Gurgle – A Character From Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo introduced audiences to an engaging cast of characters, one being Gurgle – an anxious Royal Gramma fish who frequently expressed negativity.

Gurgle, who suffers from allergies and is easily frightened, is an invaluable Tank Gang member. His calm demeanor gives Gill renewed purpose while leading Nemo toward his father’s home.

What Type of Fish Is Gurgle From Finding Nemo?

Gurgle, the royal gramma fish from Finding Nemo, lives in the dentist’s aquarium tank. Always looking for ways to escape and often pessimistic, Gurgle belongs to the Tank Gang, which includes Gill (a Moorish idol fish), Bruce (a great white shark), and Dory (blue tang fish with short-term memory loss).

Finding Nemo is a movie about two clownfish named Nemo and Marlin. Of all 30 species of clownfish found in the ocean, Nemo and Marlin belong to the Ocellaris clownfish variety, known for its bright orange color and living within anemones as shelter and protection from other marine life.

Gurgle from Finding Nemo was inspired by a natural species of fish known as the Royal Gramma Fish found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. These vibrant reef dwellers can often be found in saltwater aquariums; their vibrant appearance also makes them excellent home decor pieces due to their ability to blend into decor easily.

This film showcases another species, the striped damselfish or “flakefish.” Found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it feeds upon algae and small invertebrates to survive predators; hiding beneath coral polyps and urchins offers protection from these fish predators.

Also featured in the film are the Spotted Eagle Ray and Mr. Ray, Marlin’s school teacher. The former is an aquatic reptile with a wide wingspan that can dive 500 feet or deeper; its diet primarily comprises mollusks and crustaceans, but it can burrow beneath the ocean floor to find food.

Gurgle’s Characteristics

Gurgle is one of the main characters from Pixar’s animated film Finding Nemo. A Royal Gramma fish who lives in an aquarium located in a dentist’s office where the story takes place, Gurgle often seems nervous or worried. But despite these traits, he remains loyal and helpful to others, never giving up helping when needed.

Gurgle has quickly become one of the film’s fan-favorite characters due to his colorful appearance and distinct characteristics. These attributes were inspired by the Royal Gramma fish found in warm waters such as the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; its vibrant coloring is easily recognized due to its transitioning deep purple body into a bright yellow tail that quickly makes this fish identifiable on any reef or beach in which it inhabits.

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Gurgle’s Voice Actor

Gurgle is a royal gramma fish who lives in Philip Sherman’s dentist’s office aquarium. He tends to overthink everything, has an aversion to germs, fears being close to other fish, and can often be heard overthinking anything new that comes his way. Broadway actor Austin Pendleton voiced Gurgle in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory films.

Gurgle is an optimistic fish who helps guide Nemo and his friends back home on their journey. A loving father to Nemo, Gurgle strives hard to protect him from danger in the ocean while teaching him courage over fear to explore new worlds.

Finding Nemo features an esteemed cast, including Albert Brooks as Marlin, a cynical clownfish and Nemo’s overprotective father; Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, the regal blue tang with short-term memory loss; Alexander Gould as Nemo himself (an adventurous scuba diver); Willem Dafoe as Gill (the scarred Moorish idol fish that leads the Tank Gang); Brad Garrett as Bloat (an aquarium porcupinefish); Stephen Root as Bubbles (an aquarium yellow tang); Vicki Lewis as Coral; Joe Ranft as Jacques (the neatness freak cleaner shrimp).

Pixar’s Finding Nemo is an unforgettable family film with humor and adventure, boasting endearing characters and astounding animation. A must-watch for movie enthusiasts of any age, especially for younger viewers! Available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download.

Gurgle’s Diet

Gurgle, one of the tank gang’s colorful characters who bring comedic relief to Finding Nemo, is based on a natural species in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico known as the Royal Gramma fish – making him an instantly beloved character among filmgoers! Gurgle accurately represents these characteristics of this fish type, which have made him so well-loved amongst viewers of Finding Nemo.

Gurgle shares many similarities with Royal Grammas; both species are predatory fish that feed on small crustaceans and planktonic organisms. Gurgle also follows their behaviors closely – being fearful fish with pessimistic personalities similar to real Royal Grammas who prefer living in coral reef environments with ample crevices and rocks where they can hide, choosing instead to spend most of their time out of sight from other fish species.

Gurgle the fish welcomes Nemo into his tank with open arms — until he learns that ocean water has become polluted with contaminants from land-based pollution sources. Shocked at his discovery, Gurgle orders another fish called Jacques to clean him. Despite initially rejecting him due to germophobia concerns, Gurgle eventually becomes friends with Gill and Nemo in their plans to escape back to seawater.

Finding Nemo features marine creatures based on real marine life; however, other animals in the movie do not reflect that reality. For instance, Chum’s mentor shark is a mackerel shark, an uncommon species. Mako sharks weigh up to 1500 pounds and boast powerful fins capable of diving deep underwater for prey while swimming at speeds reaching 68 miles per hour – this shark species also serves as Chum’s mentor!

Gurgle’s Habitat

Gurgle, the Royal Gramma fish from Finding Nemo, lives in a dentist’s aquarium and often worries about the ocean’s dangers. Though fearful and cautious, Gurgle remains good-natured enough to assist his friends on their voyage into it and brings color and depth to Finding Nemo’s underwater world.

Royal Grammas are native to both the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, making an eye-catching sight with their vibrant, eye-catching coloration ranging from deep purple bodies to yellow tails. The gurgle accurately represents this species. Royal Grammas aquarium fishes are often found in various colors, making them popular for home aquariums.

Finding Nemo introduced audiences to an unforgettable cast of characters, notably Gurgle, an adventurous Royal Gramma who lived in a tank at a dentist’s office and constantly plotted ways out. Gurgle was also known to worry about germs in its tank water and have germophobe tendencies – traits that made him stand out.

Gurgle is an adorable fish with a lot of personality that adds humor and warmth to the film. He can easily be trained to interact with other pets while being easy to care for and having an adorable personality, making him a beloved pet!