Fly Fishing Sling Pack

If you prefer hiking or bicycling to your fishing spots, a pack designed specifically to carry all your gear is ideal – something such as a fly fishing sling pack can offer excellent support.

The main compartment is roomy enough to store multiple large fly boxes, jackets, and water bottles. Internal zipper pockets orient vertically, making accessing flies and tippet spools easy when necessary.


Fly fishing sling packs offer an ideal alternative to traditional backpacks, allowing you to transport all the gear you need with just one shoulder load and distribute the weight evenly across both shoulders. These packs are more comfortable than vests and can even be adjusted easily according to body type for ultimate customization. These packs come in smaller sizes, capable of holding just a few fly boxes or tools, while larger models may fit all your gear for a day’s fishing!

Sling packs are readily available at most fishing stores, but you must select one that meets your needs and is comfortable. Look for groups with padded straps designed to sit comfortably across your shoulders; most models feature an adjustable buckle to customize its fit. If you plan to use your collection in wet environments, choose waterproof versions to protect equipment against rainwater and snowmelt.

Consideration should also be given to the shape of your sling pack. Most models are explicitly tailored to be worn over either shoulder, though there are also models that allow users to switch sides when necessary. You should ensure your pack is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day to minimize casting or back issues that could arise from it.

If you’re on a tight budget, a high-quality sling pack can still be purchased for under $100. One such example is the Orvis Sling pack; this model boasts many features to make your trip more enjoyable and is large enough to carry gear and lunch without impairing casting performance. Furthermore, its ambidextrous design means you can switch it around whenever casting becomes necessary without taking off the bag, and it features two carabiner clips so your rod combo or fly tube can easily attach for travel purposes.


Waterproofness of sling packs is an important consideration, as you don’t want to waste your money on something that could leak and expose your gear to moisture. Make sure the pack you select features waterproof zippers and is constructed from sturdy material that resists staining or moisture build-up; additionally, check whether there is enough storage capacity for all your fly fishing gear.

Most sling packs feature a sizeable primary compartment with removable partitions that velcro in place for customized storage space, providing plenty of options to suit different situations and activities. You’ll be able to fit multiple medium to large fly boxes and clothing into these packs; additionally, many come equipped with pockets on the shoulder strap to hold smaller items such as nippers or forceps; some even feature dry bag storage to safeguard valuables while fishing.

Not only are the best sling packs designed to provide plenty of storage, but they also boast innovative features to simplify life. For instance, the Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack features a clever built-in fly patch that holds your extra flies without you having to dig through your other gear or return to your car to retrieve them. Furthermore, its recessed docking station gives instantaneous access to tippet spools without opening and closing your sling pack every time.

Not only should you consider the features mentioned above when looking for a sling pack, but there are a few other factors you should also consider. First and foremost, ensure it fits comfortably around your body and meets all the requirements set forth above. Secondly, look for durability and easy cleanup; lastly, ensure it is affordable with a warranty provided.

Sling packs have quickly become an alternative to traditional fly fishing vests, yet you must select one that meets your needs. To do so, consider factors like size, weight, and comfort requirements specific to your fishing style – once you find one, it will transform your fly fishing experience!


The design of a fly fishing sling pack is one of the key features to consider when choosing one. A well-constructed bag should be easily accessible while at the same time protecting gear, enabling more efficient on-water performance by quickly accessing equipment in seconds. Furthermore, quality materials will withstand elements and ensure durability over time.

There are various styles of sling packs on the market today, from basic models to fully featured designs. Many are made from recycled fishing nets to reduce marine trash, while others feature durable fabrics like nylon or canvas that may impact price. When purchasing one, it is essential to thoroughly consider all options before making your choice.

Sling packs provide the optimal combination of weight distribution and storage capacity, making them perfect for fly fishermen who travel light. Their main compartment can easily fit a large amount of gear, while their front pocket holds essentials like water bottles and lunch boxes. Plus, there are various sizes to suit your individual needs!

The Simms Dry Creek Z is an excellent waterproof sling pack option, featuring a spacious primary pocket and multiple exterior attachment points for attaching additional gear, including a handy slide-in pocket to keep your net secure. Orvis Waterproof offers similar features – a quickly accessible main compartment and external attachment points for items such as pliers or nippers – at a much more reasonable price.

Fishpond Summit Sling Sling Pack is an outstanding option for anglers searching for an exceptionally durable and functional sling pack. Designed to remain invisible when out fishing, its muted colors won’t alarm fish while its zippered flap protects the bag’s contents from debris. Plus, this model has a foam fly patch and water bottle pocket! Perfect choice for anglers seeking long-term quality gear!


As essential as it is to a productive day on the water, having all your fly fishing gear at your fingertips is also crucial for an enjoyable fishing experience. A fly fishing sling pack provides an easy solution that keeps everything close at hand without taking time out for constant rigging of backpacks or vests as conditions change, but before purchasing such an accessory, there are specific essential points you should remember before buying a sling pack.

First and foremost, make sure your pack fits comfortably. Sling packs distribute their weight across your shoulder; thus, it is essential that the strap be wide and well-padded to support long days carrying heavy loads. Furthermore, ensure it doesn’t inhibit casting or maneuverability on the water.

Waterproofness is another essential feature. A sling pack’s height makes it more likely to get wet; therefore, look for waterproof fabric and zippers when searching for one to ensure that electronics and valuables stay dry no matter if it rains.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, consider what extra features each sling pack provides. Key ones include tippet docking stations, hydration pouches, and net pockets – although these might seem minor details, they can make an enormous difference when selecting a pack for your trip.

The Orvis Sling Pack is one of the most favored models and boasts numerous valuable features, making it a fantastic option for fly fishermen. Lightweight, comfortable, and ample storage space, an integrated water bottle holder is also available!

Simms Dry Creek Z Sling Pack offers another excellent sling pack option, featuring a spacious main compartment and smaller pockets to organize your gear, exterior lash points to attach pliers, nippers, or other tools, and an easy slide-in net sheath for quick access to your net while out and about.