Santic Cycling Shorts Review

The best cycling shorts will offer comfort, moisture management, and durability. These are essential factors for long rides, races, and competitive riding.

The chamois is the key to comfort, and most premium brands will offer a generously padded version. It’s also essential to make sure the fabric and padding are well-suited to your body shape and type of ride.


Comfort is paramount when it comes to cycling shorts. The right-fitting bib shorts can mean the difference between a comfortable ride and one that faffs you out of your stride.

There are a few things to consider when buying the best pair of bib shorts for you, starting with the pad. The chamois is a critical part of the riding kit, and manufacturers are now producing a wide range of places for different riders, with shapes to suit specific anatomies.

The thickness of the pad is also variable, so it’s essential to find a pair with the right amount of padding for you. This is especially true if you want extra support for an endurance ride or race.

Another feature worth noting is the pocket design; many shorts now have a range of pockets to hold all your essentials, from a giant smartphone to gels and spare inner tubes. Some have reflective tabs to improve visibility at night, and some even come with a race radio pocket to help you keep in contact with your team.


Having breathable short that moves moisture away from your skin is essential. Leaving your body in sweaty, damp clothing means you’ll get friction burns, wet skin will blister, and bacteria can grow.

Breathability is particularly crucial for cycling shorts as they’re designed to be worn direct to the skin. This allows them to wick sweat away and regulate the temperature of your skin.

Santic’s women’s cycling shorts are designed for long rides and are made from lightweight technical fabrics that provide insulation and breathability. They feature a high-density pad that provides 1-3 hours of comfortable riding experience, elastic bib straps, and an elastic anti-slip band on the leg hems for a secure fit.

The shorts also feature 4D Cool Max cushion technology that reduces chafing and saddle sores while 38 vents keep you cool and dry. Silicone leg grippers hold the shorts in place without rubbing your legs, and reflective prints make you safer at night.


Durability is essential for any cycling gear, significantly when investing in a pair of shorts that will be worn regularly. A good pair of shorts will have strong stitching that will stand up to wear and wash over time, as well as a durable material that is made to withstand the stresses of a hard ride.

The chamois is a critical component of any pair of cycling shorts, and it’s one that you should never go without if you want to improve your comfort and performance on the bike. It adds padding to your ride and wicks sweat away from your body to prevent irritation and to chafe on sensitive areas.

A high-quality chamois will be made of several layers of foam designed to reduce friction and offer a wealth of support where it counts. It should also wick moisture away from the skin, which helps reduce bacteria build-up and dreaded saddle sores.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to cycling bib shorts. Some are excellent quality, while others are budget options that offer basic functionality at a very affordable price point.

For those looking to get their first pair of bib shorts at a reasonable price, the Santic Asgar is an excellent option. They have a superb club fit with wide straps that prevent pressure points.

The 4D padding in the seat is impressive – this type of pad provides more support to the hips and shoulders, which can be helpful for long rides where you may experience soreness or other saddle-induced niggles. These shorts also feature silicone leg grippers for a secure hold and reflectors to ensure safety on the bike in low light.

These cycling shorts are made of INVISTA COOLMAX fabric, suitable for 300km middle-distance riding (more than 4 hours). A wide waistband spreads pressure evenly across the stomach to prevent discomfort, and an elastic band hem can comfortably close the leg ends.