How to Watch YouTube on TV

If you have a modern TV or gaming console, you can use the YouTube app to watch videos on your television. However, you’ll have to get an external device if you are still using an older television or don’t have internet connectivity. Luckily, there are a few different methods you can use.

YouTube TV is a great option for cord-cutters.

YouTube TV might be the right choice if you’re looking to ditch cable and save money. It offers almost every major network, unlimited DVR storage, and up to three streams at once. However, it’s not free. There are downsides to YouTube TV, including a high price of $65 per month. If you’re not ready to spend this much on a streaming service yet, Sling TV Blue might be a better choice.

YouTube TV used to cost about $50 a month, but it’s now closer to $65 a month. Moreover, YouTube TV is contract-free and is easier to use on mobile devices. It also offers more channels than any other streaming service. It also offers 5.1 surround sound to enjoy the 5.1-channel sound. In short, it’s a great alternative to cable or satellite TV.

YouTube TV also offers mobile apps. It also supports Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and other popular media streaming devices. You can watch YouTube on select smart TVs and Xbox One XS. Recently, YouTube added an app to the Roku store. This means that users can enjoy live TV wherever they are.

It offers a fair lineup of sports networks.

YouTube offers a fair lineup of sports networks on its TV platform. The company currently offers four ESPN channels: Big Ten Network, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Tennis Channel, SEC Network, and Olympic channel. The company is constantly adding content and channels based on user demand. The NFL Network will be added to the lineup on Sept. 3 in time for the 2020 NFL season.

It has a cloud DVR

If you’ve ever wanted to watch videos on YouTube, you’ll love the cloud DVR feature available on YouTube TV. With this feature, you can save any show you’ve previously recorded on YouTube and move it from one device to the next. That way, you can watch it whenever you want, no matter where you are. YouTube also has a discovery tool for finding new shows.

You can record as many TV shows as you want to keep for up to nine months by using the cloud DVR feature in YouTube TV. This feature works with all YouTube TV content, including live shows. The app is also compatible with Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV. A monthly membership costs just $40 and comes with a built-in DVR, making it one of the cheapest ways to record TV shows.

Another cool feature of YouTube TV is the ability to arrange your channels however you like. The service has a feature called “mosaic mode,” which lets you watch up to four live feeds simultaneously. Each feed is divided into four quadrants, making watching multiple streams on the same screen easy. This feature is especially convenient for sports viewers.

It offers access to YouTube Originals.

YouTube on TV is a streaming video service that offers access to YouTube Originals. The service offers ad-free, on-demand content. It also includes premium content, such as films and television shows. Some premium shows are free in certain countries, while others can only be purchased. The premium service offers other benefits, such as ad-free access to timed exclusivity windows for YouTube Originals.

The service also offers subscription-based TV packages and access to premium networks and sports. For example, users can watch Starz and Showtime shows on their TV. Premium subscribers can also enjoy the 4K Plus add-on, which provides better video quality. Other features of this subscription service include the ability to record shows and movies, unlimited streaming, and offline viewing.

YouTube TV also includes popular networks like the Food Network and HGTV. It also offers broadcasts from major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and TBS. However, the service also offers a limited library of original shows, which may not appeal to all TV viewers.