Yacht Jobs in Malta

Experience Malta’s vibrant culture on a yacht charter, from religious processions and village feasts to music festivals. Visit Mdina, its medieval walled city, or enjoy its serene beaches. The actual Interesting Info about sailing charters in Malta.

Oceanskies maintains a presence in Malta, and many of our yachts are registered under its flag. Under EU regulation EC/883/2004, seafarers working on an EU-flagged yacht must enroll for social security benefits in Malta.


Malta is an oasis in the Mediterranean with stunning beaches, world-class cuisine, and an abundant history. Home to one of the world’s most beloved blue lagoons—which features crystal-clear waters as clear as any swimming pool and makes an excellent spot for relaxation away from crowds—Malta is a beautiful getaway destination.

Valletta, Malta’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, features an exquisite architectural legacy. Explore its narrow streets while admiring Saint John’s Co-Cathedral—or head up to Upper Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views of Grand Harbor from their Upper Barrakka Gardens or Upper Barrakka Gardens! Outside of Valletta proper, an array of cultural experiences are available throughout Malta, from traditional processions and village feasts to music festivals and archaeological temples.

March is an excellent month to find your first yacht job, as the spring season has officially kicked off. You might even secure a crossing job to the Caribbean before September peaks! Additionally, major yachting hubs in Europe, such as Cannes, Antibes, and Palma, could offer daywork opportunities as well.

June – August

Malta and her sister islands offer spectacular sailing waters for luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean. Comino and Gozo boast water that appears almost transparent, like swimming pool water; their marine life is truly magnificent. You’ll also want to visit Comino’s Blue Lagoon, an eye-catching natural lagoon on its small but charming island. This lagoon provides an opportunity for peaceful sightseeing without crowds of tourists, particularly during sunrise, when it shimmers with every hue of blue and phosphorescence!

Malta’s Grand Harbour of Valletta, with its magnificent Baroque churches, creamy limestone houses, and Egyptian-influenced temples, is genuinely marvelous. Additionally, there are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and fishing villages worth discovering, as well as biological hotspots like Popeye Village, which make this trip worthwhile.

At OCL Yacht Services in Malta, it is possible to find yacht jobs during both the high season and off-season. As most yachts will start their Caribbean Crossing in November, it is wise to begin searching major yachting hubs from September onwards. When working under the Maltese flag, all EU nationals and resident seafarers must register with the Department of Social Security Malta unless they are already contributing towards another EU social security regime; OCL also has an office here and can assist the crew with Maltese social security registration if needed.

September – November

Malta and the sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer crystal-clear waters that are ideal for yacht charter. Here, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other water-based activities while renting your private charter yacht. Those sailing along its azure waters will discover ports that boast history, natural beauty, and top cuisine and nightlife spots—plus, your charter will take you further afield than just Malta itself!

End-of-season yacht jobs can be plentiful. Yachts will need crew to replace those leaving or going on leave, and some will begin heading southward towards the Caribbean for winter work. Competition for jobs during this peak period will be high.

Successful completion of your Yacht Stewardess STCW course will qualify you to work aboard various yachts around the Mediterranean. Your certification is valid for two years, allowing ample opportunity to find permanent yacht jobs.

Once your training is complete, you will be ready to join a yacht in Malta or France (depending on its type) and begin work as part of its crew. Both systems provide healthcare and social security benefits; some yachts now prefer registering their vessels in Malta as this provides a clear framework for employment contracts, taxation benefits, and other advantages for crew employment and taxation issues.

December – February

Yachts are getting ready for another season and require crew replacements – this could be an ideal opportunity to find your first Stewardess or Deckhand position!

Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its charming narrow streets and historical palaces. Explore ancient megalithic temples like Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, and Ggantija, or take in stunning views from Upper Barrakka Gardens before sampling local cuisine in bustling markets and charming cafes. During your cruise, visit cultural festivals celebrating Malta’s patron saints as well!

Malta is an ideal summertime location for private and charter yachts from around the globe to dock, with beautiful beaches and coves perfect for relaxing aboard their rental vessel.

Malta is becoming an increasingly popular yachting destination, making it an excellent option if you are searching for yacht jobs. But it’s important to remember that yachts based in Malta must make social security contributions for all crew members regardless of where they reside; Oceanskies office in Malta provides services to register these crew members with the Maltese Department of Social Security so as to comply with regulations. Please reach out for further details!