Avenza Maps App Review

The Avanza maps app is a map-editing tool that supports iOS and Android devices. It allows you to import custom symbol sets, modify layer colors, and record attributes at placemarks. It also helps geotagged photos and notes. In addition, this app allows you to import shape files and work with them. You can also draw areas and create point groups.

Downloading maps

The Avanza maps app is a great way to view the world around you. It tracks your location on maps, lets you take photos, and measures distances and terrain. It also allows you to buy and sell maps from all over the world. However, you should be aware of some restrictions.

You can download the Avenza Maps app from Apple or Google Play. It’s free for recreational purposes, but you can also purchase map downloads in the app’s Map Store. You’ll need to subscribe to the Pro version if you’re interested in using your map for work, academic, or government purposes. The Pro version offers advanced mapping tools and unlimited custom maps.

After downloading the Avanza maps app, you can use it to view the routes of the various events in the area. It supports both iOS and Android and can display maps in high resolution and localization. However, the quality of the data isn’t guaranteed. The developers, Running Wild, and Terrainium, disclaim all responsibility for any errors. You agree to these terms when downloading the app.

To download the Avanza maps app, you must have Dropbox installed on your computer. You can find detailed instructions for using this service on the Avanza Maps Support Center. In addition, there is a list of articles describing the app’s different functions. For example, one report describes the process of importing maps.

Using GPS to locate yourself

If you’re planning on using your Android smartphone for mobile mapping, the Avanza maps app can help you locate yourself using GPS. It also has a compass that automatically rotates according to your orientation. The app also lets you download interactive park maps.

If you’ve enabled GPS on your device, you can find your location on the map by using the location icon on the screen. A blue dot appears on the map to indicate your current GPS location. If you’re outside of the map’s extent, a message will appear stating, “Not on the map.” To fix your location, enable location services, turn on your device’s GPS, and reference a map.

In addition to the built-in GPS, the Avanza maps app also features GeoPDF maps, which are a great choice if traveling without an Internet connection. To use GeoPDF maps, search for “MNDNR” and the name of the place you’d like to visit. You can then download the GeoPDF viewer to view the map.

Another unique feature of Avanza Maps is its ability to superimpose your hike tracks on a map. This feature is handy in areas where cell phone reception is not very reliable, such as Linville Gorge, where the GPS signal is stronger than the cell signal.

Using a map store

The Avanza maps app has an in-app map store with almost one million high-quality geospatial PDF maps. These maps come from professional publishers and include street, topographic, and specific maps. These maps can be zoomed in, navigated, and marked with photos. In addition, this app can easily add waypoints and GPS tracks for more detailed maps.

Using a map store in the Avanza maps app is a great way to get more detailed maps for your smartphone. In addition, the app allows you to buy paid and free maps worldwide. This way, you can find maps of places you want to visit, and you don’t have to worry about using data roaming charges when you’re not connected to your local network.