How to Select a Whitesville T-Shirt Fabric

Whitesville sportswear brand was one of the more well-known in America, particularly during their peak time for T-shirts and Varsity jackets in the ’50s. However, due to financial reasons, they eventually went out of business but have since been revived by Toyo Enterprise (Buzz Rickson’s Sugar Cane). Their clothing now uses traditional loopwheel construction.

Garment analysts have discovered that Carmy Berzatto from FX’s The Bear wears a pair of Whitesville pack tees, but are they worth the price tag?


A premium cotton Whitesville t-shirt should feel soft against your skin, durable enough for repeated washings, and comfortable enough to wear all day long. But not all cotton is equal: some manufacturers use lower quality materials in order to cut costs and lower prices; this could be because of either their materials themselves or simply by skipping steps during production; whatever the reason, knowing how to distinguish quality from cheap t-shirts is critical for buyers.

Step one in selecting an organic cotton shirt is to examine its type. Natural, untreated cotton tends to be softer, longer-lasting, and more costly than treated varieties. It would be best if you also discussed thread count and weave tightness – higher thread counts with tighter weaves will extend its longevity while resisting stretching over time.

Try looking for a t-shirt made of a blend of cotton and other fibers. This will provide the t-shirt with a more natural feel while printing, shrinking less than pure cotton versions and lasting longer, too. However, for durability, it would be best to opt for one made from 100% cotton material.

Step two of this inspection process should involve inspecting the stitching and finish of a t-shirt. All seams should be double-needle stitched for durability; additionally, its neckline should feature sturdy binding. You should also carefully examine its tag, which should contain both its name and the address of its maker, as well as a care instructions label.

ShirtSpace provides an impressive collection of premium cotton tees. It is ideal for HTV, DTG, or screen printing, as well as daily wear. Available in multiple sizes and colors with loop wheel construction for comfort, vintage-style packaging includes two tees per pack for your convenience.

Whitesville sportswear brand was a top seller during the US 1950s, mainly t-shirts and varsity jackets. After going out of business in its original form, Toyo Enterprise (Buzz Rickson’s, Sugar Cane, and Sun Surf) in Japan, licensed from Montgomery Ward, has revived it under a license agreement.


Fabric choices used for t-shirt production differ depending on the market and product type, each having unique qualities that affect the performance, cost, and durability of garments. Such factors include comfort, weight, fit, climate sustainability, and durability – the optimal fabric should provide a balance between these factors to meet customer demands. In order to maximize sales of your t-shirts, you should select materials that meet all these criteria.

Whitesville vintage-style tee shirt is constructed with 7 oz fine-weave long-staple cotton for maximum softness and durability. Featuring high stitch count, reinforced rib-knit neck tape, and double-needle hems – giving it a retro aesthetic – its high stitch count, reinforced rib-knit double-needle hems, high stitch count stitch count are hallmarks of retro fashion style t-shirts like these available across various colors, making direct-to-garment printing feasible with direct-to-garment (DTG).

Not only is this shirt stylish and comfy to wear, but it is also soft and ultra-comfortable – ideal for men looking for casual, classic looks that pair with jeans or khakis. Furthermore, its cotton fabric provides extra durability, making this an excellent option for daily simple use.

This premium cotton t-shirt boasts no side seam tubular knit construction for an aesthetically pleasing finish and comes with one chest pocket and a boxy fit for comfort. Machine-washable and vintage-inspired packaging makes for easy care; each pack contains two shirts in this size range; we suggest ordering up one size if the sizing runs small;

These shirts are produced in Japan by Toyo Enterprise, which also creates the Buzz Rickson’s and Sugar Cane brands. Specializing in producing basic garments inspired by vintage American sportswear from the middle of last century, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, Toyo Enterprise also revived the Whitesville brand from defunct American sportswear labels known for quality workmanship, with outstanding value at its core.


Whitesville brand sportswear from the good old days of American clothing has been brought back into production by Toyo Enterprises of Japan. Crafted with top-quality fabrics and featuring vintage styling, these shirts make a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Made with long-staple combed cotton that has had short fibers removed so as to increase strength and luster, fabric thickness makes wearing these comfortable; double-needle sewn sleeves and hems increase durability further.

This shirt boasts unrivaled cotton quality – 100% premium cotton that makes for soft yet durable fabric, lightweight enough for layering or underwear use. Additionally, its neck tape is reinforced with cotton binders, while its sleeves and hems feature double-needle stitching for durability and appearance. Each vintage-style package comes complete with two T-shirts in it for your enjoyment!

This classic and beautiful t-shirt will never go out of fashion, making it the ideal piece for anyone seeking a timeless piece to wear in any situation. With its straightforward design and ease of maintenance, this piece fits comfortably on all body sizes.

The Whitesville T-shirt is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday in style. Featuring a traditional Christmas tree pattern and available in several colors, this classic shirt makes a thoughtful present for friends or family members.


Whitesville is a classic sportswear brand from American clothing’s early days that was brought back by Toyo Enterprise (Buzz Rickson and Sugar Cane) under license and revived for today’s wearers by using mediumweight fine cotton jersey knit fabric with double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom hems, reinforced rib-knit neck tape, and the original Whitesville logo printed onto its label. This mens casual fashion tee shirt from Japan features traditional American patterns on its fine cotton jersey knit fabric for maximum comfort when double needle hemmed for double needle hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed double-needle hemmed double-needle hemmed at sleeves and bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed double-needle hemmed bottom hemmed sleeves and bottom hemmed double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem at sleeves and bottom hemmed double needle hemmed for durability, reinforced rib-knit neck tape, as well as label featuring original Whitesville logo reproduced onto its title.

The Whitesville T-shirt is an excellent way to add high-quality basics to your wardrobe. Crafted with premium long-staple combed cotton spun into ringspun yarn for an exquisitely smooth and comfortable experience and then knitted as one piece in tubular loopwheeled one-piece body knitter mode without seams for increased style and reduced risk of ripping seams, its unique construction process takes more time and effort but yields better-looking garments with less seams to sew and less chance of tearing.

The tubular construction of this tee makes it highly durable so that you can enjoy wearing it for years without the worry of fading or losing shape. Sleeves and hems are double-needle stitched for strength, while seams and stitches are made of cotton for optimal stitch quality. Available in various sizes to find your ideal fit!

These Japanese-size t-shirts provide a snug and comfortable fit, approximately one size smaller than US and EU sizing. Over time, they may shrink a bit with washing, but this won’t diminish their utility as a light outer layer or undershirt. To maximize its life and keep its fresh appearance for as long as possible. For maximum efficiency, wash and line dry your Whitesville t-shirt in either cool or warm water with minimal friction between each cycle to maximize durability and ensure freshness!