Farmina N&D Cat Food Review

Farmina’s N&D cat food comprises premium-quality meat, vegetables, and fruits and is low-glycemic and vitamin-enriched for optimal feline nutrition. Additionally, this option may help cats suffering from urinary tract issues.

This dish starts with fresh boneless chicken. While chicken is an excellent protein source, its high water content means it dehydrates significantly during this recipe and loses weight.


N&D Natural and Delicious Grain Free Wild Boar & Apple Recipe Dry Cat Food is suitable for cats with food sensitivities as it does not contain cereal grains. Instead, this kibble formula offers an excellent combination of animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, including pumpkin, which helps with constipation or hairball-prone cats. Furthermore, this kibble is twin-extruded and vacuum-coated to maximize nutrient retention.

N and D’s Herring & Orange Recipe is another high-protein, grain-free food explicitly designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats. Chicken is the primary protein source, while herring and dehydrated herring comprise additional sources. With moderate carb content and emphasis on species-appropriate fats, this food ensures optimal performance from both species!

This canned food utilizes an innovative single-step cooking process that gently steams all raw ingredients inside a can for an improved and tastier result than traditional canning methods. Components in this can include lamb, herring oil, quinoa seeds, artichoke, and fennel; there are no artificial preservatives, and only non-GMO ingredients are used; its low glycemic index makes this ideal for weight management and contains no grains, soy, or potato products!


For optimal care of diabetic cats, dry cat food with high protein and low carbohydrates should be the ideal diet. This ensures energy is released slowly throughout the day, avoiding sudden spikes and drops. Furthermore, it will keep weight under control.

Search for recipes with meat listed as the primary ingredient and steer clear of foods with wheat, corn, or other grains with a high glycemic index, which may increase blood sugar levels in diabetic cats.

Wellness CORE grain-free formulas offer an ideal low-glycemic option. Their products contain animal proteins like deboned turkey and chicken, poultry meal, and whitefish meal while emphasizing animal fats instead of plant oils.

Orijen dry foods offer another excellent choice, featuring natural raw ingredients derived from whole prey with low glycemic index ratings to provide balanced nutrition to cats of all ages and stages. Their nutritionists and veterinarians develop formulas with premium global ingredients and clinically proven antioxidants for enhanced immune support.

High in protein

N&D Foods offers foods high in protein and low glycemic. Their products are free from grains and cereals and feature natural preservatives; many contain premium animal ingredients. N&D offers both dry and canned options under this brand name.

Chicken is an excellent source of both protein and fat for cats. This recipe also uses dehydrated chicken as an effective way of increasing meat in this recipe. Herring provides another good source of protein but should not be the primary protein source – due to dioxin and PCB contamination; herring may not be ideal as an animal protein source.

Other proteins in this food include chicken fat and herring oil, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that may help improve skin and coat health. Furthermore, it provides essential phosphorus for bone development without the presence of potatoes, gluten, soya beans, or corn preservatives.

Good for skin and coat

Farmina N&D pet foods are tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of felines. Their products are free from gluten and grain, made with high-quality animal ingredients that promote skin and coat health, natural antioxidant sources, and no chemical preservatives and colors; they are available in wet and dry varieties to meet every feline companion’s requirements.

This kibble recipe contains 70% animal ingredients and features lamb as its primary protein source. Other mixed components include dehydrated lamb and chicken meat and herring oil, salmon oil, and chicken fat for additional nourishment. Potatoes provide carbohydrates, while sweet potatoes add crunch.

This formula is an excellent option for cats with sensitive stomachs and is suitable for all life stages, with its low glycemic index and natural prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion. Furthermore, this food also includes fish oils as a source of antioxidants to support immunity.

Good for digestion

This food is specially formulated to promote optimal digestive health in cats. Packed with premium proteins from poultry and lamb, prebiotics support intestinal health, and antioxidants help the immune system function; it is free from artificial preservatives or flavors, making this an excellent choice for your cat!

This recipe calls for fresh, grass-fed lamb as the star ingredient, providing much of its protein content. Furthermore, animal fats such as chicken fat and herring oil provide species-appropriate fat and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; sweet potatoes provide bulk and texture.

Other ingredients included linseed, dehydrated herring protein, chicken fat, pea starch, inulin; yeast extract (source of Manno-oligo-saccharides), fennel, mint, and quinoa seed; potassium chloride salt potassium chloride sodium carbonate fructooligosaccharides calcium carbonate fructooligosaccharide fructooligosaccharides turmeric aloe vera extract rosemary extract taurine Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are all included to ensure your pet receives all she needs nutrients to stay healthy! Plus, you get extra vitamins and minerals!