Halal Food Near Karnataka

If you’re looking for some tremendous halal food near Karnataka, you’ve come to the right place. There are many places with delicious halal food near the city. These places include Al-Badia Restaurant, Sheraton Grand, and Tony Luke’s. All of these establishments are halal and provide an excellent dining experience.

Al-Badia Restaurant

Al-Badia Restaurant is an Arabic restaurant in Bangalore that serves authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Its menu features dishes such as Arabic Biriyani and Shawarma and refreshing Arabic salads. It also offers pistachio-topped Baklava.

Located in Kammanahalli, Bangalore, Al-Badia Restaurant serves a variety of cuisines. You can enjoy a meal of Arabic, Lebanese, Indian, Fast Food, and more. Some dishes require special ordering, while others are available as a general menu. In addition, the restaurant serves alcohol.

Sheraton Grand

Halal food is not hard to find in Bangalore, especially in the city center. You can find various cuisines in restaurants throughout the city, from Indian to the Mediterranean, and you can even find halal cuisine in the city. Several halal food restaurants in the city include Pan Asia, Sheraton Grand, and Radisson Blu Atria. You can choose from various cuisines at the Sheraton Grand, including Indian, Japanese, and Chinese dishes. You can also enjoy alcoholic beverages in the Library Bar.

The Sheraton Grand in Bengaluru has a halal restaurant and cafe. The Sheraton Grand’s restaurant serves various halal dishes, and its alfresco dining area is beautiful and full of exotic decor. You can try dishes like smoky brinjal-infused Muttabal or tender chicken Shish Taouk. The restaurant also serves rice-meat combos, such as Baaghali Polo and delicious Baklava. Sheraton Grand is home to one of the best halal restaurants in Bangalore.

The hotel also offers a halal breakfast, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and an authentic Indian food outlet. The hotel also offers therapeutic massages in the spa, and all guest rooms are equipped with a minibar and en-suite bathrooms. In addition, air-conditioned rooms feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a CD player.

Tony Luke’s

After converting to halal food, Tony Luke’s restaurant in Bangalore now serves halal-certified beef and chicken cheesesteaks. The menu features a variety of cheeses, including classic Whiz cheese and fresh, crispy fries. Its halal-certified status is just one of the benefits for diners.