Open Nature Dog Food Review

Open Nature is a premium pet food brand owned and sold exclusively through Safeway stores. Their offerings feature diet-specific options and protein sources to meet specific dietary requirements.

This company sources nutritious but affordable meat and fish ingredients in its recipes and offers an assortment of vegetables and fruit ingredients.


Open Nature pet food line, owned and distributed by Safeway grocery stores in the United States, features both dry and canned dog foods for all life stages and cat food offerings.

Open Nature dog food features ingredients from ethical suppliers and employs chelated minerals that are more easily absorbed than regular mineral supplements to promote your pup’s overall well-being. Furthermore, taurine prevents taurine deficiency, which could potentially harm their health.

These recipes feature an assortment of grains and fruits. Furthermore, the company is committed to using organic and non-GMO ingredients in these dishes, free from gluten, wheat, and corn. Moreover, each meal provides omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals necessary for health.

Open Nature Dog Food contains high-quality ingredients that are free from chemicals and artificial colors, as well as highly digestible proteins, which make this food ideal for sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, its protein-rich composition means this diet provides high energy levels without significantly increasing fat levels.


Open Nature offers a selection of grain-free dog food to meet all life stages and dietary needs, featuring high-quality proteins, nutritious fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, no artificial preservatives or flavors, and no artificial preservatives or flavors. Their food helps provide balanced nutrition while supporting skin and coat health.

The brand’s wet food recipes are minimally processed, using whole, gently-cooked meat ingredients like Beef and chicken; this combination provides plenty of protein and fat for daily needs and includes tasty beef liver, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Open Nature dog food uses ingredients sourced and scrutinized, adhering to stringent quality control standards and being committed to environmentally friendly practices. Their products can be found across Safeway stores nationwide and offer something suitable for every breed and size, unique diet formulas, and limited ingredient formulas. and also comes in freeze-dried form, which retains more nutrition and flavor!


If your dog is overweight, one option might be low-fat food. Be wary when selecting these products, though, as some label them as such when they contain high fat levels. If any doubt arises regarding which food would best meet his nutritional requirements and help him shed excess weight, consult your veterinarian, who can evaluate his needs and devise an individualized diet plan for him.

Open Nature offers diet-specific products tailored to each of their customers’ pets’ individual dietary needs. Their all-natural products come in various sizes and options for cats and dogs; some recipes even boast grain-free! Furthermore, this brand provides products free from 110 common pet care ingredients, such as antibiotics and nitrates, that many owners seek to avoid for their animals.

The company uses sophisticated tracking systems to monitor each batch from its source to distribution, with third-party testing used as an additional safeguard against quality and safety issues. Their dedication to these protocols gives pet parents confidence that their furry family member receives only top-quality food products.

No artificial colors or flavors

Open-nature dog food offers many of the same health benefits to dogs with allergies or sensitivities without artificial colors and flavors. Furthermore, open nature brands often provide more protein to enhance your pup’s well-being; their recipes use whole, gently cooked ingredients that support digestion health. While available nature brands may cost more, their investment will undoubtedly pay dividends!

Foods you can find organic products can often be found at local grocery stores. Before making your selection, be sure to research all available options, taking note of cost, nutritional value, and ingredients.

Menhaden fish meal provides significant carbohydrates. Because these ingredients may lead to weight gain and obesity in some pets, portion sizes must be controlled appropriately. You can find an Open Nature food suitable for your pet by following the feeding guidelines on its packaging.

No preservatives

Open Nature dog food is free from artificial preservatives and other chemicals, making it the perfect option for sensitive dogs. Furthermore, this brand boasts a high protein content with minimal carbohydrates to promote pet digestion health. Manufacturing processes adhere to stringent quality control standards to ensure maximum quality production processes and procurement practices.

Open Nature provides various diet-specific varieties designed to meet different dietary needs for puppies, seniors, and grain-free diets. Furthermore, Open Nature prioritizes natural ingredients by offering organic options as part of its product selection for pet owners.

This dry food for small dogs contains cage-free chicken and pasture-raised lamb as primary protein sources, non-GMO fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cranberries, and kale for optimal digestion and reduced odor, Yucca Schidigera extract to aid with digestion, plus an assortment of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids along with prebiotic fibers – perfect for all your small pet needs!

Food produced in the US with various meats and grains that are low-glycemic is designed with menhaden fish meal as an extra source of fish-based proteins to aid bone health. The recipes also feature additional features to promote overall well-being, including healthy doses of phosphorus and calcium for improved bone health, and contain ample phosphorus and calcium to encourage its use as medicine.