Nursery Near Me Plants For Sale

Are You Searching For Plant Nursery Near Me Plants for Sale? There are various options available when buying nursery plants near me for sale. Stores specialize in different plants while providing multiple services, such as landscaping. Furthermore, these stores also offer garden design and installation.

Brooklyn Terminal Market hosts a plant sale featuring perennials, evergreens, and indoor plants at highly reasonable prices every spring.

Larchmont Nurseries

Larchmont Nurseries provides an assortment of plants and shrubs to meet every landscaping need, with expert guidance in selecting and planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. In addition to offering installation services and masonry designs explicitly tailored to each budget.

Greenlawn Garden Center, run by a family-owned and operated team of landscape designers with years of experience creating beautiful gardens for residential and commercial properties, can assist with backyard, pool deck, and driveway renovations, installation of irrigation systems, and custom masonry work.

This company offers a variety of fruit trees and bushes, evergreens, decorative plants, and everlastings for customers to select from, including evergreens and evergreen shrubs for cosmetic use. Customers can choose different tree varieties such as juniper, cypress, and pine, as well as ornamental shrubs and perennials from its nursery; booking an appointment to pick their tree can also be done online and delivery services scheduled accordingly.

The company is open from Monday to Saturday and sells indoor and outdoor plants. At the same time, its landscape designers provide services such as garden and patio design, sprinkler system design, water features installation and outdoor lighting installation. They can also assist with purchasing flowers and vegetables. They aim to encourage interchange between homeowners and nature, offering flexible pricing plans suitable for every budget.

Lucente Landscaping

Lucente Landscaping provides landscaping plants on its 3.5-acre property to meet the needs of landscapers, architects, and homeowners. Their extensive collection of deciduous and evergreen trees includes crape myrtle, cypress, dogwood, and dogwood species, and an assortment of ornamental grasses and roses. Furthermore, their plant specialists are available on-site to offer estimate valuations and recommendations explicitly tailored toward customers’ projects while working within customer budget constraints to create artistic gardens and yards.

Hilltop Nursery & Garden Center offers an expansive selection of everyday and rare plants, shrubs, and trees for every need and taste. Their team specializes in designing artistic landscapes explicitly tailored to each customer’s style; additional landscaping services include pool construction/renovation, custom masonry, and carpentry work.

M & D Nursery & Equipment

This nursery near me offers an impressive selection of plants perfect for any landscaping project, no matter the budget. They carry specimen trees and smaller shrubs to fit every taste – their staff is more than happy to assist with plant selection, plus delivery is available too!

Bethesda Garden Center in Maryland boasts a 20,000-square-foot store full of annuals, perennials, roses, trees, and shrubs for sale, along with accessories and tools. Established for over 80 years, their expert advice has made this business thrive.

M & D Nursery offers an impressive range of plants suitable for any climate, such as rhododendrons, azaleas, and evergreens. Additionally, they provide vegetables and fruits like kale, squash, and sweet potatoes at competitive prices, and their customer service is outstanding.

Old Mill Nurseries is another nursery nearby offering an expansive selection of plants. Their team specializes in landscape design and gardening services to inspire reciprocity between homeowners and nature. Services provided here include landscape design, outdoor lighting design, and sprinkler system designs.

Green Side Up Garden Center can assist in selecting and planting the appropriate tree for your yard. Their variety includes maple, cypress, and spruce varieties. Furthermore, installation services are provided so customers can add more beauty to their yards with newly installed trees. They also sell mulch topsoil and potting soil.

This nursery offers an incredible selection of indoor and outdoor plants, including orchids, ferns, ivy, and succulents. There are also exotic species like herbs available for purchase and terrariums for those interested in growing tropical species. Open seven days a week year-round.

Zainos Nursery & Garden Center

Zainos Nursery & Garden Center provides an assortment of trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, flowers, perennials and houseplants, gardening and lawn care products, and seasonal availability for its selection of seasonal plants. With rectangular trays, mesh soil bags, traditional ribbed nursery pots, and in-house design and landscaping consultation services for unconventional projects, the selection changes regularly depending on availability. The company even provides in-house design consultations.

Our garden center covers an area of 20,000 square feet and offers plants suitable for home and commercial properties. Specializing in hardy trees and shrubs as well as herbs, vegetables, and flowers – as well as professional installation for front, backyard, and rooftop terrace gardens as well as weeding and pruning services – its team of professionals offer their expertise at creating front yard gardens, backyard gardens rooftop terrace gardens weeding and pruning service to customers in their community.

Michael and Anthony Zaino have operated their Westbury, New York, garden center for over 47 years, earning an excellent reputation for offering premium plants at fair prices and exceptional customer service. Their website includes pictures, descriptions of all available products, and an inquiry form to request quotes for specific projects.

Hicks Nurseries has served Long Island customers with high-quality plants and gardening supplies for over 50 years, carrying the largest selection of plants in Nassau County and offering over two dozen carefully curated garden displays. Furthermore, this business plays an active role in community life by hosting both Spring Flower & Garden Show and Harvest Festival each year – its employees strive to offer customers an unforgettable experience; Hicks Nurseryries remains open year-round.

Wiesner Bros. Nursery

Are You Searching for a Nursery Near Me? Wiesner Bros offers many plants and other gardening products, including trees. Additionally, Wiesner Bros provides tree planting and landscaping services and assistance when selecting the ideal tree type for your home or business. Customers can contact Wiesner Bros via telephone or email for additional details.

Natty Garden has been serving Brooklyn and its surrounding areas since 2008. Their nursery features many types of trees for sale, such as junipers, cedars, spruces, hemlocks, cypress pines, and hollies, as well as garden vegetables and houseplants. Furthermore, Natty Garden carries an extensive range of soils and gardening supplies.

This nursery specializes in growing exotic plants and offers them between $50 and $250 per gallon and trees, shrubs, and ornamentals that compare favorably with similar garden centers nearby. Furthermore, gardening tools and accessories are sold here, along with delivery service available on weekends if required by customers. Moreover, its staff is friendly and knowledgeable regarding gardening and landscaping issues.