down the two-lane slide, and splashing in the pool at the bottom. The unicorn theme transcends gender stereotypes to provide entertainment to all.


Are You Planning a Unicorn Birthday Party? A unicorn bounce house is a fantastic way to bring the magical party theme alive while providing hours of entertainment to young guests! Plus, it helps encourage physical activity among children while keeping them active!

A 3-D unicorn image on the front of this inflatable clearly makes it evident that this bounce house stands out from the competition. It will set the perfect atmosphere and set the scene for any princess-themed party from the moment your guests enter your backyard. Plus, its colorful pink and purple marbled pattern coordinates beautifully with other party favors, plates, cups, or decorations!

Your partygoers will love the spacious bounce area, which provides ample room for jumping and tumbling. Meanwhile, the double-lane slide offers a thrilling ride down to race or explore solo adventures. Plus, on those scorching Miami days when temperatures hit 80+, this unicorn-themed bounce house can transform into an aquatic playground by simply attaching a garden hose.

The unicorn is an ancient legend, depicted as a white horse with one pointed, spiraling horn on its forehead. It is no surprise, then, that this beloved creature has become such a precious symbol at children’s birthday parties and other special events, drawing in guests with its allure. Our life-sized unicorn statue will surely delight your guests!

Though many believe unicorns to be legendary beings, recent research from scientists has disproved this mythical notion. According to one new study, unicorns actually did exist – though not in their classic form with magical horns and beautiful horses. According to another new research paper published in Scientific Reports: Unicorns Evolved from a Type of Rhinoceros That Lived 29,000 Years Ago in Pavlodar Region Kazakhstan, skull fossils found at this location resemble unicorns with prominent horned heads horned features similar in appearance.

A unicorn-shaped bounce house is ideal for any child’s dream party. The unique shape will engage guests’ imaginations and give them an experience they’ll remember fondly for years. Plus, its 3-D unicorn will set the perfect atmosphere at any unicorn-themed celebration!

Rainbows & Flying Unicorns

Unicorns are beloved creatures known for their affinity with rainbows and the colors they symbolize, so it only seems fitting that this magical unicorn bounce house features an impressive rainbow-colored slide! Perfect for children of all ages and gatherings alike, this inflatable wonderland will add magic and energy-burning activity for parties or groups of any sort!

This unicorn bouncy castle welcomes visitors into its kingdom with an enormous three-dimensional unicorn, complete with wings and horns, greeting guests as they enter. Additionally, there are netted windows on all four sides to allow supervising adults to monitor all participants at any time while allowing plenty of natural light into the bounce house to prevent overheating.

This unicorn bounce house offers something for all ages to enjoy: a slide, basketball hoop, and plenty of room for jumping. Kids will especially love sliding down its wavy and curvy path – even making it wet for added thrills! Additionally, there is ample room on either side for climbing and exploring purposes.

This inflatable bounce house combo is made of safe and robust vinyl that’s easy to maintain and clean, featuring a commercial-grade blower to ensure it can entertain multiple children at the same time. Plus, it comes complete with a manufacturer’s warranty to give parents peace of mind!

Interested in renting out a unicorn bounce house as the centerpiece of your next big event? Look no further than this striking pink and purple unicorn-shaped combo from Jumpin’ Jetty Bouncy Castles! Designed for any unicorn-themed party, this inflatable castle will impress all your guests and be an impressive attraction at any unicorn-themed celebration. Plus, any child who loves unicorns will surely make their birthday celebration genuinely unforgettable.

Parents must remember that children will always be children and will eventually move beyond the unicorn phase, just like they outgrew the Barbies, princesses, and cars phases. While they still may enjoy these things as they age, we should hope, as adults; that we don’t impose gender stereotypes upon them or assign value judgments that deprive their interests of significance.

Rainbows & Unicorns Water Slide

Rainbows and unicorns go hand in hand, so this bouncy castle brings their magical pairing to the next level by adding an impressive 15-foot unicorn single-lane water slide! Sure to dazzle any children attending your event and add an element of surprise that is sure to put an exclamation point on any celebration, this magical water slide will be sure to add that extra wow factor required for any memorable celebration.

Children and their parents alike will appreciate the enchantment of this inflatable, which is sure to spark imaginations and bring smiles. Perfect for adding magical, fairytale fun to birthday parties or other girly events!

This magical bounce house showcases two charming unicorns living in their natural habitat amidst rainbows, stars, and clouds. Adorned in vibrant hues reminiscent of most unicorn-themed parties, they stand in a colorful rainbow pool, which creates an impressive scene for your guests to appreciate.

Unicorns and rainbows decorate this inflatable, making it the ideal addition to any girl’s unicorn-themed party. Its large dual-slide and pool combo will ensure everyone has fun bouncing around and taking photos for their scrapbooks!

Designed with safety in mind, the Unicorn Bounce House features an entrance step that doubles as a net to protect kids from jumping too high and getting hurt. There are also netted windows along the sides of the castle for ventilation purposes and to enable parents to keep an eye on their kids at all times.

Unicorns have long been seen as symbols of beauty and grace, making them the perfect subject matter for a bounce house. This unicorn jump house stands out among others due to its charming pink and purple designs as well as its striking unicorn motif on its castle facade. Perfect for any unicorn-themed party or birthday celebrations – your little princess’s birthday will indeed become one to remember with such an exciting feature in their celebrations!

The 15-foot unicorn single-lane water slides are sure to bring smiles of delight as kids of any age take the plunge into the magical pool at their next party or event! Perfect for birthday parties and other girl-focused celebrations.

Rainbows & Unicorns Bounce House

Unicorns and rainbows make the ideal background for any bounce house, but what sets a unicorn bounce house apart from others is the magical elements woven into its design and layout. Many of the best unicorn bounce houses feature magical castles topped with rainbows – perfect for fairy tale and princess parties, where children can enter an imaginary world where dreams become reality! This type of bounce house also brings children closer to making their wishes come true!

Another fantastic aspect of this type of bounce house is that it is constructed out of durable vinyl material, which ensures it is safe even for active children. Furthermore, its large netted window allows parents to keep an eye on how their children are jumping. What’s more, this multipurpose bounce house can be used wet or dry, making it an excellent addition to any event or special occasion!

There is an assortment of unicorn bounce houses to choose from when selecting the appropriate unicorn inflatable for your child’s birthday party. Consider guests, age range, and other considerations before choosing an inflatable unicorn house; make sure the size of your backyard and whether this will be used indoors or outdoors are also taken into account when making this decision.

Inflatables make an ideal addition to any child’s birthday party, but especially for little girls’ celebrations. Girls enjoy jumping and playing together on an inflatable castle; furthermore, unicorns and rainbows add even more fun!

While rainbows and unicorns don’t qualify as specific phobias, some individuals may have an aversion to them or find them uncomfortable, especially those who are colorblind or have other sensitivities. However, this sensitivity is relatively common among colorblind individuals or those who suffer from different sensitivities. Fear of rainbows or unicorns should not prevent children from enjoying bounce houses. If this concerns you, please speak to your pediatrician, who can recommend a suitable inflatable.