Lucy Restaurant and Bar at Bardessono Hotel in Yountville

Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono Hotel in Yountville strikes an exquisite balance between sustainable innovation and timeless luxury, creating hospitality with lasting expressions of grace. Its sleek aesthetic blends a strong eco-spirit with local, organic ingredients. The Amazing fact about napa valley bar.

The menu reflects our commitment to local purveyors and our onsite garden. With brunch and dinner offerings available daily.


Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono Hotel & Spa is an elegant dining venue that strikes a balance between sustainable innovation and timeless luxury, paying homage to its namesake matriarch who fostered a passion for farming that continues to influence chef Jim Leiken’s cuisine today. His dishes reflect this simple philosophy: When ingredients reach their peak state, all they require for perfection is careful preparation and an understanding of where they fit within historical culinary traditions and contemporary culinary tastes.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in a seasonal and local menu sourced from its onsite garden for fresh herbs and produce; they also partner with farms within 110 miles to source other products. Desserts are especially delightful, including warm pear cobbler with rum raisins topped off by whipped creme fraiche or New York cheesecake featuring red wine poached huckleberries as toppings.

Service at Lucy is exceptional. Caesar and Christina, two residents served us. Both are highly professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the food and wines available on their menu (which boasts an impressive variety), but markups can reach six times the wholesale cost of some wines; overall, it’s an unforgettable experience – both locals, as well as hotel guests, should visit Lucy!


Lucy Bar is an entertaining place to gather for drinks and food, featuring an outdoor patio complete with water features and a fire pit, perfect for relaxing with friends or family. Their staff is friendly and helpful; there’s also an impressive selection of wines, cocktails, pupusas, and appetizers on their menu!

This restaurant, named for the matriarch of the Bardessono family, who owned and farmed their land until early this century, features a subtle aesthetic combined with privacy, graciousness, and eco-innovation in a dining area designed with sustainability in mind.

Your garden provides inspiration and ingredients for Yountville Restaurant Group’s field-to-fork cuisine and artisanal cocktails, while their culinary team’s philosophy revolves around seasons-based harvesting practices from farms within 110 miles of Yountville.

Bar guests can explore a selection of organic, sustainable, and biodynamic wines made from grapes grown in Napa Valley, as well as craft beer and specialty cocktails from their extensive list.

Food at this restaurant is absolutely delectable, and the service is exceptional; unfortunately, some of their wines carry very steep markups; nonetheless, it’s worth coming here just to experience their excellent cuisine and service – this spot makes an ideal location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner alike; not to be missed when visiting Napa!


Lucy Restaurant and Bar at Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Yountville’s LEED Platinum-certified hotel, represents Napa Valley field-to-fork dining at its best. Their onsite culinary garden supplies many ingredients used in the seasonally inspired menus, while their food and beverage team maintains close ties to local Napa Valley lamb farmers, organic dairy producers, etc., for an unparalleled dining experience for their guests.

The restaurant at Hotel Indigo embraces both sustainability and timeless luxury in equal measures; wood used in the dining area and lounge comes from salvaged trees milled locally, while napkins made from organic linen are offered on our napkin service, and windows can open wide to bring nature inside.

Though the cuisine here is delicious, the cocktails here are worth experiencing as well. Bartenders use herbs and garnishes from their garden to add freshness and flavor to their drinks, such as the famous “Cider Jacks,” made with applejack liqueur, hard cider, and a splash of grenadine, or their specialty drink “Desi Arnaz,” featuring Peligroso tequila combined with lime juice and muddled cilantro/serrano pepper for maximum effect.

This cozy atmosphere makes this establishment the ideal spot for an enjoyable night with friends or loved ones. Furthermore, their service is exceptional – earning this location a Google rating of 4.3.

Private Dining Room

Our private dining room adjacent to the main restaurant can seat up to 20 guests comfortably and features an eye-catching viewing wall into our wine cellar. Guests may reserve this space for dinner or lunch; call ahead to make reservations!

Lucy’s menus are inspired by its certified organic garden, which supplies herbs, vegetables, and fruits used daily in dishes like the salad of pears with smoked duck breast or the risotto with roasted squash. Lucy is committed to offering food of exceptional quality. Their chefs take great pride in carefully crafting each lunch or dinner service to showcase this.

Seasonal desserts like warm pear cobbler bursting with rum raisins and New York cheesecake combining rich chocolate with red wine poached huckleberries are among the offerings at Lucy’s onsite bar, providing seasonal inspiration. Liquations featuring herbs from Lucy’s garden and garnishes from Lucy’s garden help round out her seasonal flavors perfectly.

No matter if it’s for a quick bite, an evening cocktail, or an al fresco brunch – the space offers an airy blend of fine foods and light moods, creating the ideal setting to deepen friendships, romance blossom, or gather family together at this Napa Valley gem. LEED Platinum-certified, this hotel provides guests with a culinary experience steeped in farming history while simultaneously shaping a sustainable future – designed with subtle aesthetic and privacy in mind, its hospitality embraces land and family relationships similar to what was found at original Bardessono farmstead.


Lucy Restaurant was an experience to remember! With modern decor, delicious cuisine, friendly service, and delicious fare, Lucy makes for an excellent dining option in Napa Valley. I recommend Lucy to all visitors of this valley.

Bardessono offers ingredient-driven cuisine that captures its modern aesthetic and deep “green” eco-spirit, inspired by Bardessono’s matriarch. Their culinary team creates dishes inspired by local history as well as what’s trendy and new in cuisine today.

Noel Lopreore, culinary gardener extraordinaire, tends two large and two small vegetable/herb beds, which produce herbs for both culinary use and have to be shared among our guests.

Lopreore and his team collaborate with farms and purveyors within a 110-mile radius to source quality products that express the distinct spirit of Yountville. Seasonal ingredients shine in new menu offerings such as an eye-catching fall salad featuring pears and smoked duck breast, creamy goat cheese roasted beet toast with crunchy beet chips, house gravlax with pickled ramps and dill; orecchiette served with roasted squash orecchiette pasta dishes.

Desserts were the cherry on top, featuring a warm pear cobbler studded with rum raisins and whipped creme fraiche, as well as a chocolate passionfruit bombe that combined rich chocolate with tart passionfruit flavors. Seasonal cocktails also showcase seasonal ingredients.


Lucy Restaurant and Bar provides an ideal venue for fresh food and beverage enthusiasts, offering excellent Google ratings and accommodating large groups. With friendly, helpful service staff and delicious dishes like jane, veal, and prawn dishes – as well as drinks ranging from the usual classics like soda pop or beer – Lucy serves up tasty pancakes and chocolate cakes too!

At Yountville Restaurant and Wine Bar, the onsite garden provides inspiration and ingredients year-round, from thyme to earthy radishes. Their seasonal menus reflect this philosophy that emphasizes local production and sourcing of foodstuffs as much as possible – not to mention that their chefs foster relationships with farmers and purveyors within a 110-mile radius of Yountville to foster solid connections for production and sourcing of locally produced ingredients.

For an unforgettable dining experience, guests can order dishes from the chef’s tasting menu. This menu demonstrates how uniquely the restaurant approaches food and wine pairing; dishes include seasonal side dishes such as roasted beets and creamy goat cheese, along with specialty cocktails from their full bar selection.

Visitors can enjoy food and drinks while gazing upon stunning views of Napa Valley at this restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. A private dining room accommodates up to 20 guests while guests may also make use of its outdoor patio seating.

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