MobilePatrol App Review

MobilePatrol is an app that offers a suite of tools to law enforcement agencies. The app allows partner agencies to send custom news and updates to their communities, receive tips about crimes, and list public records in one convenient location. The app is a helpful way to keep people updated on the latest news, and it focuses on relevant information, not just advertisements. It also allows users to track their location, which helps keep track of criminal activity.

User reviews

If you’re concerned about your safety, the MobilePatrol app is the perfect tool to keep you informed. The app provides up-to-the-minute crime updates and news and partners with local law enforcement to send alerts to users in your area. It’s free and convenient, letting users report crime tips and the status of wanted people.

The MobilePatrol app is popular in the United States but is available in many other countries and categories. The app lets you track trends and search by country, type, and device. You can also view the top keywords users use to find the app.


The MobilePatrol app lets you connect with local public safety agencies and get real-time notifications about crime, a missing person, or critical alerts. You can also access complete law enforcement records and submit crime tips. The app can even help you look up warrants and inmate records.

The Mobile Patrol app also helps you monitor and report suspicious activity and dangerous individuals. You can even become a local partner, free for public safety agencies. It is also a good tool for teaching teens to use technology safely. For example, it is possible to create alerts that only notify you if someone does something illegal.

Another great feature of MobilePatrol is its Report It feature, which enables you to report crimes, you witness. Moreover, it also allows you to report traffic violations, lost pets, harassment, or other nuisances. To download and install MobilePatrol for PC, you can use an Android emulator like Bluestacks.


The mobile patrol app allows you to report suspicious activity or dangerous individuals. This app relies on partnerships with public safety agencies and law enforcement to provide accurate information. Although the app is free, it includes advertisements. This app also allows you to report crime tips and receive alerts on wanted individuals. In addition, you can report sightings of people you see in the app.

This app can be downloaded free on mobile devices. You can also subscribe to push notifications about crime, emergency incidents, and other important news. You can also sign up for alerts from public safety agencies, such as police and fire departments. The app provides crime and public safety news 24 hours a day, so you can stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood.

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The MobilePatrol app lets you stay connected with important safety news, alerts, and more directly to your smartphone. It provides up-to-the-minute information on jail bookings, the most wanted list, and sex offenders in your area. You can also report suspicious activities and submit tips about suspects at large. In addition, it allows you to stay aware of the status of criminals and missing children.

MobilePatrol is an excellent citizen security app that provides alerts and news that you can share with others. The app works in any United States city or state and is affiliated with public safety agencies nationwide. The app also allows users to customize their neighborhoods and receive notifications when dangerous situations arise.

How to install

The Mobile Patrol app is a great way to monitor local communities. It works with central police departments to provide an early warning system for crime and safety. For example, if you notice an illegal activity or blocked road, you can report it through the app. Information you say will be verified, so you don’t have to worry about your Report being misconstrued.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to configure it. Ensure you’re connected to the Internet and check that your password is correct. If you’re having trouble, you might use the wrong login credentials. You may be logged in to a social network incompatible with the mobile patrol. Read the error messages to see why you’re experiencing issues.