Lover Dress For Every Occasion

Show up to any event with style by wearing something beautiful from Lover. This label’s collection was made with every woman in mind and offers dreamy prints and soft laces for maximum impact.

Lover The Label dresses have long been beloved fashion accessories among celebrities and their followers around the globe, so GlamCorner brings you an exclusive collection of Lover The Label dresses for you to view and purchase.

Embrace the romantic spirit.

Lover dresses are all about emphasizing feminine features and creating a look that is delicate, soft, and dreamy. They can easily fit into any wardrobe and complement personal styles – plus, they are versatile enough for casual outings, work functions, or special events!

Floral Prints and Patterns

Delicate floral patterns and ruffles are hallmarks of romantic fashion, adding an air of decadence. Fabrics like silk or chiffon also evoke feelings of delicacy and femininity – this combination makes romantic apparel highly desired!

Add feminine details to your lover dress by pairing it with feminine accessories, like ballet flats or a handbag in delicate floral or lace designs and soft neutral tones such as blush pink or beige for the ideal romantic look. Chunky accessories may detract from this romantic feel; opt for accessories with more delicate patterns, such as light handbags and clutches made of soft fabric such as leather.

Australian label Lover packs feminine appeal into its dresses, jumpsuits, and tops with its range of dresses, jumpsuits, and tops ranging from lace minis to pleated maxis and silk gowns – there is a Lover dress suitable for every event or special occasion – Lea Seydoux donned their Venus fit and flare dress (in blue) while playing Madeleine Swann in 2016 film SPECTRE; GlamCorner offers rental sizes.

Embrace the edginess

Edgy fashion can help create a contemporary and feminine aesthetic. Edgy fashion involves juxtaposing classic foundation pieces with more daring, rebellious elements to complete your look; this could include things such as bold accessories, unique tailoring, or how you wear your outfits.

The addition of a leather belt and heels can quickly transform a delicate lace minidress into an eye-catching fashion look, as its edgy aesthetic contrasts beautifully with its soft structure and creates an appealing fashion aesthetic that fuses elegance with rebelliousness.

This look is also ideal for women seeking to elevate their professional style with a bit of edge and individualism. An unexpected touch can add personality and creativity while at work.

Lover the Label is a widely beloved Australian designer label that provides feminine yet edgy dresses. Celebrities, including Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, wear Lover the Label dresses; GlamCorner delivers an assortment of Lover the Label dresses perfect for those seeking both romance and edge in their attire. Discover your perfect match today by perusing GlamCorner’s selection of Lover the Label dresses!

Embrace the versatility

Lover dresses are carefully crafted to meet every desire of their wearers, from mini lace dresses to pleated maxis and silk gowns; this Australian label has got your next event covered – whether casually attending races or dressing up for cocktail parties, there is sure to be the ideal Lover piece available to meet every need.

Lover The Label, beloved by celebrities including Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, is an exclusive women’s designer label known for its feminine appeal mixed with youthful defiance. Established by designer duo Nic Briand and Susien Chong, its collection fuses modern aesthetics with timeless aesthetics. GlamCorner offers an exclusive collection of Lover dresses.

With its feminine charm and tie-up back design, our Forever Lover dress is an irresistibly girly piece. Boasting floral prints and ruffled hemlines, this mini-length Lover dress will add sweet sophistication to your Sunday brunch or date night look. Style it effortlessly with soft waves and white sneakers for an effortlessly chic look!

Embrace the luxe

Lovers dresses add an air of sensuality to even the most casual events, from chic weekend brunches to romantic dates with silk ties at the back. Whatever occasion calls for it, pair these lovely pieces with appropriate accessories to complete the look!

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Nic Briand and Susien Chong created Lover The Label as a fashion label that combined modern sensibilities with an ethereal aesthetic. Over time, their dreamy collection gained widespread acclaim among celebrities, including Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, who regularly wear this thoughtful collection.

Lea Seydoux famously donned Lover The Label’s blue Venus fitted dress in the James Bond film SPECTRE, and now you can shop it on GlamCorner alongside Jimmy Choo Ivette sandals from Jimmy Choo Ivette sandals by Jimmy Choo Ivette sandals. Find an extensive range of Lover The Label dresses.