Panda Express Reviews – How to Stand Out in an Interview for a Job at Panda Express

Panda Express reviews are often quite revealing, and the company needs to take heed of the feedback received. This includes employee reviews, salaries, work environment and most popular menu items. But it’s not always so straightforward. Here are a few tips to make the restaurant more successful. Read on for more details. And remember: the best way to increase sales is not by lowering prices or cutting corners. Instead, Panda should focus on promoting from within and focusing on a strong learning centre.

Employee reviews

Employees are pleased with their pay and benefits at Panda Express; overall, the company is a great place to work. On the other hand, the management is less than hospitable, and the company culture consists of micromanagement and hypocrisy. The company is a good place for those who want to work in a friendly, fun atmosphere, but its environment is not for everyone. Its culture rewards red shirts over black ones, which isn’t easy to advance in this company.

To apply for a position at Panda Express, prepare for an interview. You will be asked to answer questions and present your credentials. The employer is keen on spotting candidates with a passion for their jobs. A good way to show this is by bringing your resume and references to your interview. In addition, you should ask the interviewer about the work culture and how it matches your goals. If they like your work ethic, you will be hired.

Many Panda Express employees say learning to use the codes is a good way to relieve work stress. Employees responsible for serving customers should also watch their customers, as they can sometimes be quite frustrated with them. Employees should also avoid being lazy in moments of downtime. The company also encourages employees to stay on top of their work. Lastly, the boss should be around to help their team members if they feel down.

A Panda Express employee review will give you an in-depth look at the work culture. Some employees have written about their experiences in this organization. Others have praised their colleagues for their friendly work attitude. You can also learn about the company’s corporate values by reading employee reviews. When you’re ready to apply, you can contact a Panda Express store manager for an application. You’ll soon have a job worth pursuing if your interview goes well.


The salaries at Panda Express are competitive, and the company offers a variety of benefits for its employees. These benefits are not only for permanent employees but also for hourly workers. This makes both types of employees feel equal and appreciated. It also encourages employees to work hard and maintain a positive attitude. The working hours at Panda Express are also a factor to consider. The company does not want its employees to work long hours without getting some rest. Overworked employees are less productive.

Depending on the job title and location, the Panda Express salary ranges from $26 to $35 per hour. Panda Express salaries are based on experience and education and are affected by geography, skills, and the specific job description. For example, a manager will earn more than a cashier, and a customer service associate may make less than a cashier. If you work in sales or marketing, the average salary at Panda Express is $26.25 per hour.

Those with experience in management will find their ideal position as regional directors. This role requires high leadership skills, knowledge of the fast-food industry, and administrative expertise. These roles also require the ability to oversee the company’s human resources and a background in accounting and management. A college degree and a good understanding of the fast-food industry are recommended. Panda Express Salaries for this role are typical $75,000 annually.

While wages at Panda Express may not be competitive with those in other restaurants, these salaries are above average. According to salary research by, a manager at Panda Express earns an average of $54,598 a year, based on a collection of 245 data points, including past job ads. As an assistant manager, you could earn as much as $14,700 a year. In addition to the base salary and overtime, you could also expect an annual bonus of $2,500 to $5,000.

Work environment

If you are interested in working for a Chinese restaurant, consider applying for a position at Panda Express. If you have a passion for Chinese food and the fast pace of a fast-paced environment, you may enjoy this fast-food chain’s work environment and culture. The work environment at Panda Express is similar to that of other fast-food chains, and you can find various jobs at this brand. Below, you will find a few tips on how to stand out when interviewing at this company.

If you have excellent interpersonal skills and are looking for a fun work environment, you may want to consider working at Panda Express. The employees are friendly and helpful, and you will have lots of flexibility in your schedule. However, you should expect to work overtime, which is part of the job description. You will ensure that the food is prepared fresh and hygienic. As a result, you should be physically fit and commit to the food and the company’s culture.

A company’s culture defines its personality and can affect the work environment and motivate employees. Panda Express is an excellent example of a company that has created a positive culture by valuing its employees and providing opportunities to advance in the company. It also emphasizes employee health and wellness with a “whole person” approach to employee health. Its culture is a major reason the company has a strong team and keeps its employees happy.

The company offers many career opportunities, from entry-level positions to full-time roles. As an employee, you must work quickly, serve customers, and keep a clean, orderly kitchen. The work environment at Panda Express can be stressful, but it’s also a great place to develop important skills. You should have a strong work ethic and the ability to remain focused under pressure. You will have a lot of fun while working at this company!

Popular menu items

There are various dishes on the popular menu at Panda Express. These include the famous orange chicken. While it might not be the best dish, it is certainly one of the most popular. The orange chicken is a crispy chicken tossed in an orange-flavoured sauce and served without any vegetables. Although you cannot order this as a stand-alone meal, you can order it with a selection of side dishes.

Whether you’re craving something a little spicy or sweet, you’re sure to find something to please. Beef dishes are also common, and Panda Express does not disappoint. Beijing Beef is one of the best-selling menu items at the restaurant, with beef battered and smothered in a sweet and spicy sauce. The dish is also loaded with vegetables, such as onions, red bell peppers, and red bell peppers.

Whether you’re craving something spicy or milder, you can’t go wrong with any dish at Panda Express. While the orange chicken isn’t particularly healthy, it’s a popular option among Panda Express diners. And while it’s not particularly healthy, it has a subtle hint of heat from the red pepper flakes. And if you’re in the mood for something a little hotter, you can order the crispy almond chicken breast.

The Fried Rice side of the Panda Express menu is another popular item. This dish offers about 500 calories and 900 milligrams of sodium, which is more than twice the recommended daily limit. While there’s no one calorie limit for Fried Rice, it is low in fibre. The mixed vegetables side dish, which has just 80 calories, and contains five grams of fibre and no fat, is a good choice. Luckily, Panda Express also offers a free birthday meal, so there’s no need to skip out on it.

Salary range

The average salary range for a Panda Express employee is $834,107 per year. The salary range for a Regional Director is $61,325 to $78,578 per year. This position is responsible for overseeing operations and implementing marketing and commercial strategies. People with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills are preferred. They should also have an excellent understanding of the fast-food industry. This job requires a college degree. In addition to a college degree, the salary of a Regional Director is $65,000 per year.

Depending on the experience level, Panda Express may also have an opportunity for clerical positions. This includes payroll and property and accounting clerks. Other positions include food and science analysts, project designers, and corporate paralegals. Apply early to find the right job for you! The salary range for each position will vary slightly, but the company provides many benefits. Visit the Panda Express website to learn more about the salary range for different positions.

A Panda Express salary range starts from $15 per hour for an Assistant Store Manager and can go up to $35,250 for a General Manager position. In addition to the base salary, Panda Express offers a range of benefits, including paid time off, insurance, and educational assistance. A full-time job at the company may require a minimum of two years of experience. In addition, some positions require a significant investment in a store’s property, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $400,000.

As a general rule, people seeking employment expect to be paid well. Employers who pay their employees well tend to attract and retain the best talent. As a result, Panda Express can maintain a competitive salary range compared to other companies in the industry. Employees are motivated and ready to work hard toward the company’s goals and enjoy the benefits of working for the company. For employees, this means free health insurance and paid sick leave.