How to Get Rap Beats For Free

Finding free rap beats doesn’t have to be complicated; you can easily access them online via YouTube, Soundcloud, and Airbit – some even provide them for non-commercial use! Discover the best info about rap beats.

Many music producers provide rappers and artists with free rap beats to build their reputation and expand their fan base.


SoundCloud stands out from traditional streaming services in that it allows artists to upload and share songs with fans without the burden of clearing samples or paying royalties, giving rise to an unprecedented wave of young rappers like $uicideboy$ or MadeinTYO who have found success where before it would have been difficult.

Beats on this site are either free or royalty-free, and artists can download them in various formats such as 320kbps mp3 and high-quality WAV files for use in music videos and releases on platforms like YouTube and DatPiff as well as TikTok for monetization purposes. In addition to offering free beats from various producers, TikTok also features paid ones available from various producers.


Rap beats are an instrumental music genre. They may include straight or shuffle time patterns and drums from vinyl records or electronic machines; they are also usually written in a 4/4 time signature. This distinguishes sound from other subgenres like trap and hip-hop music.

Rappers looking for free beats can find many sites to acquire them, with YouTube being just one. YouTube offers thousands of beats that can be used non-commercially and also provides access to an expansive library for rappers and musicians to hone their craft. YouTube even provides new beat music so aspiring artists can expand their skills.


Airbit is one of the premier beat marketplaces in the music industry. Established in 2009 and rapidly becoming a market leader for selling beats online. Offering features like live previews, filtering capabilities, and free sample packs.

Airbit’s platform also makes it easy for producers to run promotions, change prices, and offer bulk discounts to clients. Producers can easily create customized coupon codes and offer them to clients as bulk discounts. Its HTML players allow customers a sense of ownership over their purchases – making Airbit an increasingly popular choice among many producers.


Beatstars is an online marketplace and beat leasing platform that allows producers, songwriters, and beatmakers to sell their music directly to recording artists. Users can search beats by genre or style while using live previewing functionality on Beatstars.

Buyers can purchase beats with either an exclusive or non-exclusive license, with the latter enabling producers to license them multiple times and increase revenue streams for themselves.

BeatStars producer Mantra provided two beats from BeatStars for Future’s 2017 album HNDRXX and Tekashi 6ix9ine utilized Koncept P beats on his 2018 albums Kooda and Rondo.

Unbelievable beats

As artists, creating your next project can be costly; finding free beats to use can save some money. Numerous websites offer free beats to musicians and rappers; it is essential to read their terms and conditions closely so as ermine whether these beats meet this standard.

YouTube is another well-known website offering free beats to music artists and rappers. Here you can download rap and hip-hop beats and others suited for non-commercial use; commercial use requires obtaining a license.


Soundclick was one of the earliest marketplaces for selling beats online, enabling music producers to sell instrumentals while offering free beats that may only be used non-commercially.

As each beat maker’s rules regarding free beats can differ, you should read over their terms and conditions carefully before starting to create your song.

Finding the ideal rap beat can make your song sound more professional and help you reach success faster. Various sites are offering cheap beats for rappers.

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